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Spencer's appointment was for 8 o'clock at the Children's Hospital. We arrived early. Then we WAITED. The hospital said the doctor was running behind, the doctor seemed to be blaming the hospital, but did say they were doing all special needs kids today. That means that, for instance, kids with a history of heart problems (this includes Spencer) have to have a full fledged Anesthesiologist. It can't be a PA or a nurse or anything else - the Anesthesiologist has to be in the room the entire time.

He couldn't have any food after midnight or breastmilk after 4 am. He was allowed to have sips of water this morning. Spencer asked for Mommy Milk a lot. At one point, he got so rambunctious that we were moved to a consult room where we couldn't bother anyone. Three-year-old bouncing off the walls? A nap was imminent! We finally got into a room where we did vitals, bracelets, gown... he hated all of it. He finally napped and then woke, still starving.

They finally, finally drugged him (Versed) at 12 o'clock. It made him groggy quick, but he was still not happy. It took half an hour for him to pass out. It was another half hour before they finally came to get him. I had given up and laid him down on the bed, so they were able to roll him out. In the past, I've gotten to carry him down the hall before handing him over.

The wait was a little over an hour, as expected. Spencer got 2 root canals on his top front teeth. They were then crowned with surgical steel covered with a white composite for appearances. 3 molars on each side were also crowned with surgical steel. Then he got a protective seal on the couple of still-healthy teeth.

He was given a steroid to help avoid swelling, pain medicine and anti-nausea medicine in addition to being on gas and an IV for the procedure. He took his own time waking, then nursed - a lot. Vitals were good and we left at 3:30. He walked (a very short distance) like he was drunk. He slept while I picked up Sasha & Elmo. He woke when we got to the grocery store and stayed alert for the entire shopping trip. He did keep asking for food. As suggested, we got jello and pudding. (Mashed potatoes were another suggested food.) He was still starving when we got home, but refused pudding and jello. He wanted ice cream. And so he had it, two bowls of it!

By 6:30, he was acting like his normal self and still wanting more ice cream. He ate some baked potato with butter and cheese like the growing boy that he is and doesn't seem to be in any pain so far.
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I had no idea lab results would be available so fast! I might have gone 2 days ago, had I known. We just went this morning around 11. I was frightened to hear the doctor's voice on the phone when it rang at 3! (Doctors don't call unless there is something wrong, right?)

Spencer has a "presumed iron deficiency." [This is because] he has Anemia + his MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume or size of his red blood cells) is 53. Our Endocrinologist didn't have the normal range numbers in front of him, but he thinks the low end is in the 70s. (Google tells me the low end of normal for adults is 80.)

He even conferred with his best friend, a Pediatric Hematologist! His friend recommended Spencer take his iron supplement (currently ½ a Flinstone w/Iron) *twice* per day for 1 week, then reduce to the normal dose (½, 1/day). They want to re-check Spencer's levels in 2 weeks.

Let's see, I asked the Pediatrician about anemia (via email)! I even mentioned the hair eating to the Endo. I reminded him of that and he was actually kind of fascinated. Big thanks to connecting with other moms of children with DS via the internet! And pat my own self on the back for sticking to my guns and chasing answers!

He also suggested bumping Spencer's Atenolol up to a full pill, in hopes that gets up some rest! (which was what I called and asked to do!) Atenolol is a Beta Blocker being used to treat hyperthyroid *symptoms.*

Wow! Lots of info and new things to try! Spencer has already been taking Flinstones with Iron (1/day) for... 4 days. I wonder what his numbers would have been a week ago. Scary. Doctor said he noticed Spencer looked pale. Um... I make WHITE babies. They're always pale, so I guess I didn't notice.
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Sasha had her first dentist appointment on Monday. She did well. She doesn't have any cavities! Considering we were sucking at dental hygiene there for a while and considering Elmo & I have poor dental health... it was a miracle. Back in 6 months.

Meanwhile, Spencer has started teething already. I didn't expect it so soon. I've asked around and I can expect a LONG wait for his teeth to actually cut through (due to the DS). Most moms said 1st cut tooth cut around 1 year. One mom said 18 months. Another mom said her kid's first tooth didn't cut until they were beyond the 2nd birthday!!

