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I live a pretty public life. I'm not famous or anything, but I am an open book. I will answer just about any question, no matter how private. I post things about my private life online without fear, mostly. If it is something I'm not ready for the entire world (or particular people) to know yet, I filter it to friends only. Makes sense, right? Well....

I've been trying to get up the nerve to talk to my dad about our vehicular needs. I had originally told him we wanted to trade the truck for an automatic car that would hold all four of us (Elmo, myself, Tyler and Sasha). However, with our dreams of travel, we really need a 5th wheel truck that will still hold all four of us. Five, really, since we'd like to have another child.

After wimping out and procrastinating once or maybe twice, I was planning on calling my dad today about meeting for lunch. I wanted to get him one-on-one to discuss it. Then he called me. He was in the neighborhood and coming by to see me, but wanted to make sure I was home. That is how he works quite often. Last time he called me from my parking lot. Great! I was glad to see him.

He mentioned our upcoming move before I did. He said he'd heard it from Jenny. I wasn't as nervous about bringing that up, but then... I didn't have to. Then he tells me he'd already heard of my plans to "travel the world." Really? Tyler went home last night knowing that we're moving soon. I have been talking to her a little about traveling. So my first thought was that she talked a lot about it when she got back home last night, but she wouldn't have said "travel the world." My dad does tend to exaggerate, though. He tells me Jenny got it from my blog.


My first thought? Alright, that is what I get for posting publicly. I was surprised to hear that she was reading my journal since she <understandably> unfriended me a few years ago (right after the split). It made for an easy conversation with Dad so... no harm, no foul, right? But then I vacillated through the day between thinking it made things easier and being kind of ticked about it. It was not her place to tell him anything about my life. They are friends and I understand that. Sometimes I'm hesitant to tell my own dad stuff that isn't any of her or Joe's business because I'm afraid he'll tell them.

So I've been stewing on this journal entry all afternoon around my other tasks of the day. I finally sat down at the computer and noticed something... all of the entries about travel (except about wishing for Benny) are filtered. That means she can't access them. So, even worse than the idea of her reading my journal (which wouldn't actually bother me)... someone I trust is talking about what is in my journal to people that are NOT.



Now what? Do I remove all my friends? Do I remove all my friends that know my exes? Do I post everything as private? Will any of you fess up to it? (and possibly apologize?) Hell, I'm not even sure if THIS post should be filtered or not. I mean, what is the point?
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Last time Dad went in for stints, he needed so many that they asked him (really, they ASKED him... ON the table... on DRUGS) if he'd like to do open heart surgery. Well he was doped up and said no. Afterward he tried to say he changed his mind, but it was too late. Now his heart has gotten bad enough again that it is time to go back into the hospital. He says they'll go in with a rod(?) and that if he has the same problem areas as last time he'll get "a zipper" (open heart surgery) and if it is something new, they'll try fixing the new problem instead.

I try not to freak out. It is hard not to worry. Yes, he has been through a LOT of this kind of crap in his life, so you'd think "he'll be fine - again." But how many of these things can he survive? Sigh. Can I just say that it would be inconvenient for me if he died this week? Next month is bad for me as well. So we'll need to wait until after 2010 (at least!), k thx!
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As I said last week, I've started signing help when I offer to help Sasha. However, I also happened to start signing for cracker. Well she took off with that one! She signs for cracker and walks to the kitchen. She loves her organic Sesame Street crackers.

Last night at my Dad's, I mentioned her signing. Dad asked if I was trying to raise her to be a mute. Ugh. I said no and left it at that. Not much point in arguing. My mom, on the other hand, was impressed today and even gave us some different kind of crackers that Sasha likes.

Honestly, cracker has been coming up more often than help. I need to work on that. And maybe choose another word to throw into the mix. She is consistently signing for milk when she wants it. Though she rarely signs on her own chest, she signs on mine. I try to give her whatever it is she is requesting with signs to reinforce that I understand her. And I always say the word with the sign.

Oh, I've started signing water more consistently lately, too.

