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I'd probably request the same thing I already eat every day, but made the way I make it on a good day. I'd have scrambled eggs with shredded cheese and chopped sweet peppers (in a variety of colors) served over buttered toast. Though I might add a side of sausage links and of course a very small glass of milk. Mmmm. Perfect!

Except they'd have to make it WELL or I'd just as soon make it myself! No cooking eggs on HIGH!
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I made the usual ham & cheese in scrambled eggs on toast this morning. It was good (of course!).

When I got home from work (and truck errands), I shared a PB&J on Honey Wheat with Sasha, as usual. Then we had some birthday cake!

For dinner, we had garlic & herb chicken (thigh meat, we both like dark meat) cooked in Garlic Oil. On the side we had Kraft Mac 'n Cheese (my husband loves it) and green beans. I think the green beans could have cooked a bit longer, but they were still delish. Veggies are so much better from the freezer section than from a can. It is kind of amazing. I just put a little butter and salt on the green beans.

Elmo was very happy with dinner, once he finally got it! He was starving. We also got 3 loads of laundry done this evening, though one pair of jeans got wrapped up into a knot and didn't get dry. They're hanging in the bathroom now.
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I haven't made spaghetti sauce from scratch in ages! And I had never roasted garlic before, either. (Thank you, Byn!) We (Elmo, Brandon & I) had some trouble cutting the top off of the head of garlic, but I've gotten some more pointers from Byn since then. I accidentally got a large can of whole tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. Instead of freaking out or making an extra grocery trip, I just put them in the blender! They came out slightly foamy, but I just added the two cans of paste. Then I added shredded zucchini and carrots. I would have liked to add more, but I was trying to get them in and blended before Elmo came in and saw the veggies in the sauce!

I've used too much Italian Seasoning in sauce before, so I think I was a bit too sparing. The sauce could also have used more than 2 cloves of garlic. I had to be careful not to overdo it for Elmo, though. I also sliced up some zucchini and cooked it in a pan with a little water. Brandon even had some zucchini on the side! Everyone enjoyed the sauce, even if I thought it was a little bland.

I hadn't accounted for leftovers, either. And Elmo wasn't up for dinner tonight. So Sasha and I shared a plate tonight. There is still plenty more! Oh! And there is still half of a zucchini left, too! I was going to add more tonight, but since it was just two of us, I just reheated a plate. I'm not sure yet what I'll fix for dinner tomorrow night. I need to figure it out and thaw some chicken.
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This will be my first week working just my Part Time job. So I'm trying to plan meals. If I don't plan actual meals I'll wind up with no real food in our basket. I'm hoping this winds up being cheaper than all the convenience foods we tend to buy. Perhaps eventually I'll have a list of staple foods to keep on hand and will be able to work from that. I'm almost embarrassed here because I have some friends here (on LJ) that can really cook!

I'm not putting a full 7 meals together because I doubt Elmo will be ready for 7 home cooked meals in a week. We often fend for ourselves. This has partially been due to the different schedules and also because he often eats just one or two meals per day. I sincerely doubt I'll totally adjust to his schedule. I do prefer to be a night owl when left to my own devices. Besides, it is so convenient (and less lonely) to have him wake me when he gets home from work (at a time when normal people people with normal jobs wake up).

Also, bonus: I'll be cooking breakfast as well. That will be mostly scrambled eggs with ham & cheese (peppers instead of ham for me if I cook in separate pans) on toast and French Toast. I think I might make peanut butter french toast again this coming week.

  • Chicken & Dumplings with... veg in it (in the crock pot)
  • Spaghetti w/Green Beans
  • Teriyaki (or garlic & herb) Chicken (already on hand) & mashed potatoes & veggie
  • Stuffed Chicken (already in the freezer) & Mac 'n Chz & veggie

Shopping List:
  • frozen veggies (to add to chicken & dumplings + to eat as sides)
  • eggs - 18 pack
  • 2 (10 oz) cans of biscuits
  • beef (for spaghetti)
  • chicken breasts (for dumplings)
  • syrup
  • poultry seasoning
  • Birthday cake mix & icing
  • currants (for snacks & for my steamed carrots / apples side dish)
  • cream of chicken soup x 2 (for dumplings)
  • tomato sauce & paste (spaghetti sauce)
  • peanut butter (staple)
  • wheat bread (staple)
    • Fresh:
    • Apple (fresh snack on hand)
    • cucumber (fresh snack on hand)
    • zucchini (shred into spaghetti sauce +)
    • garlic (roast & use in multiple dishes)
    • parsley (dumplings AND spaghetti sauce)
    • carrots (shred into spaghetti sauce & steam w/apples as a side dish)