He bites down on my nipple and more recently he hasn't wanted to stay on the breast. He will chew HARD on our fingers, too. I'm going to get teethers into the fridge as soon as I dig them out from storage.

Tyler also had a dentist appointment recently. She has gotten to a point where she has a lot of anxiety and refuses to open her mouth. We'll be going back soon and they will drug her to help complete her cleaning and examination.
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Spencer's echo-cardiogram looked good. No problems found!
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  • grocery shopping with my husband.
  • picking up one more binder for Tyler, in her favorite color.
  • fake crab dipped in garlic butter. (aka: fulfilling a craving)
  • getting my binder and dividers for Spencer.
  • starting organizing Spencer's medical binder.
  • Sasha going 24+ hours with no diaper (or undies or anything).
  • an amazing online support network.
  • a doula with whom I feel I can connect. already.
  • my husband's sense of humor.


May. 8th, 2011 03:53 pm
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When I was 5 weeks pregnant with Sasha, I got a stomach bug and wound up in the ER getting fluids. I was dehydrated.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant again and woke up with a stomach bug. Thankfully, no vomiting this time. I think I'm past the worst of it.

Still, it increases my concerns of a repeated threatened abortion (miscarriage).
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I haven't had too much nausea just yet. I haven't had much heart burn. I did over eat one night and really regretted that, for HOURS! I am definitely more tired! That helps me to remember to take my vitamins! I need all the help I can get.

I think I'm doing well increasing my water intake. I've gotten my Mom's old water bottle to carry with me at all times. I do believe I'm getting hungry more often and weak with that, too. So I've started carrying a baggie of almond slivers... but they're not my favorite. I need to find another good protein-rich snack to carry. I have pecans, too... I prefer those fresh out of the freezer, though. Cashews would be nice... I'm planning to look at granola bars when I shop this weekend.

I'm trying to adjust back to making my calories count, just eating good things with less empty calories. It is a big adjustment, but I can see my efforts. I plan to buy more fresh food this weekend, too. I need to have good snacks ready to eat. Junk food is too convenient, you have to make good food easy.

Oh, and I'm looking into different ways to keep oatmeal in my daily diet to help with milk supply. I'm hoping to avoid losing my milk during my pregnancy. I've heard that if you will, you will, and there is nothing you can do about it... but I can't NOT do something to try!

Check out Major Milk Makin' Lactation Cookies
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I am suckin' on this challenge, sorry Byn! I even have a sticky note on my computer. Some days I don't think I've done it, but get on and I already did. Then other days I don't even think of it.

I like my response to health issues with Sasha. I worry, yes. I freak out a little sometimes, yes. But I also research and find someone with some answers if I don't have them. BTW, Sasha seems to be suffering from Roseola right now, but she is past the "suffering" part and is just covered with a rash.

  1. I am thankful that Sasha just seems to have Roseola and nothing more serious.

  2. I am thankful for our new ginormous television my brother passed along to us.

  3. I am thankful for the free spider babies we got a while back. They are fun to watch, feed, etc.
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Elmo and I felt like we were coming down with something. Then Sasha started acting sick. Then he & I were fine and she has slowly, progressively gotten worse. It hasn't been anything major, just runny nose and sneezing, but it also effects her mood and her breathing.

Now he has suddenly been thrown into it full force. He is sick and I feel it returning.

All this while we're also trying to battle lice. So far, it has (or was) going well. Over the weekend, I combed Sasha's hair out while she napped. Come Monday, though, she does her napping while I am at work. So I had to wait for her to go to sleep for the night before I could work on her hair. Her sleep time has gotten progressively later every day. Last night I didn't get into bed until 2 o'clock! Elmo gets up within a couple of hours!

So here it is midnight and she is still up, no surprise. But with me coming down with the sick, it is getting harder to wait up for her. :-( Hopefully we'll make more leaps and bounds of progress on her hair over the weekend. We have definitely seen a dramastic (that's right dramatic / drastic) decline in lice. Yay!


