The Move

Aug. 11th, 2010 10:55 pm
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My amazing husband managed to pack up almost *every*thing, all on his own and with the baby under his watch. Moving day came and we both woke early (usual for him). We went out for a couple of boxes I left at work and then got some Krispy Kremes. I am glad I posted to FB about those being available for early volunteers because we wound up with an extra guy! We loaded up 4 vehicles for the first load of just boxes and brought them over with 2 volunteers. Then another volunteer arrived... then another... and my dad with his flat bed truck. One and one half loads in his truck (with extra stuff in the extra vehicles), and we were moved! There was stuff everywhere! I didn't pack much and I didn't move much (due to my knees and being on baby duty). We moved from a roomy three-bedroom townhouse with a two-car garage into a two-bedroom apartment with no outdoor storage of any kind.

One friend unpacked almost our entire kitchen! And as if having packed up our home almost single-handedly wasn't amazing enough, Monday Elmo reorganized the kitchen and did some unpacking. Tuesday he got our bedroom almost completely finished. Today he put together Tyler's bed and got her room lined out as well! Did I mention that this man is amazing?! All this with a needy baby underfoot that wanted his undivided attention (which I'll go into in a separate post).

Of course we still have some stray boxes and items, but it is so awesome how our new home is coming together! He has left some tasks for me and I can hardly wait for the weekend so I can work on them! It is driving me nuts to not get much done. Between work, physical therapy, Sasha, and Elmo's sleep schedule... I just haven't been able to do a whole lot.

Meanwhile, we desperately need to shop and do laundry! Oh, and we just *thought* our fridge was small at the old place! Holy cow! I don't know if this one will HOLD a week work of milk for us!

Anyway, getting accustomed to not having a garage. I used to just strip before getting the baby out of the car, letting her nurse as soon as she came out of the car. No more of that. Still, we live close to a friend now and he pops over all the time. That is cool. And we have more seating again. Yay! Maybe we'll do movie nights in the future... that could be a great social outlet!

Huge thanks go out to Elmo, of course! but also to Britnie, Chris, Angie, Brandon, and my dad for all their help with the move!
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I got up and went to work for 4 hours on Saturday morning. Then I came home to feed the baby, myself, and Veronica. Once that was done, we headed out SOUTH (nearly to Bixby) for our Cookie Booth. We sat outside Walmart for 3 hours and sold about 100 boxes of cookies. When the cookie booth was over, we went into the store to get groceries. I decided on steamed carrots as Sasha's first food.

From the store in Bixby, we went to see my tattoo guy. (That's right, I consider him to be my own personal tattoo guy. It is because he is the only one that has ever "inked" me. And he is a friend.) I put some more money down on my tattoo and got to see my artwork. It looks good! I never doubted Eric for a minute! We heard that Cat had hoped to see us, so I figured we might go back when they expected her.

We came home for a "break" long enough to feed and change Sasha. We said goodnight to Daddy, too. Oh, and to put away groceries! Then we headed right back out. We visited with Cat and Roz. We decided to go to dinner together, to Bali Fusion. It was really nice, especially for having to go to that part of town. It wasn't crowded at all and the food was great! Eric and Cat were glad to add a new restaurant to their list.

We headed home, but then I decided to squeeze in one more stop. We headed to Grandma & Grandpa's place. Veronica fell asleep before we got there. We had a nice little visit and I made my car payment. We didn't get home until 11! Sasha was a wonderful baby through all the stuff we did! We were just on the go all day long! We sure missed Daddy, though!
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I got up a little earlier than usual so that Sasha and I could leave out at 930. She had a 1000 appointment and I wanted to arrive early in hopes we'd get in and out fast. I have to be at work at 1130. Possibly due to my own urinalysis, we were called back quite late. Then after a long wait, we were told our doc was called away to labor & delivery. We didn't get out of there until very late. So late, in fact, that I didn't get to work until 1215. I was so glad I prepped all my pumping and snack stuff for work the night before.

I got to work and advised a manager that I did not intend to make up the missed time. I felt discombobulated from all the rush and delay. I got right to work. I was to start a new duty that night. I got set up for those duties before I left for lunch. I then saw that my new monitor arrived. I got it hooked up, put my borrowed monitor back, and set my old monitor aside to be shipped off for recycling.

I went to lunch, right on time. Sasha wasn't very hungry. She had stayed awake for the entire time at the doc's office and slept most of the time I had been at work. I had leftover ham and mashed potatoes from the weekend. I should post about that. Anyway... I went back to work and found packages already piling up for me.

I didn't realize how many drivers I had missed until it was nearly time to go. Plus it was a holiday, so there were a lot of extra packages to scan along the way. I did get a few orders for cookies from drivers, but the delay of entering the ones I had missed put me half an hour late leaving. Elmo had hardly slept at all the night before, so he was really stressed out with Sasha who was giving him a hard time. I felt terrible. I should have noticed the missing work sooner, I shouldn't have left work so late, I should have been here for Elmo & Sasha. I shoulda I shoulda I shoulda? I felt guilty.

More rushing for me as I hurried through that last bit of work. My rushing as I hurried home and tried to make arrangements to get some library books from my mom and give her some leftover ham. I got home shortly after nine.

