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Sasha had her first dentist appointment on Monday. She did well. She doesn't have any cavities! Considering we were sucking at dental hygiene there for a while and considering Elmo & I have poor dental health... it was a miracle. Back in 6 months.

Meanwhile, Spencer has started teething already. I didn't expect it so soon. I've asked around and I can expect a LONG wait for his teeth to actually cut through (due to the DS). Most moms said 1st cut tooth cut around 1 year. One mom said 18 months. Another mom said her kid's first tooth didn't cut until they were beyond the 2nd birthday!!

He bites down on my nipple and more recently he hasn't wanted to stay on the breast. He will chew HARD on our fingers, too. I'm going to get teethers into the fridge as soon as I dig them out from storage.

Tyler also had a dentist appointment recently. She has gotten to a point where she has a lot of anxiety and refuses to open her mouth. We'll be going back soon and they will drug her to help complete her cleaning and examination.
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  • grocery shopping with my husband.
  • picking up one more binder for Tyler, in her favorite color.
  • fake crab dipped in garlic butter. (aka: fulfilling a craving)
  • getting my binder and dividers for Spencer.
  • starting organizing Spencer's medical binder.
  • Sasha going 24+ hours with no diaper (or undies or anything).
  • an amazing online support network.
  • a doula with whom I feel I can connect. already.
  • my husband's sense of humor.


May. 9th, 2011 12:48 pm
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She wasn't tired when she went to bed, but her eyes did hurt so she fell asleep quickly.

I don't want to leave her home.

I wonder if Tyler is in shock. I haven't seen her cry today. She did spot a "Fathers & Families Expo" flier at the WIC office and that made her sad. We also got into a conversation with a clerk about her height. I mentioned that I'm 5'8" and her father was 6'4". We exchanged a knowing glance, but otherwise she seems... normal.
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It is such a joy to participate and watch as Sasha learns and expands on her pretend world. From realizing that stuffed toys can clap, she now has them hold things or open the fridge. Last night she even has me hold the hand to walk with her, which made it easier for her not to drop the toy. She often makes us kiss or hug the toys before she will kiss & hug us. She also likes to pretend to share drinks and food with the toys... which can get messy.

Sasha's favorite game right now involves bouncing a couple of tennis balls in the kitchen. She prefers a big person to sit at the edge of the kitchen. We like to count to three and then bounce the balls through the kitchen. She loves to fetch them and bounce them back.

She has been practicing her fake cry. It is weird to see her cry when she is faking it.

Last week Sasha started copying (verbally) a lot more words she hears. She'll even try to say "Sasha" now!
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Cross-posted to [ profile] bentolunch:

Tyler attends a Manga fan club at our local library once per month. This month they hosted a bento contest. She was actually the only one to bring one, but we were both very pleased with the result of her very first bento:

There is a bed of basmati rice on the bottom. She made 2 apple rabbits, 3 Naruto rolls with just ham and velveeta (it is what we had on-hand), and two hard boiled eggs: 1 star and 1 teddy bear. The star represents something from a video game, though I don't remember which one. Then there is a ham Kirby with raisin and apple accents.
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I'm not sure I like how I put that one together. So, here I will list the words, as they come to mind. This should be a more indicative list of the words Sasha likes to use and uses often, for fun or for desires.

There is some behavior stuff in here, too. Don't feel like you have to read this, this is mostly for me.

Read more... )

Sasha loves Elmo's World more than anything else I let her watch. She also enjoys Signing Time. She likes Blue's Clues, which we sometimes watch together late at night. She likes Little Shop of Horrors and our latest discovery together is The Labyrinth. She needs Mommy close-by for this one, though. She likes to snuggle during parts of it. We watch it together sometimes. She likes Fraggle Rock, but not so much that she has a way to request it.