Jan. 13th, 2011 10:12 pm
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The apartment office was actually really great about our declining the pest control. They simply took our apartment off the list. Thankfully, I haven't seen any bugs before or since, so it should be a non-issue.

That said... Two - three weeks ago, a girl at Girl Scouts had head lice. We found out later that evening. I informed Tyler's stepmother. I started checking Sasha regularly. I had Elmo check me. He has never had head lice, so I suspect he won't ever get them. I've known a few people (regardless of hair length or thickness) that never got lice. If only we could be so lucky! Tyler fought lice for several years and I'm not sure she was ever completely clear of them during that phase. We had hoped we were done with that now that she is out of elementary.

Anyway, Elmo found no lice on me. I found no lice on Sasha. Joe checked Tyler. Then a week ago, Jenny let me know that Tyler was infested. Fuck. She has very thick hair, so it is very difficult to get completely rid of them. I had a friend at work (that has elementary aged children) check my head. Nothing. I have continued to check Sasha. Sometimes I think she & I have had itchy scalps, but it is hard to know how much of that is paranoia. Over the last couple of days, I've seen specks on her scalp, but NO movement. Tonight while cooking dinner (holding her in the kitchen) I found a single, adult louse on her. Initiate Freak Out. How the FUCK do you treat a ONE YEAR OLD for head lice?! My head immediately began itching like crazy!

An hour later, I suspect that adult louse may have actually fallen off MY head. I only find tiny specks on her. I have only found 1 adult on her head, and it was big enough I FELT it with my finger tips. I wasn't even looking, though she does have tiny "sesame seeds" close to her scalp, too.

I've been researching treatment options and am certain I'm going to have to treat her manually. In the morning I'll go get a metal lice comb, some detangler or conditioner, and perhaps some clips. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do about me, but I think if I confirm I've got them I may call in "sick" with lice tomorrow so I can spend the entire day treating them! I don't want to use pesticides on me, either - especially since I'm still breastfeeding.

I think the best resource I've found tonight is probably The National Pediculosis Association®, Inc. where I learned you should NOT spray for lice!

In hind sight, I've been having little itchy spots on my arms... I think it may be from sleeping with my head on my arms. I don't know. Elmo is asleep so he can't check my head right now. Did I mention the three of us sleep together? Sigh.
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Sasha had her check-up today. Unfortunately, she has gained a dislike for the process since sometime before her 1 year check-up. It has not improved in the last three months.

She is, however, healthy. Of course! Her head is 18 and 7/8ths. She is 2'7" tall. And she weighs 23 pounds, 12.5 ounces. Doc says she is good on the growth chart. He gave her the general once over and looked in her ears, etc. I asked about her toes. It took almost 3 full months of putting lotion on her feet 2-3 times per day and keeping socks over them before they showed any improvement. Doc said to keep at it, especially in these dryer months.

He said to come back in 3 months. However, we don't really feel it is necessary. I know people that never take their kids to the doctor. I realize he watches for problems, but... I'm an alert parent. And I just think we test too much. Obviously going isn't really going to make her feel more comfortable with doctors anyway.

So long story short (I did leave some out), we're not going back for 18 month. We might go for 2 year and of course if we have any concerns between now and then.

I also expressed some concern about a potential miscarriage. I had a threatened miscarriage with Sasha and they put me on progesterone suppositories until the end of the first trimester. So, he said to call as soon as I am pregnant and he'll call in a scrip for me. That was reassuring. He said it wouldn't hurt anything and could actually help.

I also had a couple of questions about vasectomy. Elmo had forgotten about them. I think we were both happy with the answers.
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Last time Dad went in for stints, he needed so many that they asked him (really, they ASKED him... ON the table... on DRUGS) if he'd like to do open heart surgery. Well he was doped up and said no. Afterward he tried to say he changed his mind, but it was too late. Now his heart has gotten bad enough again that it is time to go back into the hospital. He says they'll go in with a rod(?) and that if he has the same problem areas as last time he'll get "a zipper" (open heart surgery) and if it is something new, they'll try fixing the new problem instead.