As I begin cooking more, I'm also trying to lean toward Clean Eating. Thanks for the inspiration, [ profile] msbyn! I'm also taking inspiration from [ profile] lisamoe and [ profile] dragontamerbrat (who also has a food blog at DragonTamer's Recipe Weekly). Dang, Lisa you need to start one up, too! :-D Maybe you could specialize in Crock Pot recipes.


Dec. 27th, 2010 01:47 am
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Today I waited for Tyler to wake before...

  • I cooked breakfast for my family.
  • I went grocery shopping with Elmo and Sasha.
  • I unloaded the dishwasher.
  • I cleaned the stovetop. We've only lived here a short time, so it wasn't bad. I'd like to keep it clean.
  • I baked peanut butter / chocolate kiss cookies with Tyler.
  • I did laundry.
  • I hung blankets over the sliding door.
  • I took down the Giftmas tree.
  • I cooked a quick easy dinner for the girls and I.
  • I played Monopoly Revolution with Tyler and Elmo.
  • I carved an apple with Tyler - Japanese style.
  • I cut up veggies in preparation of my bento lunches this week.
  • I boiled a few eggs and molded 2, Tyler made the other into a chick (also Japanese style).
  • I unpacked a box. It was in the back on the bottom, so I had to rearrange everything, too.
  • I put Sasha's toys away, but I do that every night before I go to bed.
  • I put together my Sunday Surf post for my blog... a little bit late.
  • I posted these goofy details on my LiveJournal.

I am really friggin' tired. I think I'll go crawl into bed now... G'nite!
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• I want to make a post about the trends of my period of late, but I haven't had time yet.

• I... already lost track of what all I was going to say here because I have too much going on right now.

• I have baby fever, but don't have another pregnancy in the works / plans just yet.

• I'm spending some time quite worried about finances right now while still recovering from utilities at the old place and dealing with hospital costs from my surgery. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems like it get further and further away.

• Keeps (off / on) wanting to make more time for socializing, but hasn't yet.

• Misses some things from pre-baby times, but am really happy with parenthood with my husband.

• Would really like to travel to Florida and maybe Denver, but find that we're too "instant gratification" to save up for such things.

• Got Tyler in for her Eye Exam and I feel accomplished for finally getting that done. I still need to get her back in to see a Dentist and get Sasha in for her first Dental visit, too.

• I keep wanting to get back to healthy eating habits, but don't feel like I'm succeeding. That is making it difficult to keep Sasha on healthy foods, too. I do have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house as well as organic snacks for her. I just had Ensure for dinner. Its a little easier to eat healthy when I'm sharing a meal with Sasha.

• I'm trying to stay under the radar at work. So far, so good.

• I haven't spoken to my mother lately and that is bugging me, but I can't seem to find a convenient time to chat on the phone these days.

• I feel like my mother and I are closest when I'm pregnant. I wonder if that is playing into my Baby Fever. I think it has a bit to do with my being an Attention Whore. Being pregnant puts a lot of focus on me so that is one reason I like being pregnant. I do like myself pregnant, though, I appreciate the way it makes healthier choices not even an option but a must. I also want another baby with my husband, in case you were worried that it is all about the pregnancy and none about the end "product."

• I have some concerns about Tyler, but really appreciate the open line of communication Jenny and I are sharing about Tyler right now. I told Jenny years ago that if anything happened to me, she was my choice for a "replacement." Little did we know...

• Still really want to get my photography going again and to have my old camera cleaned. I never did get it done. At least I got a battery charger for it, though!

• I still want to get a decent GPS unit and take up geocache... in my spare time!

• I'm excited that Elmo has taken an interest in tarantulas and we're looking forward to attending The Oklahoma Reptile Expo!

• Sasha is asleep, so I think I'll go drag her to bed while I have the chance!
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Once Sasha got up this morning, she got to help Mommy a little in the kitchen. I made French Toast and Scrambled Eggs. Daddy made Sausage. Sasha started with an appetizer of cantaloupe, which she also rubbed on her toes! lol She actually got a glass plate for her own breakfast! She did pretty well with the plate until she was done eating. Daddy gave Sasha her Elmo toy gift from him. She liked it very much and carried it around for a while and several times later in the day as well.