Sasha continued to be fussy for me which made it difficult to do my evening chores (namely, the dishes - I have to wash my pump parts). Mom came by. I got the dishes started and had a sweet snack. I sat down to the computer and put my fussy baby to breast. She devoured it. Thankfully. She was soon asleep, so I shut down the computer and carted her off to bed at about 1030. As per her usual lately, she didn't want to stop suckling. I need to remember to take a pacifier up to bed to see if she'll take that when she wants to keep suckling. I haven't been able to find a really comfortable position for nursing her in bed. I can rarely sleep while she nurses or suckles. Still, I was able to go to sleep myself by 1100. Whew. Glad that crazy busy day is over.

Diary Year

Nov. 20th, 2009 10:38 pm
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I finished entering diary pages from 1989. I had already finished 1988, but never posted to say so.

The most noteworthy thing of 1989 was Serena's conception. The post is pretty explicit, though, so I wouldn't suggest you read it, Serena. (You, either, Mom! I don't think you should read any of that old stuff.) I don't know if you've read any of that old stuff, but I was not a very nice kid.
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I'm working on my diary again. Since I found Melissa... and she is IN these entries. She wanted to see more and I have been meaning to finish the project. So, I'm almost done with 1989. I'm sorry if it is taking up your friends' pages.
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The cat woke me up at the bedroom door at 3:37 this morning. My alarm went off at 4:00. As per my usual plan, I hit snooze until 4:15. I got up, got dressed, and started the van to warm up at 4:30. I checked my usual sites (LJ, MySpace, and FaceBook) and checked AccuWeather for the temperature. I didn't leave for work until 4:50 (a few minutes late), but still arrived right on time.

Work was same-old, same-old. We had a holiday code, so less stress than average day. Mondays are usually pretty easy going anyway, except I had three full carts to work when I got there. I actually found myself having to rush a bit. I ate snacks from the vending machine and even ate some Confetti Ritz sandwiches that Courtney bought and didn't like.

I left work half an hour early, after staying half an hour late last week. I was going to stop on the way home for groceries, but I really like using my recycled bags, so I came by the apartment first. I snuggled with Elmo for a bit, but forced myself out of the place to fetch groceries. The people in the store at 2:00 are SO much nicer than the people shopping after school and especially after work. Some woman actually greeted me "Hola." I was pleasantly surprised. I found myself smiling a big sincere smile to everyone with whom I made eye contact. I got several meals figured out for the week. I probably bought a little extra, but that should make next week's shopping trip a little easier.

Elmo was asleep when I got home, so I carried all the groceries up myself. I got everything put away, started meatballs in the slow cooker and gathered laundry. It was a light week laundry-wise, so I took it all down myself and managed to get it all into just two loads. I got my license plate changed. I had a snack (leftover spicy chicken and ranch dip) and then went back to transfer laundry into the dryers. We sat and watched some episodes of The Boondocks, though we've seen all the ones we've borrowed now. I was dozing off, then we snuggled before I had to go get the laundry. I brought it home, we put it away, and I started water for angel hair pasta.

Elmo and I have ruffled each other's feathers once or twice this afternoon. He has company now and I'm just tired, icky, and slightly irritable. Hopefully that means I'll start in the morning. Sheesh. I would really like to get my tubes tied, but not until Elmo is in agreement for a while. It is not a decision to take lightly or make quickly.

I checked on my usual sites, posted a bulletin on MySpace about an outing this weekend. I dug through photography communities looking for ones that seem to fit for me. I joined one or two. I looked through my photography and longed to take more photos... but with a camera that doesn't fuck with me. I played solitaire and now I'm typing my day... seems like I haven't done this lately. I've turned the Crock Pot off so I can refrigerate the leftovers soon. Elmo wasn't hungry, but says we can have it leftover tomorrow. I ate some earlier, even though I wasn't hungry.

That's about it. I might make a diary entry from 1989, but I have no other big plans for the night. It will be bedtime soon enough.

I've been feeling a little frustrated, bloated, generally icky, and slightly worried.

My meatballs are better than the frozen ones I bought today, but they are a lot of work in comparison.
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Sorry about the other night. I had to talk things out with someone, but I haven't caught you up far enough to tell you about it. OK, Where was I?...

Shauna and I were walking down the hall together, like we always do. Somebody shoved me from behind. I didn't take much mind to it. She shoved me again. I still didn't really think about it. She shoved me again. I turned around to see who it was. It was Kim. She shoved me again. I couldn't defend myself because I was holding all of my books and my purse. She grabbed my neck with one hand and pushed me over to the East wing stairs. She let me go. She says I started to swing at her (Bull Shit). She reached up to my face and grabbed my glasses. In the process she scratched my face up some. She popped one lens out of my glasses and twisted them up some. I turned around to Shauna and gave her my books. She said that she was going to hold me back but decided to take my stuff for me. When I turned back around, Kim was nowhere in sight. I looked through the crowd one way and she wasn't there. I looked the other way (opposite) way of Mr. Blair's room. Malik (a good friend of mine) - (also black) had pushed her back that way. I started running me. She sped up a bit and looked a little scared. Malik was in between us. I jumped up and he caught me. just as he grabbed me, she punched me in the forehead. Malik grabbed around my ribs pretty hard (or I jumped pretty hard). I got a lot of flabbergasted looks on my way down the hall. (My face was red and scratched and my neck was red.


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