As an aside... Sasha managed her way all the way up the stairs at Dad's place! I just followed closely behind, I didn't help at all! She needed lots of help back down, but she enjoyed going up them. Then we came home and she promptly climbed onto the couch with no pillow for a boost! Greaaat. More baby-proofing to do.
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I had Daddy wake me at 7 this morning (I usually sleep a bit later than that!) so we could get an early start. We got ready, including dragging Sasha out of bed, and headed over the the new Denny's at the Flying J. We were generally unimpressed. The service was alright, but the entire place just didn't have that slightly rushed feeling we sense at the other Denny's. They messed up my order at first so it took them forever to get our food to us. Sasha did great, as usual, and shared our food.

Then we headed out to Target for diapers, puffs, and yogurt. From there, we headed to Walmart for groceries (plus socks and headbands for Sasha). We managed to make it home shortly after 10!

Sasha & I headed to Gran's place by 11. We immediately followed Gran to the Goodwill store on the West side. It has so much more than the other store in town. Sasha finally napped on the way there. I also remembered to take a garbage bag full of plastic bowl/lid sets, jeans & pants, and a few shirts to donate. The woman was slightly annoyed at me for bringing them into the store, but thanked me for the donation. Wouldn't it be great if they accepted trade-ins?! Doesn't Plato's Closet do that?

Serena and I found plenty of stuff to try and she even loaned me her socks to try on some shoes. Mom had offered to take me shopping for some jeans now that I can wear them to work. I went through every pair of pants in my closet yesterday and while more of them fit than I expected, I still only had 3 pairs of jeans. In fact, I bit the bullet and gave up both pairs of my really good butt jeans... considering that 1 pair wouldn't even make to to my butt! Mom helped me with this by mentioning that it will be even harder to get smaller after 1 more baby. I had worried about getting rid of clothes and then wanting them again. I still have a lot more clothes to go through, but I feel good about the pants and handful of shirts I let go.

Anyway, I found 4 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of pants. I also got 4 awesome pairs of shoes! Plus a shirt that I love - it has thumb holes, I've never had one of those. Here is one of the pairs of shoes I got:

They're Lower East Side Annie Rugged Oxfords. They are 8½s, but fit me just fine! They have hardly been worn at all and a total steal at $3.99!

Gran also found a little toy for Sasha from Scotland. It's a loch ness monster and says "Cheeky Ness" on the belly. It is colorful and she likes it a lot. We also found 4 shirts for Sasha and two awesome pairs of shoes! She got 1 pair of snow boots that she'll likely be able to step into herself. The other pair are shiny pink combat-style boots that lace up and have a zipper on the inside - originally from Baby Gap! Being toddler boots, of course they're hardly worn. Pink boots - $1.99! She got 1 white shirt with red neck and sleeve rings and little red teddy bears embroidered around the bottom. She got a long-sleeved pink shirt with Elmo on it that says "Love" and a shirt from Wall•E. And finally, a lavender Batman shirt.

Once we'd made our selections, we headed back across town to have Chinese Buffet lunch. Sasha napped on the way, then gnawed on broccoli (among other foods) and generally had fun. Sasha and I left in time to pick Tyler up from school. I took her to pick up her glasses, pick up a pizza (for her & Elmo), then headed home.

Tyler ate and did homework. Then chilled for a while. I put on some new jeans and my brown shoes before I took the girls to visit Grandma & Grandpa for a little bit (around 6). I changed Sasha out of her new long-sleeved shirt (since it got warmer) and into her new Wall•E shirt. While there, Grandpa gave Sasha a nice small square of chocolate in his lap. She loved it! I had Tyler home by shortly after 7, where I discussed Tyler's schoolwork and honesty issues with Jenny. I finally came home and I think Sasha may be down for the night. She fell asleep on the way home. My new jeans and shoes are comfy and feel great! It was such a nice boost to wear something new, especially a new style of shoe. Sometimes I feel like my closet is full of my past life. Thank you Mom!!
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Once Sasha got up this morning, she got to help Mommy a little in the kitchen. I made French Toast and Scrambled Eggs. Daddy made Sausage. Sasha started with an appetizer of cantaloupe, which she also rubbed on her toes! lol She actually got a glass plate for her own breakfast! She did pretty well with the plate until she was done eating. Daddy gave Sasha her Elmo toy gift from him. She liked it very much and carried it around for a while and several times later in the day as well.