I thought Sasha was ready for a nap after that, but she didn't take her "morning nap" until 1 o'clock. I was making her cupcakes when she went down. I also gave her the Baby Doll gift from me. We wound up with 30 cupcakes! I iced most of them while she was sleeping, but left a couple plain. I also got a shower while she slept. Then she woke up and I took her in for a shower. We had fun playing with the water. Then I let her eat part of a plain cupcake in my lap before getting ready to leave.

Trimmed to an LJ Cut for length, you know how I ramble! )

Overall, a good low-key birthday.
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Tyler is becoming a little woman. She is trying to wear makeup now, but needs more practice. We got her some makeup, brushes, and a little bag for it all for her birthday. She also got my old phone. She was thrilled! Her old phone had NOTHING, just really no features at all. What she doesn't know yet is that her limits have been raised (possibly removed) on her line now.

She is interested in Gothic fashion and vampires and such. She mentioned sometime in the last year that she always wanted a doll cake. Her little cousin got one. So... I made her a doll cake for her birthday! The cake was dark chocolate fudge. The icing was dark chocolate. When I told her that, she exclaimed "You love me!" I got my friend Brandon to help by drawing little swirls on the dark brown dress with drippy red cookie icing. The doll was also wearing a dark brown (more icing) corset top with red trim. And thanks to Elmo's brilliant idea, she was sporting two tiny red dots (bite mark) on her neck. Tyler LOVED the cake. I don't think it could have been more perfect for her!

We had dinner at Cici's, one of her favorites. Several family members attended and a couple of friends as well. It was a nice little turnout.

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Sasha turns one tomorrow. At this time exactly 1 year ago, I was timing contractions, trying to decide if I was really, really in labor.

Anyway, tomorrow my father will give Sasha chocolate for the first time. I'm hoping it isn't a fight. He gave my other girls regular sized Hershey bars and they turned a bit green. I've bought mini candy bars, but he was saying the other night that he got one of those monster size ones. Forget it! I know I already went off on this tangent, though...

Sasha likes to drink what we're drinking. She doesn't share Daddy's Koolaid because it's sugar water. She shares Mommy's water. Tonight she has been very interested in my glass of milk (from a cow). I know the reason we wait until 1 year for chocolate is so that baby's digestive system can develop enough to handle the proteins in dairy products. She has had the tiniest amounts of cheese cooked into some things, but not much at all. I had researched even that. Suffice to say, I let her try my cow milk tonight. She took several sips and I suspect she would have had more but I finished it so I wouldn't have to fight with her about it. She recently tried goat's milk but didn't seem to like it. I should have tried it in a glass. I think she liked the cow milk. I'm sure she'll like chocolate. I just hope the milk I gave her goes through her well.

I have a loose plan for tomorrow and, most importantly, took the day off. I want to focus on her through most of the day. I need to bake her cupcakes, so that will actually be time away from her. I have to keep her out of the kitchen because the oven door gets too hot. She'll get to have a cupcake! In the afternoon, I'll take her to see Gran, Serena, and Keith. Then a little later we'll go see Grandpa and Grandma. Next weekend we'll have Tyler here and go see Aunt Tricia and her girls.

It has been strange to plan a low-key birthday after the huge ta-doo that was Tyler's first birthday. However, it makes sense because her family is much smaller than Tyler's family. I plan to bake, shower or bathe with her (she loves the water), play lots!... maybe take a walk. She loves to go outside. We'll probably watch Little Shop of Horrors because it is her favorite! Next week we'll get one-year portraits and have her one-year well-baby visit. I think I may have mentioned all that already, though. :-P

I keep thinking of more things I want Sasha to have, but then we do live in a small space. She loves to sit on our Boppy Cushion, but I'd like her to have a little cushy chair of her own. I've been looking at bean bag chairs as an inexpensive option. I hope the *entire* day is low key and stress-free. For all of us!
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I last posted last Wednesday. Thursday or Friday morning, my computer wouldn't power up. It is still dead. The problem is either the motherboard or the internal power supply. Greaaaat. I have a place to call to price it, but I don't know when I'll be able to fix it. And I've been waiting for months and months for Children's Week on WoW - it is this week. Go figure.

