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Tyler attends a Manga fan club at our local library once per month. This month they hosted a bento contest. She was actually the only one to bring one, but we were both very pleased with the result of her very first bento:

There is a bed of basmati rice on the bottom. She made 2 apple rabbits, 3 Naruto rolls with just ham and velveeta (it is what we had on-hand), and two hard boiled eggs: 1 star and 1 teddy bear. The star represents something from a video game, though I don't remember which one. Then there is a ham Kirby with raisin and apple accents.


Dec. 27th, 2010 01:47 am
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Today I waited for Tyler to wake before...

  • I cooked breakfast for my family.
  • I went grocery shopping with Elmo and Sasha.
  • I unloaded the dishwasher.
  • I cleaned the stovetop. We've only lived here a short time, so it wasn't bad. I'd like to keep it clean.
  • I baked peanut butter / chocolate kiss cookies with Tyler.
  • I did laundry.
  • I hung blankets over the sliding door.
  • I took down the Giftmas tree.
  • I cooked a quick easy dinner for the girls and I.
  • I played Monopoly Revolution with Tyler and Elmo.
  • I carved an apple with Tyler - Japanese style.
  • I cut up veggies in preparation of my bento lunches this week.
  • I boiled a few eggs and molded 2, Tyler made the other into a chick (also Japanese style).
  • I unpacked a box. It was in the back on the bottom, so I had to rearrange everything, too.
  • I put Sasha's toys away, but I do that every night before I go to bed.
  • I put together my Sunday Surf post for my blog... a little bit late.
  • I posted these goofy details on my LiveJournal.

I am really friggin' tired. I think I'll go crawl into bed now... G'nite!
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Click on the images if you'd like more info about each bento.

Bento #2 - Tuesday:

Bento #3 - Wednesday:

Bento #4 - Thursday:

Bento #5 - Friday:

I had planned to make Bento #6 on Saturday morning, even though I work an earlier shift. However, after my poor sickly baby kept me up most of the night and was needy in the morning, bento fell on my list of priorities. I wound up asking Elmo to make PB&J for me for lunch.

I did enjoy sharing each of these bento lunches with Sasha, though! No more skull onigiri for a while, though they were fun.
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I had decided that the week of Oct 26th (Tuesday - my Monday) I was going to make a Bento Lunch every day (starting with my first ever) as well as wear my hair in a different fashion each day. I had boiled eggs and practiced sandwich sushi. The thing about that week, though... I was working a completely different schedule (mornings!).

Bento #1

The next day I had to choose between bento or sex... the rare opportunity for sex won out.

The rest of the week I gave up. It was not a good week to start trying new things.

Wish List

Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:30 am
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It is getting to be that time of year. My husband has actually been nagging me to get my Wish List in order and get it posted. I will post one for him, Sasha, and Tyler, too, as usual.

  • 11 x 14 frames for my photography, 6+ frames
  • tattoo gift card - even though I got a tattoo since I last posted this.
  • Thermals are always a good idea! I really could use another set or two - large
  • Handheld GPS Unit for Geocache
  • cool zip-up hoodies (not solids)
  • classic high top chucks - black or something funky
  • a CD book for music, one of the bigger ones
  • Rack-O (game)
  • CDs:
  • DVDs:
  • Books:
  • Bento Stuff! I'm obsessed with Bento right now!
    • silicone baking cups - they don't need to be Wilton, I read they have 'em for $5 @ Target - they also don't need to be any special shapes, though fun shapes would be cool, too. Also, I don't want a full pan / tray, just individual cups
    • fondant cutters - the garden set is very cute, but the letters would also be really good to have for my Bento Lunches!
    • Shaped Vegetable Cutters
    • Bento Egg Molds - these are SOOOO cool! I must have some!
    • Bento baran (dividers) - I like the plain grass ones, but some of the others are cute, too. The fake lettuce is pretty cool.
    • Bento Food Picks would be fun to add
    • Bento Lunch Box - I can and am making do with regular plastic ware, but I would really love to have a more... Japanese version. The Hello Kitty ones are so cool, but I like the more sophisticated ones, too. Something stackable is very cool, but the ones with dividers are too. I just love them all so far! Eventually I'd like to start making little bento lunches for Sasha, too. So mini bento boxes are also under consideration.
    • bamboo mat for rolling sushi


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