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I think he might be growing. He has been eating a little less and sleeping a little more.

Meanwhile, he has been VERY attentive these past couple of days! He will look up at my face and listen to me talk to him. It melts my heart! He also chatters! It is usually a good sign that he needs to be pottied, actually. I haven't been putting near enough effort into EC lately and am trying to do better. We did have 2 catches in a row today! He fusses when he pees, though. I'm not sure how to make him happier with it. Perhaps when he can sit upright a bit better he'll prefer a potty to being held. It is tricky to hold a newborn AND point his penis down while he wriggles!
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History: I started EC'ing my LO when she was 2mo. I started over a hospital basin on the kitchen counter and sometimes just the sink. I got a BBLP and even sometimes took her to the big potty eventually. Shortly after her 1st birthday, though, I had knee surgery and our EC practices just went right out the window.

She is now nearing her 2nd birthday and I'm trying to get back on track. I'm pregnant and lazy, though. This weekend I've felt more motivated in general and today we had FOUR catches! I've been successfully catching the first pee of the day these past few days, but today I have a funny story to share...

I decided I wanted a fresh pair of jammie pants (about all I wear when home) so I stripped off the pair I was wearing, throwing my arms in the air, and touting "naked!" My daughter pointed at her diaper and (apparently) requested to also be naked. I removed her diaper and noticed it was nearly (if not completely) dry. So I invited her to go potty with me. We both went!

Being pregnant has it's benefits. I can pretty much pee on command at any time. It is so cute, though, because she tries to imitate me giving her cue, so we whisper "pst pst pst, pee pee pee." She seems pretty fascinated by the toilet paper right now and got up for me to wipe her today. Then she sat down and peed. lol
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We haven't been working much on EC for a while. I think it paused back when I had my knee surgery. I've tried once every couple of months, but Sasha hasn't been interested and I won't press the issue.

Then about a month ago, she wanted her potty of the shelf. (She used to go in her potty, in the big potty, in the sink, in the parking lot, wherever I held her and made the cue sound.) I got it down and tried it, but she just wanted to play with it. No pressure.

Sometimes she sits on it, sometimes she sets a stuffed animal on it. She likes to put stuff in it and she really likes to stand in it. The thought struck me recently a few minutes after she woke that I should give her a shot. (The timing in the morning is easiest to catch, but there is definitely a special timing to it.)

I sat her on the potty and she went! That has happened a few times lately with occasional catches during mid-day as well. I'm pleased to see progress again. I'd love to get back to her sleeping with no diaper. She has hardly ever had diaper rash.
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Elimination Communication
I still feel that our break for my knee pain / surgery had an ill effect on our EC relationship. Still, I've been putting forth more effort. Plus Sasha is starting to climb out of bed on her own in the morning. The other day she sat up, gave me a kiss, then headed out of bed. I, of course, followed her, but not before she wandered down the hall to see Daddy.

I've got the timing down pretty well now, how long to wait from when she wakes up until I take her to the toilet. Then, on a good day, I've also got the timing to her 2nd toilet trip. She goes about 5-10 minutes after waking, then again about 20 minutes later. Then she can go for a couple of hours, especially if we go out. Those first two are easy to catch, though, as are the ones after naps since they work pretty much the same.

Sasha consistently signs for milk and occasionally for cracker. She still uses the sign more but it usually means she wants a drink. Unless we're doing something really fun, then she really means do it more! She was recently fascinated by learning the sign for cat and a little less for dog. But then tonight she brought me a book, put it on the floor, and started signing for dog with both hands! It happened to be a cat, but this particular cat... could totally have been a dog. She loves to sign for cat, too!

Elimination Communication and Signing
It occurred to me today that I should work on signing for potty when I take her again. Admittedly, she sometimes has her eyes closed when we head into the bathroom. Perhaps if I could get her signing it, she would start letting me know when she needs to go! I couldn't tell you the last time I caught a poop! I always know when she has started, but it is too late then, basically.

I'd like to use finished more often in relation to the potty, but I hold her over the toilet with both hands, so it just isn't feasible. She still loves to follow Mommy and Daddy into the bathroom.
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With my knee troubles and then my surgery, my trips taking Sasha to the potty really waned. It came down almost to just first-thing-in-the-morning trips. Since she has gotten SO mobile, she doesn't much care for sitting on the BBLP most of the time, but she will still go there if Daddy is on the toilet.