I thought Sasha was ready for a nap after that, but she didn't take her "morning nap" until 1 o'clock. I was making her cupcakes when she went down. I also gave her the Baby Doll gift from me. We wound up with 30 cupcakes! I iced most of them while she was sleeping, but left a couple plain. I also got a shower while she slept. Then she woke up and I took her in for a shower. We had fun playing with the water. Then I let her eat part of a plain cupcake in my lap before getting ready to leave.

Trimmed to an LJ Cut for length, you know how I ramble! )

Overall, a good low-key birthday.
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Sasha turns one tomorrow. At this time exactly 1 year ago, I was timing contractions, trying to decide if I was really, really in labor.

Anyway, tomorrow my father will give Sasha chocolate for the first time. I'm hoping it isn't a fight. He gave my other girls regular sized Hershey bars and they turned a bit green. I've bought mini candy bars, but he was saying the other night that he got one of those monster size ones. Forget it! I know I already went off on this tangent, though...

Sasha likes to drink what we're drinking. She doesn't share Daddy's Koolaid because it's sugar water. She shares Mommy's water. Tonight she has been very interested in my glass of milk (from a cow). I know the reason we wait until 1 year for chocolate is so that baby's digestive system can develop enough to handle the proteins in dairy products. She has had the tiniest amounts of cheese cooked into some things, but not much at all. I had researched even that. Suffice to say, I let her try my cow milk tonight. She took several sips and I suspect she would have had more but I finished it so I wouldn't have to fight with her about it. She recently tried goat's milk but didn't seem to like it. I should have tried it in a glass. I think she liked the cow milk. I'm sure she'll like chocolate. I just hope the milk I gave her goes through her well.

I have a loose plan for tomorrow and, most importantly, took the day off. I want to focus on her through most of the day. I need to bake her cupcakes, so that will actually be time away from her. I have to keep her out of the kitchen because the oven door gets too hot. She'll get to have a cupcake! In the afternoon, I'll take her to see Gran, Serena, and Keith. Then a little later we'll go see Grandpa and Grandma. Next weekend we'll have Tyler here and go see Aunt Tricia and her girls.

It has been strange to plan a low-key birthday after the huge ta-doo that was Tyler's first birthday. However, it makes sense because her family is much smaller than Tyler's family. I plan to bake, shower or bathe with her (she loves the water), play lots!... maybe take a walk. She loves to go outside. We'll probably watch Little Shop of Horrors because it is her favorite! Next week we'll get one-year portraits and have her one-year well-baby visit. I think I may have mentioned all that already, though. :-P

I keep thinking of more things I want Sasha to have, but then we do live in a small space. She loves to sit on our Boppy Cushion, but I'd like her to have a little cushy chair of her own. I've been looking at bean bag chairs as an inexpensive option. I hope the *entire* day is low key and stress-free. For all of us!
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We put Sasha's shoes that my brother bought for her on her one day to walk to the laundromat here in our apartment complex. They fit perfectly and are made for learning to walk. I'm a big proponent of barefootin' as much as possible. She walked ALL the way to the laundromat, except on the grass where she has to be carried or she'll sit down and eat the grass instead. She loved the shoes! We got home and took her shoes off. She soon wanted them back! I put them back on and then she wanted them off again. They are kind of hard to put on, though.

She liked them so much that we found some new shoes for her today. They are a bit easier to put on and SO cute! They are pink and black OP Skate Shoes with Velcro closures. They have a clear window under the toes... which makes it so you can see if they fit or not! How cool is that?! I suck at checking shoes so I like that feature!

She loved having them on in the store. Then a while after we came home she was dragging me to the front door, so I put her shoes on and took her outside to walk around in the sunshine for a few minutes. I'd really like her to get a little time outside every day.