I'm sure I'm leaving signs and words out, but that is enough for now! Those are the ones that came to mind.
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Tyler's new thing is to quiz Sasha on signs. I figure it is kind of like using flash cards except she just asks Sasha if she can say a word, then Sasha signs it. (Scroll down for spoken words!) Here are the signs I know she knows:

From the 1st Signing Time DVD, My First Signs:
Eat/Food - Milk - Water - Ball - More - Bird - Cat - Dog - Fish - Car - Airplane - Want - Shoes - Flower - Mom - Dad - Baby - Sleep

extras from that DVD:
Signing - Time - Think (though she knows this one from Blue's Clues, we watch together sometimes late at night)

From the 2nd Signing Time DVD, Playtime Signs:
Friend - Play - Train - Doll - Bike - Bear - Your Turn - My Turn - Please - Share - Thank You - Book - Read - Socks - Yes - No - Thirsty - Drink - Dirty - Clean - Potty - Wash Hands - Bath - Hurt - Sorry - Stop - Go - Wait - Grandpa - Grandma

(I'm not sure if she knows all of them, so I marked some out.)

From the 3rd DVD, Everyday Signs:
Hungry - Apple - Cookie - Cereal - Banana - Bread - Cheese - Cracker - Ice Cream - Candy - Help - Full - Hot - Cold - Dry - Wet - Like - Don't Like - Day - Sun - Night - Moon - Stars - Happy - Laugh - Sad - Cry - Boy - Girl

This DVD has The Silly Pizza Song, which Sasha LOVES! Tyler & I enjoy it, too, so we all sing it together. It is hilarious. You can find it on YouTube, if you're interested.

From the 4th DVD, Family, Feelings & Fun:
Home - Family - Brother - Sister - Son - Daughter - Uncle - Aunt - Cousin - Tree - Wind - Leaf - Grass - Cloud - Rain - Snow - Coat - Boots - Gloves - Hat - Feelings - Grumpy - Surprise - Silly - Scared - Excited - Sick - Love

From the 5th DVD, ABC Signs:
I'm not sure which letters she knows. She doesn't know her alphabet yet, so we're just getting started on this one.

From the 6th DVD, My Favorite Things:
We're just starting on this one, too. She knows how to say Colors. I'm not sure about the rest.
Here is what is included: Colors - Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Purple - Rainbow - Fruit - Strawberry - Pear - Peach - Grapes - Watermelon - Vegetables - Corn - Lettuce - Beans (little/big) - Potato - Walk - Run - Sit - Swing - Dance - Sing - Jump - Swim - Soup - Noodles - Tomato - White - Black - Brown - Pink - Work - Practice

From the 7th DVD, Leah's Farm:
We just got this one, too. I know she can say Chicken, turtle, rabbit, frog, horse... I'm not sure about the others. We've been working on Duck, too.
Farm - Chicken - Horse - Goat - Mouse - Rooster - Sheep - Cow - Donkey - Pig - Turkey - Duck - Rabbit - Snail - Frog - Snake - Lizard - Turtle - Barn - Rock

Now for SPOKEN words! Sasha signs and says Daddy. She mostly signs Mommy, but will kind of say it. Her "More" is getting more clear. She clearly says "Mo" (No). She is trying to say Up. Today she clearly, out of the blue, copied "Pretty"! Elmo and I were shocked.

Oh, she also says an M sound when she signs milk (either cow milk or momma milk). She actually says the starting sound to a lot of words.
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Sasha likes to play in the fridge. That was fine until I started finding food that belonged in the fridge... elsewhere. Still, she'll take us to the fridge and ask us to open it. She'll also sign for food if she is at the door and is hungry.

She'll find the Garlic & Herb cheese, close the door, and hand the cheese to me. I give her a piece of cheese and she nibbles while I pack the cheese back into the baggie. Then I open the door again and she puts it back, closes the door, and goes on her merry way with her snack. Adorable!

4 minutes later, repeat.

4 minutes later, repeat.

4 minutes later, No, sweetie. It is LATE. (Yes this was a few minutes ago and it is past midnight.)
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I am suckin' on this challenge, sorry Byn! I even have a sticky note on my computer. Some days I don't think I've done it, but get on and I already did. Then other days I don't even think of it.

I like my response to health issues with Sasha. I worry, yes. I freak out a little sometimes, yes. But I also research and find someone with some answers if I don't have them. BTW, Sasha seems to be suffering from Roseola right now, but she is past the "suffering" part and is just covered with a rash.

  1. I am thankful that Sasha just seems to have Roseola and nothing more serious.

  2. I am thankful for our new ginormous television my brother passed along to us.

  3. I am thankful for the free spider babies we got a while back. They are fun to watch, feed, etc.
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This weekend Sasha has started dancing around in circles until she is dizzy. :-)
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Elmo and I felt like we were coming down with something. Then Sasha started acting sick. Then he & I were fine and she has slowly, progressively gotten worse. It hasn't been anything major, just runny nose and sneezing, but it also effects her mood and her breathing.