My knee is improving every day, so I'm starting to take her more often again. Or at least working on it. I still hold her over the toilet with her back to me, most of the time. I recently set her front-ways on the toilet and she did great that way. However, the 3rd time we did that, she pulled one foot back and it wound up in the toilet. I kind of jumped and she was startled and upset. I got her sock off and got her dry. When I held her over the toilet again (the usual way), she finished peeing.

I also held her over a sink recently and she will still go that way, too. It has more to do with position than anything, but I do still give her the verbal cue as well, "pss pss pss."

I'm really glad I'm getting back into the habit, but I'll be happier once we are back in the habit.
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Sasha has just started walking backwards!

My employer has changed insurance companies, as of January 1. We are really hoping our doctor takes whatever this new company is!

Tyler had an F in a class, but was able to turn in a lost / found assignment and now has an A again.

There was something else about Sasha, but I forget.

A plan is in place for me to quit my 2nd job by the end of November. I plan to put November's extra income into savings and then I'll have it for Giftmas or whatever, but mostly to show myself that I can survive November without it.

I sometimes sit Sasha on the big toilet front-ways lately. She does just fine. I just place her depending on her whim. If she won't sit backward, I try frontward. She only likes to pee in her BBLP if Daddy is peeing in the big toilet at the same time.

The guest toilet in my new apartment backs up just about every time its used! We now own FOUR plungers! I've had maintenance out to unclog (plunge or snake) it numerous times. I've literally forgotten how many! So... they've ordered a replacement toilet for us! One arrived, but it was broken during shipping.

Speaking of the apartment, I hate my dishwasher! It is ancient! It doesn't do a great job, so I wind up washing everything before I wash it! Also, all the tines are bent and many are missing the rubber layer over them (already ruined a pan in there). Some tines are missing altogether! It recently started leaking! So... maintenance is getting us a new dishwasher because this one has rusted out in the bottom. Yay!

Just as I wondered what could be wrong with my oven (so I can get it replaced, too)... It is as old as the dishwasher, for starters. However, it bakes just fine, if a little fast. The burners are a little crooked, but the larger front burner is really crooked. It also disconnects on its own. So when you turn it on you have to bump it back into place to connect. When Elmo did that, though, it shocked him! So... perhaps a new oven soon, too. Wonder how much my rent will go up when our lease ends!

Sasha's new game tonight is for me to balance stuff on her head! Oh! And the other Sasha thing was that she has learned the push-Mommy-over game (thanks to Mommy) and loves it. This started out after diaper changes, I'd pull her up to a seated position and fall back myself. Now she'll actually push me.

We are really looking forward to the Oklahoma Reptile Show this weekend! We're hoping to find some new tarantulas. Plus we have Tyler this weekend, so she gets to go with us!
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Sasha loves Sugar Snap Peas. She also does well with roasted red pepper. She got all the meat off of a piece tonight and then spit out the skin. I was impressed.

She loves to run back and forth on the couch and rough house with Momma. Here lately, she'll settle down to sleep and I'll take her to bed. About half an hour later, she'll wake up. :-\

Using the potty has been a little bit of an issue since the move. Partially I feel we haven't found our rhythm yet. Also, the rooms are new and exciting, so she doesn't want to stay on the potty. She is starting to stay on the potty in the Master Bath now, but the Guest Bath is still too exciting. Our new toilets aren't elongated bowls, so she can reach the back where the seat connects when I hold her over the seat. I don't like that.

Sasha has recently had her first "play date." Our friend Brandon brought his girls over. I guess they are about 1½ and...3? 2½? I'm not sure, but the younger one is the devil. She has tried to bite Sasha's ear. Elmo keeps an eye on her when she's here, but so far they've only been here 2-3 times.

She still cries when I leave for work. Sometimes are worse than others. Sometimes she just kind of fusses. After lunch today, Daddy was holding her and she had this awful look on her face as she bawled and I went out the door. She calms down quickly, but it breaks my heart to leave! When it is bad, I walk to the car feeling as though I could vomit. That makes me feel like I should be doing something different, but most of the time it isn't that bad.