We survived the week with diapers and food. I cooked some of the older stuff from the freezer this weekend. I also managed to do grocery shopping for $20+ less than usual. I did have to go to another store for diapers, too, though.

I was being so stressed that Elmo decided to clean pretty much the entire downstairs on Saturday while I was gone for a couple of hours to a family birthday party. He totally overdid it and had to ice his back afterward.

Speaking of which, I didn't find out about the party until the week had already begun so not only was I worried about being able to afford a gift, I was also worried about having time to get one. Well, Veronica reminded me that JoLynn loves Elvis. My aunt had given my mom an Elvis blanket. She passed it along to me. I washed it and hung it to dry, rolled it up with the blank side out and put it into a gift bag. It was the FAVORITE gift at the party!! I was so thrilled with this regifting!! This blanket finally found it's perfect home. JoLynn is likely to hang it on her wall. Yay!

Sasha tried steamed broccoli last Thursday. That seemed to go well. I've cut up some avacado to try next. I also bought an apple. I read that she can have dairy products in cooking and that eggs are fine so long as they're fully cooked. So we have lots of stuff to try! She and Veronica finished off our Honey Dew melon and I bought another cantaloupe.

Took Elmo for his first real (not just exam) physical therapy today. The guy kicked his ass! The awesome news, they went ahead and gave him the eStim (and heat), but aren't charging us for it since we're currently listed under our insurance (who don't cover it). If we get switched to Workers' Comp, they'll probably pay for that treatment.
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Just had a cup of hot cocoa (extra cocoa) and added some eggnog to it. It had sounded like a good idea so I wanted to try it. One taste and I wasn't too sure. I tasted eggnog, then cocoa. By the time I got to the bottom, though, I definitely decided it was a good concoction!
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So I finally tried it again. Last time, I didn't do it right at all. This time, I used eggs, vanilla (I always do) and eggnog instead of milk.

Honestly, I didn't think it was anything special. Maybe not even as good as my usual french toast. Oh well, now I know.

Next, I want to try Hot Cocoa with Eggnog in it. :-D
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I'm not sure I'd ever heard of making French Toast with Eggnog before these last couple of years. French Toast has become a standby. Elmo and I both love it and we ate it a LOT in the first six months together. Anyway, now that it "tis the season," I figured it was my opportunity to try it!

I checked online first to make sure it really is JUST eggnog. I thought maybe you had to mix it with eggs or something. Nope, just eggnog.

The toast was... flaccid. I didn't like that. It also doesn't toast quite the same as real eggs, but then... it isn't eggs. It somehow doesn't turn out as sweet as we thought it would be, but it is still good with syrup and powdered sugar, just like I usually use on French Toast. It definitely retains that eggnog flavor. I could see having it maybe once or twice each holiday season, but otherwise... my recipe is better.

My recipe is eggs, a little milk, and a splash of vanilla.
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I've been wanting to try Nutella, but was hesitant to purchase a tub of it for myself in case I didn't like it. Well last weekend Serena & I had lunch with my brother, Keith. He served Nutella with these very light Italian cookies for dessert. It was yummy! So, I bought some Nutella for home and found some cookies that looked like they would go with it.

Also, we're working on a cooking (or non-cooking) badge at Girl Scouts. This week, the girls made a healthy no-cook snack. They mixed equal parts flavored yogurt (strawberry) and light cool whip. Then we put it into mini graham cracker pie crusts and topped it with fresh / packaged strawberries and/or blueberries. I got to bring the leftover blueberries, yogurt mix, and a couple of pie crusts home. I made two pies for Mom & Serena and they enjoyed them. Veronica and I picked up several single serving containers of flavored yogurt and I already have actual whipped cream. I also got pie crusts. I dumped 1 container of blueberry yogurt into a bowl, then used the yogurt cup to measure out an equal amount of whipped cream. Then I added a little extra whipped cream! lol I had to stir it a bit to get it mixed well. That makes 3 mini pies. I topped them all with blueberries and they are chilling now. Veronica and I will likely eat them tomorrow. I think this will be a great snack to keep on hand! I don't much like yogurt, but the whipped cream helps immensely!

Yay for discovering TWO healthy snacks that are easy to throw together and yummy, too!