Sasha raises her hands when she wants up (of course). Sometimes she even grunts. The trouble is, hands up and grunting is now her way to say she wants __________. There is often no telling what __________ may be. She does sign "finished" but it is kind of flailing rather than controlled movement. She has signed more a few times. And she occasionally signs for milk on my chest. I chose the sign for breastfeed which is to tap your chest above the breast.

As we near the one-year mark, she is trying more foods. We went out to breakfast this morning. I ordered the usual sliced bananas so that she would have something to eat. Then our food came and I realized that I can stop special ordering for her now. She ate some banana slices, some of my eggs (I picked around the cheese for the most part), sausage, and a little bit of hash browns. She loves to eat what we eat so it is very convenient to feed her from our plates. The trick is to offer healthy choices... so we need to be eating healthy stuff, too!

Mind you, some stuff she sucks on and then drops. Some things she lets sit in her mouth and then spits it out or pulls it out or just lets it fall out of her mouth. Chicken is a perfect example. We had fish for dinner last night and she'll usually get it down, but last night she was spitting it out.

I'm planning for her first cake. I chose classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I picked up a muffin pan today and party themed liners. I think a cupcake is a much more appropriate size than the small cakes you get at the store. She will also be trying chocolate for the first time soon. The tradition is for Grandpa to give it, but I've already purchased some mini candy bars. I don't want her to have a full size Hershey's. The older girls looked ill by the time they finished them! They literally looked green. I think Dad may argue against me, but why would you want your child to feel sick? I realize they didn't EAT the entire thing, but they still turned green. Forget it.

So... does chocolate frosting count as chocolate? Because I'm planning out her birthday and if she eats chocolate frosting before she eats chocolate, I won't tell Dad. But then Elmo was surprised I was even going to give her frosting. I could give her a plain cupcake. I'm sure she'd still love it! I gave her a nibble of a couple of chocolate chip cookies today, but without the chips. She enjoyed that, too.

Sasha has an appointment for 1 year portraits and then her 1 year well baby visit with the doctor. Both are about a week away.
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We arrived at the hospital at 9:45 for check-in. I preregistered yesterday. I gave my checks and we were taken to the Surgery Waiting room. We were immediately taken back out to my little cubicle. I had to pee in a cup (I'm not pregnant) and change into a cool paper gown called Bair Paws. It was soft on the outside, purple, marked with a bear paw, and part of a heating system that you could hook directly into your gown. It had a vent system inside and you could adjust the temperature blowing into your gown. I didn't actually use it, but I thought the system was awesome!

Then... we waited! The Anesthesiologist came in. I liked him and he said that I wouldn't actually have to pump-and-dump with general anesthesia. The problems I had before weren't actually general. They were drugs given intravenously. That was good news! My surgery was supposed to be at 11:45. The Doc came to see me right around then and said that he had a shoulder to do before me. He had another shoulder that was scheduled ahead of me, but he was going to do me next because my surgery was going to be much shorter. The shoulders take about 45 minutes. So he said I'd be in by 1:00 at the latest. I asked him about the possibility of lateral release of the ligament pulling on my knee cap. He said he would take a look and that if he did that there would be more swelling, bleeding, a brace, and longer healing. But he'd see if I was a candidate for that. I guess that shoulder was nastier than he expected. I didn't get taken back until about 3:00!! That is over 3 hours late! OMG, I was starving! I was getting cranky and also wanted to cry. Sasha finally fell asleep at about 2:30 though.

Surgery seemed to go fine (no lateral release of the ligament) and I did alright waking up from anesthesia. The staff was nice. The took me back to my cubicle and brought Elmo & Sasha back to me. I was able to hold her right away, but had to have him nearby because I was still a bit woozy. Courtney had some trouble finding me at the hospital but since it started so late, she agreed to come drive me home. Yay!

Courtney and I stopped at Drug Warehouse. I actually felt up to going in with her, but my crutches were at home and all the wheel chairs got stolen earlier in the day! Courtney got my scrips and some other drugs I needed. I just love that girl! Then we stopped at Whataburger so I could order lunch for Elmo, Tyler and myself. My dad and his wife were already on their way to drop her off. I guess they called Elmo about it because they hadn't called me! I arrived home about the same time everyone else got there. Brandon was even there! Joua even came by (to get Courtney to go somewhere)!