Sasha gives lots of kisses these days! Once we get her started, she wants to take turns kissing Daddy, then Mommy, over and over again. She kisses Daddy more, but he is the one that got her started on this. She also calls everything "Da-da" or "Da-dee" lately.

This place is better child-proofed than the last place, so I often like to give her free run of the apartment and I just follow her around to keep her out of trouble. Electrical outlet covers are on the shopping list. Otherwise, the table is my main concern. We may have to get plastic bumpers for the edges.

I am still trying to get consistent with some signs. I really want to do it, I'm just not doing very well.

EC Update

Jul. 5th, 2010 10:34 pm
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In the beginning, poop was the easy catch and pee was... hit and miss. These days, pee isn't too difficult, but she tends to wander off and sit quietly with her toys while she poops. She gets restless in her sleep and won't settle until I take her to pee in the night. She'll even sleep through peeing, but she has to do it. I've had her in diapers through the night, though, because we were having accidents regularly. Maybe I wasn't getting enough rest. I still let her nap naked occasionally, though. I like her to get some air.

She recently wouldn't settle in the night and we finally got up for her to poop. She doesn't usually poop in the night. We wound up staying up for a couple of hours. She can't really poop in her sleep, just pee. It does crack me up, though... I wake up, remove her diaper, and scoop her up to take her to the potty. She fusses a bit. I set her on her potty (been using it more lately) or even when I would hold her over the toilet, she will doze back off there. She doesn't even have to nurse during any more. I try not to nurse her while she is peeing now because I want to put a diaper back on her and I can't manage that while nursing (so far).

Even when I need to nurse her while we're up (so I can pee, too), she settles back very quickly when we get back to bed and I replace her diaper. Just so long as she has gone, too. It is just amazing how restless she is when she needs to go.
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I got home from work on Thursday at 330. I took Sasha's diaper off and took her to potty. From then, we kept her diaper dry. We went to Tyler's Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony. While there, Sasha got to pee on a tree. This brought up the EC topic with the other moms in our troop. I was kind of bragging. I should know better. Bragging usually means Sasha is going to pee in my bed.

Sasha still hadn't wet that diaper when bedtime rolled around. She'd been wearing the same diaper over and over again. It was looking a little weathered. During the night (note: she sleeps naked, so long as I'm wearing a bra), she got restless and spun around where her feet were at the top of her area. I let her sleep that way, even though that meant I wasn't as close to her. So when she later woke, I didn't notice until it was too late. That was at 300 this morning. So we went almost 12 hours straight without a single miss! Go figure the first miss in that amount of time would be ON me IN my bed! lol

We just got up and slept on the couch the rest of the night. We actually slept quite well there! I love to have Sasha sleep on me!!
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When Sasha woke the first time last night, I took her to potty - fine. I brought her back to bed naked. She had a restless night, so we made several trips to the potty. This morning, once she was up for the day, she went potty again. I don't bother emptying or rinsing the potty during the night. Well, this morning something went wrong. Sometimes the potty sticks to her bum or she kicks it. This morning it came up with her and dumped an entire night worth of pee on the bathroom counter, down my legs, on her legs... it was a huge mess. Mind you, she had just woken, so she wanted to nurse. She was not happy about being set on the floor so Mommy could clean up the mess. Ugh.

I was glad we waited til morning for our shower. After our shower, she was sleepy. I was laying in the living room floor with her, nursing. She rolled over to all fours, then used me for support to stand up. Then she peed... on me. Yep, that's right. She stood up and peed on me. Sigh.

So... needless to say, I had a rough morning. I did, however, get a little laundry and other chores done. I hope I can pull off not having to do anything on Mother's Day.

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That first night I tried to incorporate potty breaks into our nighttime, I let Sasha sleep naked and I was groggy... she peed on my leg. Hello Mommy... you are not ready for this! I have eased into it now and so...

