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I recently borrowed Weird U.S.: your travel guide to America's local legends and best kept secrets from the library. I thought I might find the largest ball of twine and the like. The book does offer some interesting attractions (though it won't tell you were to find a Midgetville), but it doesn't seem to have them in any sort of order. I can't search attractions by state or highway or really even a topic. The attractions are ordered as such:

  • Introduction
  • Local Legends
  • Ancient Mysteries
  • Fabled People and Places
  • Unexplained Phenomena
  • Bizarre Beasts
  • Local Heroes and Villains
  • Personalized Properties
  • Roadside Odyssey
  • Roads Less Traveled
  • Gateways to Hell
  • Haunted Places, Ghostly Tales
  • Cemetery Safari
  • Abandoned in America

So yeah, they are separated by a sort of topic breakdown, but this sort of organization just doesn't suit my needs (or desires) at all. Interesting book, but I only skimmed through it.

They also have a website where you can submit suggestions for future collections of attractions: Weird U.S.. It looks like they're working on compiling the list by state (and category) there. They only have 11 states so far.

Wish List

Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:30 am
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It is getting to be that time of year. My husband has actually been nagging me to get my Wish List in order and get it posted. I will post one for him, Sasha, and Tyler, too, as usual.

  • 11 x 14 frames for my photography, 6+ frames
  • tattoo gift card - even though I got a tattoo since I last posted this.
  • Thermals are always a good idea! I really could use another set or two - large
  • Handheld GPS Unit for Geocache
  • cool zip-up hoodies (not solids)
  • classic high top chucks - black or something funky
  • a CD book for music, one of the bigger ones
  • Rack-O (game)
  • CDs:
  • DVDs:
  • Books:
  • Bento Stuff! I'm obsessed with Bento right now!
    • silicone baking cups - they don't need to be Wilton, I read they have 'em for $5 @ Target - they also don't need to be any special shapes, though fun shapes would be cool, too. Also, I don't want a full pan / tray, just individual cups
    • fondant cutters - the garden set is very cute, but the letters would also be really good to have for my Bento Lunches!
    • Shaped Vegetable Cutters
    • Bento Egg Molds - these are SOOOO cool! I must have some!
    • Bento baran (dividers) - I like the plain grass ones, but some of the others are cute, too. The fake lettuce is pretty cool.
    • Bento Food Picks would be fun to add
    • Bento Lunch Box - I can and am making do with regular plastic ware, but I would really love to have a more... Japanese version. The Hello Kitty ones are so cool, but I like the more sophisticated ones, too. Something stackable is very cool, but the ones with dividers are too. I just love them all so far! Eventually I'd like to start making little bento lunches for Sasha, too. So mini bento boxes are also under consideration.
    • bamboo mat for rolling sushi
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Touch and Feel: Playtime (from Dorling Kindersley) - I always enjoy these, but worry about germs (especially when getting them from the library). Sasha isn't ready for them yet, but I read this one to her and put her foot on the textures as well as her hand.

Baby! Talk! - This was a really fun book to talk about to Sasha. It has a few words in it, but mostly lots of pictures of babies to match the word on the page. It was a lot of fun and I think she'll enjoy it more as she gets bigger.

Kid Tea - is a very cute rhyming story, but a little too long to maintain the attention of a 3-month-old. The colors are nice, but not quite enough contrast for her, either. However, when Veronica read it to Sasha tonight, she listened intently to the entire book.

Who am I? - This is one of those silly fun books with which you get very physical. It has handles on the sides (when open) and peep holes so that you hold the book up like a mask. "Moo. Moo. Who am I?" This will be a great quizzy book to play with Sasha later. For now, Veronica had great fun reading it to the baby.
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So I mentioned recently... I've totally been digging on a blog called Hobo Mama and was offered to be a guest blogger for her! My article was posted there today! You can see it here. I'm so excited and feel all writer-ish. lol
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We're having to help her sleep all propped up. We have one end of the bassinet propped up.

She gave a happy squeal in her bath today! It was her first big happy squeal.

I had to give her her first dose of medicine tonight. It is nasty sticky orange flavored crap. I should have looked up tips before I tried to give it to her. I hope she got enough IN her!

I checked out Black on White from the local library. It is a picture board book with black images on white backgrounds. Sasha LOVES it! It snags her attention, even from nursing! I thought the choice of images was... random. And there are no words at all. But the images are stark and stand out. I see now that there is also a White on Black so I have requested it from the library, too.
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Google has a Book Search in beta right now. You can check it out at What I thought was especially cool here is that you can "Add to My Library" - and it will then keep a searchable list of books you own. You can even rate them in your own listing! Other people can search your library, too.

You can add reviews, notes (great place to keep track of to whom you loaned books, perhaps?), and labels. Cool stuff, looks neat!
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For her birthday, Veronica got a book she wanted entitled How to Find Flower Fairies - Discover an enchanted fairy world.

If you love books about faeries and letting your imagination run wild, this book is SO wonderful! It is a gorgeous popup book, so I recommend assisting a child with it. It would be easy to damage the pages.

I could probably go on and on about this book, but company just arrived, so I'll sign off now. I think my dad got it at Sam's.

EDIT: Here is a link to the book on with photos. There are also a couple of other books there credited to Cicely Mary Barker. (If you're really into faeries, you probably recognize this name.)


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