I was tired, but couldn't seem to sleep. Sasha napped in my lap for a bit. I'm hoping I can manage to get into the bed with her soon.

I used the crutches to get from the car to the house, but have otherwise been able to use the cane my dad loaned me. I am even walking around a bit with no assistance! I haven't felt the need to take anything for pain - I am SO pleased! At most, I have some discomfort. When I'm not moving it really doesn't hurt at all, especially when I'm using the ice thing on it.

EDIT: My throat hurts worse than anything. Ugh. And I've been pigging all day! I had a Whatacheeseburger, chocolate milk (of course!), a piece of sushi and some other leftovers from Courtney, and I ate a pop tart with milk.
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I had to get up earlier than usual for my 8:10 appointment this morning. Plus I took Sasha along with no help. We checked in and filled out all the paperwork. I forgot about all that junk you have to do when you go to a new medical office. Then we waited... Jerrod (Dr Palomino's Assistant) finally came and got us. He was smitten by Sasha and has a little girl of his own. He has scrubbed for my other Orthopaedic Surgeon before and was relieved to hear I hadn't had surgery yet. They were able to access my MRI (I gave them the report), but had to take fresh x-rays. Oh crap! I hadn't thought of that. Jerrod held Sasha and gave her a hunk of bagel while I got them done. This girl was so fast! The one downstairs there had been slow and creepy, but it was no big deal at all today. Plus I didn't have to change into a gown!

Finally Dr. Palomino came in to see me. I really liked him. He didn't talk down to me and was open to my concerns. We discussed Surgical Tourniquet and he even offered a third choice. However, he explained that the concern is that the option that aren't general anesthesia don't numb you completely and the risk is that you might wiggle or jerk while he has tiny sharp instruments inside the knee. I hadn't looked at it that way. He wrote my surgery request to be general (at my agreement), but added "or choice." He is also going to just start with a steroid shot in my left knee. I hope it helps, but he said that would qualify me for a different treatment further down the road if that doesn't help.

He does surgery at SouthCrest (my preferred hospital) every other Friday, but he is taking the next Friday (in two weeks) off, so he said we could do the surgery tomorrow or in a month. Tomorrow?! Seriously?! So I went for it.

On my way out of the building, I ran into my doctor's PA. She recognized us and asked how Sasha was doing (since she saw us for her ears recently). She was very nice and discussed the pump-and-dump timing with me. Since I'll be under for a very short time, it shouldn't be bad. I'd still like to know what they'll use so I can research it before I go. I plan to call them in the morning.

Then I had to leave work early to go to my PreOp appointment. That took longer than I expected so I wasn't able to pick Tyler up from school. Then I picked up a late lunch and brought it home for a few minutes of down time with my family. I took Sasha and headed out North (Talala / Collinsville) for Goat Milk for Sasha while I have to pump-and-dump. Though the PreOp guy seems to think I won't have to do that. I brought Mom some dairy stuff from there, too. Then I had to go pick Tyler up from Dad's place where she had been attending a birthday party for her cousin. I drove her home and finally got home after 7!

My less-than-half-day of work got eaten up right-quick!

I have to be at the hospital at 9:45 and am having surgery at 11:45. Boy those first two hours will surely drag... especially since I'll be starving! Oh, Sasha doesn't like the Goat Milk. She just spits it back out. Hopefully we won't even need it.

I'm excited and nervous about surgery. I'm excited because hopefully I'll see drastic improvement (once I get over the surgery itself), but I'm nervous because I'm going under. I don't like going under anesthesia. Sigh.

EDIT: I forgot to pick up my vitamins today.
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During the days leading up to the move, we noticed that Sasha was falling more often. We even said she seemed a little drunk. I wasn't sure why she was doing it, but I wasn't worried. I just filed away the information for reference in case something else happened to go with it.

Saturday morning of the move, Sasha was needy. I figured it was all the turmoil of the move. I had to hold her pretty much all day, besides just keeping her from underfoot. Thankfully, I was able to hand her off to friends occasionally and do little tasks myself. Mostly I just directed.