Last night I put a dry diaper on Sasha as we went to bed at about 11pm. She woke around 2 or 3 with a dry diaper. I took her to potty. She doesn't like to sit on the cool potty in the middle of the night, but with it on the counter and a breast for her to suckle, she is happy to sit there and pees almost immediately after latching. When we went back to bed, I decided to brave it again. Only I didn't have any changing (water proof) pads clean. So I just let her sleep next to me in our bed, naked. We tried again when she stirred around 4, but she didn't go. I still put her back to bed naked. We tried again when she woke around 5 or 6 and she went for me again. So she got to be naked some more. When we got up for the day around 730, I put her dry diaper back on her, then realized we should go potty first. Duh.

So there you go... she got to have naked time while sleeping which I think must be really good for the bum and much better for sleeping!

I then proceeded to miss several times, so we had 2-3 wet diapers before we headed out for Elmo's Physical Therapy. Last time we went, I had considered taking her to potty part way through and didn't. Sure enough, she was wet. So this time when it came to mind, I took her. She gladly peed in their sink, so she stayed dry for that whole time, too!

She did poop in a diaper recently, but it had been awhile since the last time that happened. I was at work. I'm really pleased with how we're doing!

Cross-posted to [ profile] eliminationcomm on 5/10/10.
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For the last day or two, Sasha has started trying to stand up as soon as I set her on the potty. If I convince her to stay seated, she'll go after a minute or two (if she needs to). I did try letting her stand up once. After a minute, she just peed standing in front of the potty. lol

In positive news, she stayed dry all night again last night. We went to bed about midnight and got up at 3 and 6ish for potty breaks. I'm considering letting her sleep naked like Mommy. I can put her on a waterproof pad, so I may do that... but she doesn't stay in one place at night. Wish us luck if we wind up doing that!

EC Weekend

Apr. 26th, 2010 08:02 am
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Sasha used her potty at our camp sites just fine and certainly does seem to be waiting for Potty-tunities. I finally missed a BM, though I did get her onto the potty before she finished.

Then the big news... Last night, our 7mo daughter kept a dry diaper through the night. We went to bed at 11. We got up at 4 for the potty. Then we got up again at 7 and went potty. So much for keeping it next to the bed, though. I have to wake up enough that I have to go, too! I didn't have any trouble getting back to sleep this time, though at 7 we really just went back to bed to play for a bit.

Oh, and now when she is done on the potty, she simply grabs onto you and stands up!
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So Sasha went about 5 hours with 1 dry diaper yesterday! I don't usually TIME these things, but click here for the longer version of this story )

I don't take Sasha to the potty at night. )

Meanwhile we're going camping and taking a BBLP with us!

EC & Stuff

Apr. 22nd, 2010 07:57 am
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No new foods recently, just more cantaloupe and yogurt. Oh! She did try vanilla yogurt yesterday. She just doesn't seem like a fan of yogurt yet. We'll keep trying, though. Supposed to keep trying because it could take 10 tries before they decide they like it. The cantaloupe, though, is totally her favorite! She loves that stuff!

Sasha is peeing in the potty almost every morning. I've gotten better (without watching the clock) at taking her a little bit after she wakes up so she can go again. I've also gotten better at taking her anytime it comes to mind. She goes almost every time I take her. I couldn't tell you the last time she pooped in a diaper, either. She waits for the potty. Let me tell ya, a baby bum is SO much easier to clean after pooping in a potty vs pooping in a diaper!

Elmo saw me working with Sasha on getting her to whisper so he worked with her on it the next day and she whispers more now. Sooo cute! Yes, she talks, too. I've asked him to try to get her to blow. Hard to teach her to blow bubbles in the water when she doesn't BLOW yet. Elmo says that one is going to be a bit tougher to get her to do.
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Sasha is starting to show signs of understanding signs! Specifically, when she is on the potty and has already gone, I sign finished and ask her if she is finished. She recognized the sign now as meaning it is time to get up off the potty. She gets excited and wiggly and even puts her arms up for me! I'm thrilled! But I need to start using the sign in other settings. We also use the sign for book, but finished is the sign I use most consistently.
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I had been debating the next food to offer Sasha. I knew I wanted a vegetable. But I had been thinking that they are so bland by themselves. I wanted it to have flavor! I also didn't make it to the grocery store this weekend. So... I raided Mom's freezer for frozen vegetable choices. Then I thought about it through the day and chose. Tonight I offered her steamed cauliflower with garlic. She loved it! I gave it to her in her mesh food bag and she was chewing and sucking on it like crazy! I did nurse her beforehand. Afterward, I gave her a tiny piece directly in her mouth. She wasn't sure what to think of that at first, then it was fine. I dug it back out after a minute or two. We have leftovers, so we'll have them again in a couple of days.