I try not to freak out. It is hard not to worry. Yes, he has been through a LOT of this kind of crap in his life, so you'd think "he'll be fine - again." But how many of these things can he survive? Sigh. Can I just say that it would be inconvenient for me if he died this week? Next month is bad for me as well. So we'll need to wait until after 2010 (at least!), k thx!
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Last month I was about a week late, but I was right on time this month. Also, I had been *really* heavy with my periods for a while, since getting my IUD which was way back in December. I think I've lightened up *a little* though I still have to wear Plus tampons with pads. For the first several months, I'd have to do that and change every couple of hours. So I've had some improvement on that front.

However, I have always had one strange issue: First, my period lasts for-freaking-ever! I usually bleed for over 7 days. The really messed up part, though is that I bleed for about 5 days, then stop for about 24 hours. Then I start again. This, let me tell you, is terribly annoying. I start out with very red blood, which is what I think of when I think "blood". Then as my period progresses, the blood goes brownish. I know this is also normal for menses. Then I stop for a day. Then it resumes... kind of pinkish. Like I'm having someone else's period. :-P

Anyway, these are things I wanted to get down for my own reference. But if you read this far and have any comments or want to share your own period weirdness (or lack thereof) with me, I welcome you!
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• I want to make a post about the trends of my period of late, but I haven't had time yet.

• I... already lost track of what all I was going to say here because I have too much going on right now.

• I have baby fever, but don't have another pregnancy in the works / plans just yet.

• I'm spending some time quite worried about finances right now while still recovering from utilities at the old place and dealing with hospital costs from my surgery. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems like it get further and further away.

• Keeps (off / on) wanting to make more time for socializing, but hasn't yet.

• Misses some things from pre-baby times, but am really happy with parenthood with my husband.

• Would really like to travel to Florida and maybe Denver, but find that we're too "instant gratification" to save up for such things.

• Got Tyler in for her Eye Exam and I feel accomplished for finally getting that done. I still need to get her back in to see a Dentist and get Sasha in for her first Dental visit, too.

• I keep wanting to get back to healthy eating habits, but don't feel like I'm succeeding. That is making it difficult to keep Sasha on healthy foods, too. I do have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house as well as organic snacks for her. I just had Ensure for dinner. Its a little easier to eat healthy when I'm sharing a meal with Sasha.

• I'm trying to stay under the radar at work. So far, so good.

• I haven't spoken to my mother lately and that is bugging me, but I can't seem to find a convenient time to chat on the phone these days.

• I feel like my mother and I are closest when I'm pregnant. I wonder if that is playing into my Baby Fever. I think it has a bit to do with my being an Attention Whore. Being pregnant puts a lot of focus on me so that is one reason I like being pregnant. I do like myself pregnant, though, I appreciate the way it makes healthier choices not even an option but a must. I also want another baby with my husband, in case you were worried that it is all about the pregnancy and none about the end "product."

• I have some concerns about Tyler, but really appreciate the open line of communication Jenny and I are sharing about Tyler right now. I told Jenny years ago that if anything happened to me, she was my choice for a "replacement." Little did we know...

• Still really want to get my photography going again and to have my old camera cleaned. I never did get it done. At least I got a battery charger for it, though!

• I still want to get a decent GPS unit and take up geocache... in my spare time!

• I'm excited that Elmo has taken an interest in tarantulas and we're looking forward to attending The Oklahoma Reptile Expo!

• Sasha is asleep, so I think I'll go drag her to bed while I have the chance!
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We took Sasha today for her 1 year well baby visit. Her head is now 18 3/4" around. She is 39 3/4" tall. And she now weighs 23 pounds, 5 ounces. And she has lost her patience with medical staff. She has always been pretty laid back about it, but she has outgrown that. In fact, her doctor said that was normal. It makes sense to me when I think about how babies don't realize that they are a separate entity from their mothers for many months. She is her own person now and she didn't want these strangers messing with her!