Jul. 22nd, 2009 07:16 pm
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Got up at 3:00 (as opposed to 2:45 like I've been trying to do). I did the blood sugar thing, ate breakfast, and got ready for work. Worked 4-9:30 and came home for lunch. Did the blood sugar thing and ate. Got chicken out to thaw. Went back to work until 1:00. Came home, walked the 1-2 blocks to my motorcycle to drive it home and park it in my garage, now that I have one! The bike wouldn't start. Fuck. Cut fat off the chicken and marinade it.

Walk home, brush off the bike thing - don't let it upset me. I hang clothes that have been sitting in the laundry bag for a couple of days. Put several boxes into the closet that only need to be stored (photos, stationery, and my shoe shine kit). My mom shows up, so I put my clothes on and head to the Goodwill with her to look for maternity clothes. I tried on a TON of things. Left with 1 pair of maternity shorts, 1 dress, and 2 pairs of jammie pants. I do love jammie pants!

Came home, sorted dirty laundry and drove to Mom's to start a load of laundry and have a smoothie. Visited with Mom & Serena while Serena made smoothies (strawberries, bananas, and spinach with agave and OJ?) and while we drank them. They were the best batch yet! SOOO yummy!

Drove home and sat for close to an hour (did a little birth class homework with Elmo) before starting on dinner. I nearly fell asleep a few times. I also did some pelvic rocks (one of my Bradley Birth exercises) before getting up. Cooked butter & herb chicken and steamed corn for dinner. It was all delish! Sat for a little bit after dinner before I finally dragged myself off the floor to do the dishes (after emptying the dishwasher). Dishwasher is now loaded and the stove top is clean again. I'm already considering tomorrow's dinner dish. I may make BBQ chicken, we shall see.

All that... and 7 months pregnant. I am so fucking tired. Ugh. I still need to fetch my laundry before I go to bed. Sigh.

Tomorrow we see Dr. Fumia for the 4D U/S. I hope he sends pics home!
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The cat woke me up at the bedroom door at 3:37 this morning. My alarm went off at 4:00. As per my usual plan, I hit snooze until 4:15. I got up, got dressed, and started the van to warm up at 4:30. I checked my usual sites (LJ, MySpace, and FaceBook) and checked AccuWeather for the temperature. I didn't leave for work until 4:50 (a few minutes late), but still arrived right on time.

Work was same-old, same-old. We had a holiday code, so less stress than average day. Mondays are usually pretty easy going anyway, except I had three full carts to work when I got there. I actually found myself having to rush a bit. I ate snacks from the vending machine and even ate some Confetti Ritz sandwiches that Courtney bought and didn't like.

I left work half an hour early, after staying half an hour late last week. I was going to stop on the way home for groceries, but I really like using my recycled bags, so I came by the apartment first. I snuggled with Elmo for a bit, but forced myself out of the place to fetch groceries. The people in the store at 2:00 are SO much nicer than the people shopping after school and especially after work. Some woman actually greeted me "Hola." I was pleasantly surprised. I found myself smiling a big sincere smile to everyone with whom I made eye contact. I got several meals figured out for the week. I probably bought a little extra, but that should make next week's shopping trip a little easier.

Elmo was asleep when I got home, so I carried all the groceries up myself. I got everything put away, started meatballs in the slow cooker and gathered laundry. It was a light week laundry-wise, so I took it all down myself and managed to get it all into just two loads. I got my license plate changed. I had a snack (leftover spicy chicken and ranch dip) and then went back to transfer laundry into the dryers. We sat and watched some episodes of The Boondocks, though we've seen all the ones we've borrowed now. I was dozing off, then we snuggled before I had to go get the laundry. I brought it home, we put it away, and I started water for angel hair pasta.

Elmo and I have ruffled each other's feathers once or twice this afternoon. He has company now and I'm just tired, icky, and slightly irritable. Hopefully that means I'll start in the morning. Sheesh. I would really like to get my tubes tied, but not until Elmo is in agreement for a while. It is not a decision to take lightly or make quickly.

I checked on my usual sites, posted a bulletin on MySpace about an outing this weekend. I dug through photography communities looking for ones that seem to fit for me. I joined one or two. I looked through my photography and longed to take more photos... but with a camera that doesn't fuck with me. I played solitaire and now I'm typing my day... seems like I haven't done this lately. I've turned the Crock Pot off so I can refrigerate the leftovers soon. Elmo wasn't hungry, but says we can have it leftover tomorrow. I ate some earlier, even though I wasn't hungry.