This week, Sasha has become increasingly needy and has even been poking at an ear. That's it, she has an ear infection. I have called our doctor and gotten an appointment for Sasha to see the Physician's Assistant on Friday. I also sent Elmo and Brandon (with Sasha in tow) to the Health Food Store for garlic oil for Sasha's poor ear. I was not aware, however, that there is a garlic oil for cooking. Oops. I got home at 8:30. Ten minutes later, I scooped up the baby and we raced across town back to Akin's. Sasha bawled for almost the entire trip. I thought at first that the car made it worse, but it later occurred to me that she just didn't want to be alone. She has been needy and didn't want to be back there by herself. Poor dear.

We arrived at the store with moments to spare. Colleen was *very* helpful with find us some ear drops specifically for children. Should Sasha wind up on antibiotics, she suggested we come back for probiotics afterward. She also highly recommended a berry product... I don't remember what, but I have brochure in the car. Sasha was a DOLL at the store! She cried as I put her back into the car seat, even though we were at the store for a good 10 minutes (at least). She reached for me as I shut the door. :-(

We raced back home and she dozed off a couple of times from crying. I hadn't even fed her yet! She was fine in my arms as I got the cup of hot water ready and got all set to settle in for nursing and ear-treating. She noticed when I put the liquid in her ear, but moments later didn't seem to care any more. They are supposed to be soothing, so hopefully they were. She was soon happily gnawing on pizza crust in my lap. She smelled all good and garlic-y, I wanted to eat her! :-)

Hopefully she'll rest a bit better tonight. I'll treat her again in the morning. Then my dad is meeting us at Physical Therapy to wrangle her during my appointment. He doesn't babysit babies still in diapers but was willing to come along to help. Elmo will be visiting Samantha, so he won't be home.

Thankfully, tomorrow is my half-day at work. I'll get to see Tyler and she'll be here to help with errands and/or Sasha. Sasha will be SO excited to see her after we didn't see her last Thursday!

The Move

Aug. 11th, 2010 10:55 pm
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My amazing husband managed to pack up almost *every*thing, all on his own and with the baby under his watch. Moving day came and we both woke early (usual for him). We went out for a couple of boxes I left at work and then got some Krispy Kremes. I am glad I posted to FB about those being available for early volunteers because we wound up with an extra guy! We loaded up 4 vehicles for the first load of just boxes and brought them over with 2 volunteers. Then another volunteer arrived... then another... and my dad with his flat bed truck. One and one half loads in his truck (with extra stuff in the extra vehicles), and we were moved! There was stuff everywhere! I didn't pack much and I didn't move much (due to my knees and being on baby duty). We moved from a roomy three-bedroom townhouse with a two-car garage into a two-bedroom apartment with no outdoor storage of any kind.

One friend unpacked almost our entire kitchen! And as if having packed up our home almost single-handedly wasn't amazing enough, Monday Elmo reorganized the kitchen and did some unpacking. Tuesday he got our bedroom almost completely finished. Today he put together Tyler's bed and got her room lined out as well! Did I mention that this man is amazing?! All this with a needy baby underfoot that wanted his undivided attention (which I'll go into in a separate post).

Of course we still have some stray boxes and items, but it is so awesome how our new home is coming together! He has left some tasks for me and I can hardly wait for the weekend so I can work on them! It is driving me nuts to not get much done. Between work, physical therapy, Sasha, and Elmo's sleep schedule... I just haven't been able to do a whole lot.

Meanwhile, we desperately need to shop and do laundry! Oh, and we just *thought* our fridge was small at the old place! Holy cow! I don't know if this one will HOLD a week work of milk for us!

Anyway, getting accustomed to not having a garage. I used to just strip before getting the baby out of the car, letting her nurse as soon as she came out of the car. No more of that. Still, we live close to a friend now and he pops over all the time. That is cool. And we have more seating again. Yay! Maybe we'll do movie nights in the future... that could be a great social outlet!

Huge thanks go out to Elmo, of course! but also to Britnie, Chris, Angie, Brandon, and my dad for all their help with the move!

New Ink!

