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Spencer's appointment was for 8 o'clock at the Children's Hospital. We arrived early. Then we WAITED. The hospital said the doctor was running behind, the doctor seemed to be blaming the hospital, but did say they were doing all special needs kids today. That means that, for instance, kids with a history of heart problems (this includes Spencer) have to have a full fledged Anesthesiologist. It can't be a PA or a nurse or anything else - the Anesthesiologist has to be in the room the entire time.

He couldn't have any food after midnight or breastmilk after 4 am. He was allowed to have sips of water this morning. Spencer asked for Mommy Milk a lot. At one point, he got so rambunctious that we were moved to a consult room where we couldn't bother anyone. Three-year-old bouncing off the walls? A nap was imminent! We finally got into a room where we did vitals, bracelets, gown... he hated all of it. He finally napped and then woke, still starving.

They finally, finally drugged him (Versed) at 12 o'clock. It made him groggy quick, but he was still not happy. It took half an hour for him to pass out. It was another half hour before they finally came to get him. I had given up and laid him down on the bed, so they were able to roll him out. In the past, I've gotten to carry him down the hall before handing him over.

The wait was a little over an hour, as expected. Spencer got 2 root canals on his top front teeth. They were then crowned with surgical steel covered with a white composite for appearances. 3 molars on each side were also crowned with surgical steel. Then he got a protective seal on the couple of still-healthy teeth.

He was given a steroid to help avoid swelling, pain medicine and anti-nausea medicine in addition to being on gas and an IV for the procedure. He took his own time waking, then nursed - a lot. Vitals were good and we left at 3:30. He walked (a very short distance) like he was drunk. He slept while I picked up Sasha & Elmo. He woke when we got to the grocery store and stayed alert for the entire shopping trip. He did keep asking for food. As suggested, we got jello and pudding. (Mashed potatoes were another suggested food.) He was still starving when we got home, but refused pudding and jello. He wanted ice cream. And so he had it, two bowls of it!

By 6:30, he was acting like his normal self and still wanting more ice cream. He ate some baked potato with butter and cheese like the growing boy that he is and doesn't seem to be in any pain so far.
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