That's about it. I might make a diary entry from 1989, but I have no other big plans for the night. It will be bedtime soon enough.

I've been feeling a little frustrated, bloated, generally icky, and slightly worried.

My meatballs are better than the frozen ones I bought today, but they are a lot of work in comparison.
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I wish for a set of cake pans. I would like round ones for making layer cakes and maybe a long glass one that you can also use for lasagna and the like.

They may happen upon me here.


Dec. 25th, 2008 08:21 pm
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I stayed in bed for nearly 12 hours overnight! I kept waking this morning and then just decidedly staying in bed. That still put me getting up be 7:30. After I got up, I tried out my new kettle for a morning cup of tea. Santa brought me a kettle!

We lounged around for most of the day. Veronica got here shortly after 11:00. We all slowly got ready to go, aiming to arrive at my dad's place by 1:00. Christmas dinner at my dad's is always at 2:00. My dad insisted on giving Veronica presents immediately! She got a gift card from her Uncle Joe... and he wasn't even there yet. They must have done gifts yesterday... that is how they did it when I was a kid. I don't guess I was aware they were doing that. Sigh. Anyway, she also got a 4" thin 19" HDTV·DVD·PC Monitor. She thinks it is too big for her room at the house. Plus she got Wheel of Fortune to plug into the television.

Elmo got a set of Stetson after shave (from my dad and his wife) and I got a hyooj tool kit, which I mentioned needing. It has a carry-handle but it will also mount on the wall and opens up to either side. It is really quite cool. Funny thing is, Elmo ordered a tool set with his FedEx bucks... so we now have plenty of tools! Dad wasn't excited about his hollowed book, but I still hope he likes it. Maria seemed very pleased with her Cafe au Lait mix in a jar and said she would take it to work to help her get through the afternoons. Oh, and Veronica got blend-ee pens which she has wanted since the first time she saw a commercial for them. She pretty much played with those off and on for the rest of the day. The first picture she did (it came with a bunch) was a dragon, which she gave to Elmo. It is awesome and I'm so pleased that she did it. Elmo has already hung it up on his side of our desk.

Then we went to my mother's place. Everyone seemed to like the little calenders I made. Mom really really loved the card I made for her, but most especially for the note I wrote inside. I basically thanked her for making my days seem decadent with the fun stuff she has given me (decadent foods and fancy teas, etc) at a time when money is tight. I can be broke and sit here with a bowl of leftover Tuna Casserole with extra Velveeta (one of the most decadent dishes I know) and follow it with a cup of Bengal Spice tea sweetened with Demerara Cane Sugar. She gave me ALL of those things. I didn't see the reactions from my brother and Serena to their notes in their cards, but I hope their hearts were touched as well. They have all done plenty for me lately.

Mike was happy with his Cafe au Lait jar, claiming to have been jealous of Maria's jar. He does like coffee... My mother loved her hand warmers and made a cute crack about spreading your seeds to the wind and having them return to you. She gave me the Flax Seed that I used for her gift. The shirt that my mother picked out for Elmo was really wonderful. I was touched to see how much thought she put into finding the right present for him. She discussed options with me several times while she was trying to find the right thing. I'm sure if he had mentioned something at my dad's place before (like my mentioning the need for household tools), he would have gotten it. My brother got us a blue LCD digital toaster with a warming setting and all sorts of bells and whistles. Oh, and my mom got us a crock pot! My brother gave us a big bag FULL of stuff for the house including coasters, salt & pepper shakers, and some ornaments for our tree. There is a rocker with a mohawk, a double decker bus, a chinese dragon (complete with people legs), and a big-butt fairy as Veronica seems to like to call it. She got one similar to it from him before, but I think it got broken. I hope these ornaments survive the cats. They are very colorful and fragile. There was also a towel / oven mitt set with a holiday theme. A holiday themed salt & pepper shaker set with a base, coasters... just all kinds of stuff - almost all fragile. We got an Avis travel mug that Elmo and I fought over. lol My mom got me a cool ribbed henley shirt with a mock turtle neck and a black silk set of underthings... she thought they would be warm but they arrived VERY see-through. It was decided that they were actually a gift for Elmo. lol Thin silk underthings are actually supposed to be warming, but they didn't believe it when they saw these... they are REALLY thin. That is why they chose to get me the other thermals that they gave me early. I'm wearing the thin black silk tank top now and it is SOOO comfortable!! Veronica got a very nice musical snow globe, a Pirates of the Caribbean book with CD, and a tea set including two cups from China that my mother got when I was Veronica's age and two boxes of holiday teas. December has been a very tea-ish month for me!