Apr. 18th, 2010 04:46 pm
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I managed to keep my appointment for new ink yesterday. Veronica and Sasha went with me. Cat helped keep an eye on Sasha, too. Meanwhile, Eric got my design fine tuned and minimized to fit on my little hand. Then we worked out the tail design. Anyway, two hours of needle work later...

This is a crappy photo cuz I took it with my phone. It as taken right after Eric cleaned up the tattoo. I highly recommend Electric Eye Tattoo Mysterium, even though Eric isn't taking any new clients for a while. He is booked up into July!

My hand is still quite swollen. I should probably ice it again. My dad noticed it right away, of course (the swelling, too). He didn't give me too much flack about it. Turns out, there is a tattoo that he wanted to get, but he said his wife would castrate him. Now I'm kind of disappointed that he hasn't done it. You only live once! At least in your current body. :-P

Looks like we'll definitely be seeing a doctor tomorrow for Elmo's back. Spine seems fine, but one area is still hurting really bad. I hope we can get him the help he needs.
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I got up and went to work for 4 hours on Saturday morning. Then I came home to feed the baby, myself, and Veronica. Once that was done, we headed out SOUTH (nearly to Bixby) for our Cookie Booth. We sat outside Walmart for 3 hours and sold about 100 boxes of cookies. When the cookie booth was over, we went into the store to get groceries. I decided on steamed carrots as Sasha's first food.

From the store in Bixby, we went to see my tattoo guy. (That's right, I consider him to be my own personal tattoo guy. It is because he is the only one that has ever "inked" me. And he is a friend.) I put some more money down on my tattoo and got to see my artwork. It looks good! I never doubted Eric for a minute! We heard that Cat had hoped to see us, so I figured we might go back when they expected her.

We came home for a "break" long enough to feed and change Sasha. We said goodnight to Daddy, too. Oh, and to put away groceries! Then we headed right back out. We visited with Cat and Roz. We decided to go to dinner together, to Bali Fusion. It was really nice, especially for having to go to that part of town. It wasn't crowded at all and the food was great! Eric and Cat were glad to add a new restaurant to their list.

We headed home, but then I decided to squeeze in one more stop. We headed to Grandma & Grandpa's place. Veronica fell asleep before we got there. We had a nice little visit and I made my car payment. We didn't get home until 11! Sasha was a wonderful baby through all the stuff we did! We were just on the go all day long! We sure missed Daddy, though!
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We went for our mostly-weekly visit to see Grandma & Grandpa today. Dad seems to be doing okay. When he stays in his recliner, he does alright. If he watches TV, it makes his eye hurt (he was keeping it closed a lot today). If he walks to his shop (other side of his property) and back, his kidneys bleed. But if he just keeps his butt in his chair and does nothing, he is fine. Sigh. Poor man. He told me he thinks about going to Sonic for a bacon cheeseburger (I didn't even know he liked Sonic!), but he only thinks about it. He wants to stick around long enough for Sasha to remember him. I later told him that we might have another in a couple of years. He looked at me like I was crazy. :-) He warned that the older I get the more chance there is of having a baby with problems. I know this. But I take really good care of myself when I'm pregnant. Sasha is perfect! And besides, it is just a possibility out there. I've basically given us until I turn 39 to decide for sure. That puts 40 at my child-bearing cap.

Meanwhile, Grandma returned home from a shopping outing with my sister. She often complains of leg pain and can't make it through stores without a cart. She said she walked through the entire store (a big store) just fine! I was thrilled. Then I found out why - she had a blood transfusion yesterday. What?! No one mentioned this? Yeah, they gave her three units of red blood cells. She feels a lot better, though she was tired out after the shopping. I'm glad they figured out how to help her! During the holidays, she'd sit at the front of Walmart and send my sister after stuff.