She is wonderfully healthy, of course! The doctor asked us about communication and eating and mobility. We asked about her vision and squinting - he said we'll keep an eye on it, but not to worry at this point. She really just squints when she seems to think something is going to get too close to her eyes. We asked about scratching during diaper changes. She really is just exploring and grabbing - no cause for concern. I asked about strawberries - doc says it just depends on where you get them. I mentioned organic yogurt and he said that was fine. We also discussed peanut butter and since Tyler was allergic during her baby years, he thought it best to hold off on peanut butter for a while longer. We'll probably go ahead and wait until she is 2 for that, then. I also asked about the skin and nails (mostly skin) on her feet. She has callouses on her big toes and the skin sometimes comes off completely. He suggested using lotion and keeping socks on her. He wasn't concerned by this, either, and said it is most likely just due to how ambulatory she is. She does walk around a LOT!

We actually got into and out of that place in half an hour today! Yay! As for eating, I have become decidedly less psychotic / control freak about her new foods now that she is a year old. I still want her to eat healthy, but I don't feel the need to write each food on the calendar and be so cautious about how often she tries new foods. Oh, and as for her growth rate, she has leveled off. She is still above the normal (remaining in the range), but has curved off the way she is supposed to, so all is well on that front!

And a bonus portrait for good measure:
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I went to see my Orthopaedist for my post-surgery follow-up today. He showed (and gave!) me pictures from inside my knee! There are 8 of them on 2 pages and they are basically the story of my surgery! There was scar tissue from my osteoarthritis (bone spurs on the back of my knee cap). They removed the scar tissue. In the next shot you could see how the back of my knee cap was all rough. They got that all cleaned (shaved) and smoothed. There was more scar tissue removed. Then the shot of my meniscus. OMG it was awful! The tear basically went in three different directions. He trimmed a lot of it out and now it looks all smooth and pretty like it is supposed to be.

He did use some local anesthetic, so that explains why I didn't really have any pain that afternoon. He mostly just wanted to answer my questions. He said he could send me for physical therapy, but didn't really think I needed it. Since I'm already back to my regular activities, I'll probably build it up on my own. Plus I can do the PT exercises I was given for at home anyway. He was willing to send me if that was what I wanted. I opted out of PT and plan to just work on it at home.

One of his techs or whatever they are came in to remove my stitches. They were two weeks old so they were a little stubborn, but he was REALLY gentle. Seemed funny because he was this baby face young guy with ten tattoos!

I have an appointment to go back again in 6 weeks, but my doctor said that if I feel like I'm getting close to normal by then, I can cancel the appointment. I really like this doctor and would recommend him to anyone! In fact, my stepbrother does work with him in surgery and likes him. My other stepbrother may be having him do surgery on his shoulder soon. Next time I need to choose a doctor, I need to remember to contact my medical-industry stepbrother for suggestions first!

Knee Update

Sep. 1st, 2010 05:30 am
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I've been healing well, I suppose. The doctor didn't really specify any post-op exercises or care or anything, but I got handouts from the hospital that seemed very general-purpose. That said, I haven't been doing enough exercises according to the papers. I've been up and around as prescribed, though. I did return to work on Monday, but only for a half-day. I came home and un-bandaged for my first shower. My knee felt weak all over again without the ace for support. I did alright, though.

I never had to take anything for pain. It hurts when I sit in one position for too long or stand for too long. It hurts if I walk and specifically turn without a cane or other support. And it hurts when I do my exercises.

The swelling in my knee seems minimal. I have 2 stitches each over two small incisions. My leg is all yellow from the iodine still. My right calf is pretty sore. I have a slight worry about a blood clot, but really think it is just a sore muscle from over compensating and walking funny.

The cane from dad has been very useful! I haven't used the crutches much.

Overall, happy with the results so far. I would like to know how much better my knee really is, but it is too soon to say. I see the doctor again in a couple of weeks.
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We arrived at the hospital at 9:45 for check-in. I preregistered yesterday. I gave my checks and we were taken to the Surgery Waiting room. We were immediately taken back out to my little cubicle. I had to pee in a cup (I'm not pregnant) and change into a cool paper gown called Bair Paws. It was soft on the outside, purple, marked with a bear paw, and part of a heating system that you could hook directly into your gown. It had a vent system inside and you could adjust the temperature blowing into your gown. I didn't actually use it, but I thought the system was awesome!