All-in-all, a very nice holiday. I had fun hanging out with Elmo on his smoke breaks and was so comfortable cuddling with him in my families' homes. He was a little quiet at my dad's, but I love that he lets his humor loose at my mother's place. I also love that it isn't lost on them. It was nice to visit with my family and have less rushing to do.

Now the plan is to have Samantha tomorrow afternoon and do more visiting. There is a gift from Keith & Mike and a gift from Mom & Serena for her at my mom's place. My mother is really looking forward to seeing / meeting her. She takes being a grandmother very seriously and really had totally accepted Elmo into the family. I think she and I are alike in that way...
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This was my weekend with Veronica. I was very busy with making and wrapping Giftmas presents. She helped with that, she loves to help. We started watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood last night and then started over today. I saw this in the theater with my mother. I warned her that there was some heavy stuff in this movie, to which she responded that she had seen lots of making out in movies. I informed her this was not that kind of heavy, but that she'd just have to see what I meant - we'd watch it together.

cut for possible spoilers and emotional outpouring )

So today I am thankful for my daughter, Veronica. Without her, I might not have made it to today. I may not have survived my depression if not for her. I couldn't let her down... even when I thought maybe she'd be better off without me.

After the movie and all the emotional sharing and crying, we made Fun Dough cookies for Santa. So thanks go to Jenny, too... for the Fun Dough!
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What a good point. With all the commercialism surrounding holidays (or is that holidays created for commercialism?), it is amazing that food is just about the only thing you're expected to purchase for this one. Sure, there are center pieces and such, but they're not expected like the stuff of other holidays.

I am 35 years old and I have never cooked a Thanksgiving meal. I know I'm capable. I was going to cook a Thanksgiving meal once. I was 18 or 19 years old. I got a 2nd degree burn on my hand shortly before Thanksgiving, though. So, we I left the turkey in the freezer and saved it for giftmas. My mother and her husband came over and spent the night giftmas eve and I cooked the giftmas dinner.

Otherwise, my father always has a big meal at the same time every year. He always has turkey and ham. Hell, he usually has a couple of turkeys and a ham these days! I was going to list all the extras, but I'm sure I would leave some out and simply not do the buffet justice. I suppose one thing that stands out are the dinner rolls. My stepmother always makes those yeast rolls that have to rise before you bake them. And then they are always served up in a cloth-lined wok. That's right, a wok. I don't think she has ever cooked in the wok, but it has always been our bread basket.

And there will be family and friends. SO many family and friends! My brother will be having Thanksgiving at home with his husband this year for the first time. While I'll miss seeing him, I'm proud of him for doing what they feel they need to do. There can be so much pressure to follow these family holiday traditions. I'm sure both of my stepbrothers will make appearances. One is divorcing, but will hopefully have his two daughters with him and the other one's girlfriend is likely to not show up, if recent years are any indication. My sister will surely be there with at least two of her kids. Hopefully the youngest (of the 3) won't be at her dad's in Tennessee for the holiday... except that would mean we would have her for giftmas. And finally, today will be a day we will all think of my other sister. The holidays really stand out as a time to miss her... I guess because we mostly saw her only the holidays. She lived in Arkansas. She was boisterous. She was a person that did not go unnoticed. Her husband will surely be there today with their son.

And then there will be friends. My father opens his home to anyone that doesn't have somewhere to go for this family holiday. Sometimes I think people just say they offer this, but he has had plenty of friends there in the past. I've even brought friends before. The really amazing part is that he does the same thing for giftmas. I've taken extra people for the giftmas get together in the past. My father and family welcome them. My father only asks for enough advance notice that he can make sure to have a gift under the tree for the guests. He won't have anyone feeling left out for giftmas, that wouldn't be right.

Wow... this was going to be a quick, short entry before I get up to make my Deviled Eggs. I got carried away. I'm glad I'll have time to cook and take a food with me this year. I'm thankful for a lot this year, but I'm saddened by a little with the holiday, too. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, whether you choose to follow old traditions or make new ones of your own, or perhaps return to old traditions and reconnect with your families.


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