I've had Sasha use her BBLP in Gran's floor. I also had her use it sitting on top of the washer at Grandpa's. She goes just fine. Here recently I've started setting her on her BBLP in the floor at home. She hasn't gone in it on the floor yet, but I think that has just been a matter of timing. I started using it on our floor because she can sit up so well on it now, she doesn't need my support. I still sit right with her (and her balance is still developing), but she doesn't need to lean on me anymore.

She is making bigger and bigger strides... backwards. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. I saw her put one knee forward this weekend! She'll be crawling any minute! We encourage her, but I know we're gonna regret it once she is on the go! We usually let her play on a quilt in the floor, but it won't be enough to "contain" her once she is crawling. We still have the Playpen, but mostly use the floor right now. I'm sure we'll use the playpen more again once she masters crawling.

She is sitting up well enough to sit in the Boppy Cushion and step away from her. She likes to climb and roll out and over it. In fact, she climbed all the way over it this weekend! I think it is funny that she can't crawl forward, but she can climb over the Boppy!

She is also hiding now! She will cover her face and then when I ask where she is, she pulls the cover off and smiles at me! I am so impressed with this development! I don't know if it is early or not, but it seems like a big leap.

We are also showering (as opposed to baths) now, thankfully. It was recommended at Diaper Dolphins, but also our tub drains slow so showering just seems better. I still want to get in the tub to play with her, but the showering is going well. I think it worries everyone. Yes, soapy babies are slippery, but we manage and I don't drop her! I'm looking forward to being able to sit her in the tub while I shower and then washing her, too. We'll get there.

Oh, and she has taken to biting down on my nipples! She'll be suckling away and decide to look in another direction. She used to kind of yank off of my nipple, but now she bites down and then turns! Daddy thinks it is funny. I am not amused. I just hope she stops before she cuts teeth! She is teething, but still no teeth yet.
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In case you thought we forgot about it, we're still practicing EC around here. Sasha is doing great! Last night I took the extra BBLP to Gran's with us and she used it in her kitchen floor. Twice. I had been carrying a hospital basin in my trunk as a backup, but we hardly ever use the upstairs bathroom so I think I'm going to put this one in the trunk. Now that I think about it, we try on the secondary BBLP just before and after baths, but she doesn't usually go then.

She definitely prefers the BBLP to the toilet or being held. She also prefers it over diapers!
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Sasha peed in Gran's potty last week. Tonight I took her to potty. The first time, nothing (just like last week). After a minute, she seemed kind of upset, even starting to cry. I took her again later and she cried before I even got her to the potty. I think there was something in the bathroom upsetting her, but I don't know what. Mind you, she was much more aware of everything tonight. She was looking all around, taking everything in. She even noticed the cat and dog tonight! She was merely interested (not really excited), though the cat did upset her when she stared her down. heh
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Cross-posted to [ profile] eliminationcomm:

When I was studying EC, I kept seeing people mention the BBLP. In fact, the abbreviation is very common but you rarely see it explained. I think I had to google BBLP to figure out what it was! The Baby Bjorn Baby Potty is presented as being small for taking on the go, but it is hailed as being a great fit for baby bums.

I started out holding Sasha over toilets and sinks. Then I started holding her over a hospital basin on the kitchen counter (great height!). Then I finally ordered the BBLP. It was an easy transition from holding her up, supporting her thighs, to settling her onto the potty.

Sasha has really taken to the potty! I think it is a more clear signal to her that it is time to go. She pees almost every time I put her on it! And she loves to sit on it and kick her feet. I still sit her facing away from me so that it is most like when I held her for potty time. She can't quite sit up on her own, so I've found this to be a great way to support her.

The plastic can get a bit cold, so sometimes I fold a cloth diaper to tuck between her backside and the back rest. She mostly doesn't seem to mind the temperature of the potty, though.

I love our BBLP! I know there are other potties out there, but I can see why this one would be preferred.


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