Then... we waited! The Anesthesiologist came in. I liked him and he said that I wouldn't actually have to pump-and-dump with general anesthesia. The problems I had before weren't actually general. They were drugs given intravenously. That was good news! My surgery was supposed to be at 11:45. The Doc came to see me right around then and said that he had a shoulder to do before me. He had another shoulder that was scheduled ahead of me, but he was going to do me next because my surgery was going to be much shorter. The shoulders take about 45 minutes. So he said I'd be in by 1:00 at the latest. I asked him about the possibility of lateral release of the ligament pulling on my knee cap. He said he would take a look and that if he did that there would be more swelling, bleeding, a brace, and longer healing. But he'd see if I was a candidate for that. I guess that shoulder was nastier than he expected. I didn't get taken back until about 3:00!! That is over 3 hours late! OMG, I was starving! I was getting cranky and also wanted to cry. Sasha finally fell asleep at about 2:30 though.

Surgery seemed to go fine (no lateral release of the ligament) and I did alright waking up from anesthesia. The staff was nice. The took me back to my cubicle and brought Elmo & Sasha back to me. I was able to hold her right away, but had to have him nearby because I was still a bit woozy. Courtney had some trouble finding me at the hospital but since it started so late, she agreed to come drive me home. Yay!

Courtney and I stopped at Drug Warehouse. I actually felt up to going in with her, but my crutches were at home and all the wheel chairs got stolen earlier in the day! Courtney got my scrips and some other drugs I needed. I just love that girl! Then we stopped at Whataburger so I could order lunch for Elmo, Tyler and myself. My dad and his wife were already on their way to drop her off. I guess they called Elmo about it because they hadn't called me! I arrived home about the same time everyone else got there. Brandon was even there! Joua even came by (to get Courtney to go somewhere)!

I was tired, but couldn't seem to sleep. Sasha napped in my lap for a bit. I'm hoping I can manage to get into the bed with her soon.

I used the crutches to get from the car to the house, but have otherwise been able to use the cane my dad loaned me. I am even walking around a bit with no assistance! I haven't felt the need to take anything for pain - I am SO pleased! At most, I have some discomfort. When I'm not moving it really doesn't hurt at all, especially when I'm using the ice thing on it.

EDIT: My throat hurts worse than anything. Ugh. And I've been pigging all day! I had a Whatacheeseburger, chocolate milk (of course!), a piece of sushi and some other leftovers from Courtney, and I ate a pop tart with milk.
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I had to get up earlier than usual for my 8:10 appointment this morning. Plus I took Sasha along with no help. We checked in and filled out all the paperwork. I forgot about all that junk you have to do when you go to a new medical office. Then we waited... Jerrod (Dr Palomino's Assistant) finally came and got us. He was smitten by Sasha and has a little girl of his own. He has scrubbed for my other Orthopaedic Surgeon before and was relieved to hear I hadn't had surgery yet. They were able to access my MRI (I gave them the report), but had to take fresh x-rays. Oh crap! I hadn't thought of that. Jerrod held Sasha and gave her a hunk of bagel while I got them done. This girl was so fast! The one downstairs there had been slow and creepy, but it was no big deal at all today. Plus I didn't have to change into a gown!

Finally Dr. Palomino came in to see me. I really liked him. He didn't talk down to me and was open to my concerns. We discussed Surgical Tourniquet and he even offered a third choice. However, he explained that the concern is that the option that aren't general anesthesia don't numb you completely and the risk is that you might wiggle or jerk while he has tiny sharp instruments inside the knee. I hadn't looked at it that way. He wrote my surgery request to be general (at my agreement), but added "or choice." He is also going to just start with a steroid shot in my left knee. I hope it helps, but he said that would qualify me for a different treatment further down the road if that doesn't help.

