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Birthdate:Feb 27
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America
I'm a very busy 44yo mother managing a home / family. I'm am also a Health & Fitness Coach and do some work as a Virtual Assistant. This is just a glimpse into my life, which will not fit into this little box.

Some history to catch up old friends:
Got knocked up at 16. Had a gorgeous baby girl at 17. My mother adopted her within the first year. (She is now 26yo.)

Got married at 20. Five years later we had an adorable girl. Tyler is now 18yo.

In my late twenties, we merged families and became husband / wife / wife with 2 daughters and a son.

After about 13 years of marriage, I left the household entirely.

At 35yo, I married again and we had a beautiful daughter. Sasha is now 7yo. We also have a perfect son, Spencer. He is 5yo and has Down Syndrome. We recently separated, after nearly 8 years of marriage.

I am now in an open relationship with my companion and warrior, my home base, my friend and lover.

Interests (135):

69, abrasion, acupuncture, alternative lifestyle, alternative sexuality, american sign language, arachnids, asl, attachment parenting, baby sign language, bdsm, bettie page, bill hicks, blood, bonding, bootblack, bradley method, breastfeeding advocacy, bridges, canes, chatting, chick music, chocolate, choctaw, choking, cock, confidence, cosleeping, crops, crushes, cuddling, down syndrome, dry humor, elimination communication, empathy, endorphins, enfp, erotica, exhibitionism, family bed, fellatio, fetish, fire, flirting, floggers, freaks, friday five, friends, friendship, garlic, grease, green alcohol, hair pulling, honesty, inappropriate humor, incarnations of immortality, independent films, indie films, intensity, katamari damacy, keratosis pilaris, kinks, kissing, learning, leather, lsd, manatees, marks, masochism, masturbation, mothering, movies, music, nakedness, natural birthing, needle play, nesting dolls, nre, nudity, ocd, offensive humor, old bridges, open-mindedness, oral sex, orange is the new black, orgasm, outdoor sex, pain, parenting, passion, personal growth, perversion, pinup art, pitch perfect, play piercing, playing cards, pleasure, pregnancy, princess bride, psoriasis, risk aware consensual kink, rockabilly, s/m, sadism, sadomasochism, sensuality, sex, sex in public, sex toys, sexuality, sleep, spanking, spiders, spike jones orchestra, stranger in a strange land, support, synergy, taboos, talking, tarantulas, tattoos, tetris, the ethical slut, the fifth element, timothy olyphant, tom robbins, travel, tulsa, unjobbing, unschooling, vaccine awareness, van gogh, violet wand, welts, zombieland
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