Dad Update

Feb. 25th, 2010 10:42 am
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Dad had a 7mm kidney stone. It caused a blockage so his kidney was shutting down. This is why they needed to break it up. Before my sister went to church last night, they said they were going to wait until today to do the surgery. By the time she got out of church, he was in recovery. He had some sort of reaction to the drugs they gave him and took a swing at the nurse. He has never done anything like that before! So he had to spend a few hours in a 4-point restraint. Yow! The kidney doctor released him to the heart doctor who has also released him. I guess his wife is at work, but it sounds like he'll be completely released around 3 today. Yay! I bet he is gonna be real sore for a few days, though.
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Dad has been admitted to the hospital again. More stones. This time, though, they've decided to bust them AND go in after them. Tonight! Sigh. His wife didn't know when they would send him home, but her oldest son (who works in a hospital and has quite a bit of medical background) says they'll probably send him home tonight.

My poor dad. :-(
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So I found out what happened while Dad was in the hospital. They put a nitroglycerin patch on his shoulder (it was heartburn people, not a heart attack). They also put him on a drip to make his body numb. Then he passed 3-4 kidney stones. He doesn't know, it could have been more. They didn't have any strainers because he was in the heart wing, not the kidney wing.

Meanwhile, he decided to stop using his eye drops and now he can see better. He goes to see the doc for that followup tomorrow and is fully aware that the doc will be ticked. I didn't know this, but he has stitches in his eye! They are supposed to dissolve, but every time he has had stitches that were supposed to dissolve, they didn't. He is not looking forward to having stitches pulled out of his eye! Eeek!

Otherwise, he sounded SO much better today! He just sounded pretty normal. I am so relieved. He and his wife are going to attend my birthday luncheon this Saturday!
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Dad recently had the emergency surgery to reattach his retina. His eye has been watering (and thus, making his nose run) ever since. It is supposed to be "done healing" in about another 10 days. I think he is worried that it isn't getting much better and it hurts. Friday night he went to the ER with kidney stones and chest pain. The chest pain was acid reflux, but they just put him into the heart wing every time anyway. He spent the night, but got to go home Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure what, if anything, they did for him, other than a bunch of scans for his heart.

I'm not sure I've ever seen him so miserable, to the point of expressing it. Specifically, he says that the kidney stones on top of the eye stuff is just too much. He is just falling apart and it is hard to watch. I love my dad.
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So while I had Sasha at Dad's yesterday, I put her on the floor right in front of him, so he could see her. I was telling him about how she can roll her bottom half over perfectly, but that she hasn't quite figured out how to get over her arm. The words came out of my mouth and she immediately rolled over for Grandpa!

Grandpa will be telling that story for the rest of his life, right along with the story about Cassie taking her first independent steps to walk to him.
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My dad has had a few strokes and some other health problems. He is losing some of his faculties. He has some trouble with his back, diabetes, and from the latter is now suffering from neuropathy in one arm. He still keeps pluggin' away.

I had lunch with he & my step mother last weekend. Then we went to Belk's. It was pricier than expected, so we bought 1 baby outfit and then headed over to Kohl's. Then we went our separate ways. Dad was holding his right eye shut the entire time. He had told me he was losing his vision in that side. Now, though, he said that if it was really bright, he could see, but otherwise it juts made his head hurt to have it open. He agreed, though, that holding it shut was not comfortable.

Monday he went to see his doctor. The doctor sent him for emergency eye surgery. His retina had detached! It was outpatient surgery, but he had to keep his head looking down. At my last update, he had to do that until he saw the doctor the next day. Well I took Sasha & Veronica over there for our weekly car payment visit. Dad has to keep looking down for three weeks! Can you imagine?! His neck is sore from it. He can't watch television. He can't nap in his recliner. In fact, he is sleeping on his belly on the couch with one arm on a chair and his head between the couch and the chair. Yes, he has to keep his head down ALL the time! Laying on his belly makes his nose run, so he is going though tissues like crazy and you know that has to be annoying, too!

He says, though, that he won't let it get him down. My oldest step brother is going to take him to a car auction this week and look at a car for him. It is my dad's favorite past time. I think I'm going to go take him out for a little bit today myself. He is going stir crazy, which is understandable.

Sigh. I love my Daddy. And as much as it saddens me to see him falling apart, he is taking this hit really well and it makes me feel a little better about it all.

Update: Dad's eye swelled up overnight so he can't go out today. He was disappointed and agreed that he did just want to get out. <pout>


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