He does surgery at SouthCrest (my preferred hospital) every other Friday, but he is taking the next Friday (in two weeks) off, so he said we could do the surgery tomorrow or in a month. Tomorrow?! Seriously?! So I went for it.

On my way out of the building, I ran into my doctor's PA. She recognized us and asked how Sasha was doing (since she saw us for her ears recently). She was very nice and discussed the pump-and-dump timing with me. Since I'll be under for a very short time, it shouldn't be bad. I'd still like to know what they'll use so I can research it before I go. I plan to call them in the morning.

Then I had to leave work early to go to my PreOp appointment. That took longer than I expected so I wasn't able to pick Tyler up from school. Then I picked up a late lunch and brought it home for a few minutes of down time with my family. I took Sasha and headed out North (Talala / Collinsville) for Goat Milk for Sasha while I have to pump-and-dump. Though the PreOp guy seems to think I won't have to do that. I brought Mom some dairy stuff from there, too. Then I had to go pick Tyler up from Dad's place where she had been attending a birthday party for her cousin. I drove her home and finally got home after 7!

My less-than-half-day of work got eaten up right-quick!

I have to be at the hospital at 9:45 and am having surgery at 11:45. Boy those first two hours will surely drag... especially since I'll be starving! Oh, Sasha doesn't like the Goat Milk. She just spits it back out. Hopefully we won't even need it.

I'm excited and nervous about surgery. I'm excited because hopefully I'll see drastic improvement (once I get over the surgery itself), but I'm nervous because I'm going under. I don't like going under anesthesia. Sigh.

EDIT: I forgot to pick up my vitamins today.
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So I went to see the Orthopaedist today. I had several questions about surgery. At my Physical Therapist's suggestion, I told him that I wanted to avoid having the muscle (ligament) snipped to correct my knee cap placement. He said he wouldn't do anything I didn't want him to do, but he copped an attitude at that point. He was very "I'm a doctor" from that point on. I asked about the his experience using and the possibility of me having a surgical tourniquet. He said he always uses one, but then I said "with local anesthesia instead of general" and he acted like I was a kook. He has done it that way, but he says that no one could possibly relax enough for the strange positions they use on you. No one? Really? I have had 3 babies using natural child birth. So I take some offense. Seriously, if my leg is numb... what do I care?

Anyway, I didn't like his attitude on both of these things. I don't really like him. And this is surgery. These are my only knees. I had already been considering trying to find a younger doctor, but I went for the appointment to see how it went. It didn't go well.

So... I called the Anesthesiology department at the hospital I use and asked for recommendations of Orthopaedic Surgeons that they know have used a Surgical Tourniquet with Local Anesthesia. They weren't sure what to tell me at first. I didn't want to have to call all over - seemed much like finding a needle in a hay stack. Then they gave me 3 names. So I called that Orthopaedic group. They have multiple offices, so I was looking to see them where I always go (SouthCrest). Doctor #1 is about to leave town and won't be back until after Labor Day. Doctor #2 works at SouthCrest one morning per week. The 3rd doctor sees patients there every Thursday... and has an opening tomorrow morning! I was thrilled!

I called my Physical Therapist and filled him in - he did ask for updates after all. He said I couldn't go wrong with this doctor. He said that if this guy says that ligament needs snipping, he would trust him. His point, really, was that patients that just get that snipped have a 40% success rate. Patients that have that along with other corrective surgery in their knees have better success rates and it is hard to pinpoint the reason for the better rate. He didn't seem to like my original doctor too much either, but he trusts this one. I felt even better! I'm relieved. The appointment is quite early, so I'll have to take Sasha with me, but I'm feeling so much better about the entire thing so far.

Now... I'm wondering if my insurance will cover this sort of anesthesia or if the doctor will even think it is the best route for me.

EDIT: Oh! Also, I asked the doctor today about doing my other knee. I've read that you can choose to skip the MRI and go straight for Arthroscopy and if they see a problem they just fix it then. I'm pretty certain I have bone spurs, at least, in that knee. The doctor agreed to go into both knees in one visit. That is so going to suck! We'll see what this doctor tomorrow says.


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