Now he has suddenly been thrown into it full force. He is sick and I feel it returning.

All this while we're also trying to battle lice. So far, it has (or was) going well. Over the weekend, I combed Sasha's hair out while she napped. Come Monday, though, she does her napping while I am at work. So I had to wait for her to go to sleep for the night before I could work on her hair. Her sleep time has gotten progressively later every day. Last night I didn't get into bed until 2 o'clock! Elmo gets up within a couple of hours!

So here it is midnight and she is still up, no surprise. But with me coming down with the sick, it is getting harder to wait up for her. :-( Hopefully we'll make more leaps and bounds of progress on her hair over the weekend. We have definitely seen a dramastic (that's right dramatic / drastic) decline in lice. Yay!


Jan. 13th, 2011 10:12 pm
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The apartment office was actually really great about our declining the pest control. They simply took our apartment off the list. Thankfully, I haven't seen any bugs before or since, so it should be a non-issue.

That said... Two - three weeks ago, a girl at Girl Scouts had head lice. We found out later that evening. I informed Tyler's stepmother. I started checking Sasha regularly. I had Elmo check me. He has never had head lice, so I suspect he won't ever get them. I've known a few people (regardless of hair length or thickness) that never got lice. If only we could be so lucky! Tyler fought lice for several years and I'm not sure she was ever completely clear of them during that phase. We had hoped we were done with that now that she is out of elementary.

Anyway, Elmo found no lice on me. I found no lice on Sasha. Joe checked Tyler. Then a week ago, Jenny let me know that Tyler was infested. Fuck. She has very thick hair, so it is very difficult to get completely rid of them. I had a friend at work (that has elementary aged children) check my head. Nothing. I have continued to check Sasha. Sometimes I think she & I have had itchy scalps, but it is hard to know how much of that is paranoia. Over the last couple of days, I've seen specks on her scalp, but NO movement. Tonight while cooking dinner (holding her in the kitchen) I found a single, adult louse on her. Initiate Freak Out. How the FUCK do you treat a ONE YEAR OLD for head lice?! My head immediately began itching like crazy!

An hour later, I suspect that adult louse may have actually fallen off MY head. I only find tiny specks on her. I have only found 1 adult on her head, and it was big enough I FELT it with my finger tips. I wasn't even looking, though she does have tiny "sesame seeds" close to her scalp, too.

I've been researching treatment options and am certain I'm going to have to treat her manually. In the morning I'll go get a metal lice comb, some detangler or conditioner, and perhaps some clips. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do about me, but I think if I confirm I've got them I may call in "sick" with lice tomorrow so I can spend the entire day treating them! I don't want to use pesticides on me, either - especially since I'm still breastfeeding.

I think the best resource I've found tonight is probably The National Pediculosis Association®, Inc. where I learned you should NOT spray for lice!

In hind sight, I've been having little itchy spots on my arms... I think it may be from sleeping with my head on my arms. I don't know. Elmo is asleep so he can't check my head right now. Did I mention the three of us sleep together? Sigh.
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Sasha is suddenly pointing. I'm not sure when that started. She is also shrugging, but I'm not sure what she means by it yet. I've taught her the sign for spider. I use it to tickle her, but we also have pet spiders. And now tonight she has started cramming things into small spaces. Earlier I was sitting on the edge of the couch and she was passing DVD cases between my legs and then picking them up off the floor to do it again. She did that on the couch with her ballet slipper socks, too. She has been trying to cram those behind the couch. Thankfully, she hasn't succeeded there. I showed her she could cram them into the back couch cushions (which don't come off, so there isn't really space to lose anything).


Dec. 27th, 2010 01:47 am
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Today I waited for Tyler to wake before...

  • I cooked breakfast for my family.
  • I went grocery shopping with Elmo and Sasha.
  • I unloaded the dishwasher.
  • I cleaned the stovetop. We've only lived here a short time, so it wasn't bad. I'd like to keep it clean.
  • I baked peanut butter / chocolate kiss cookies with Tyler.
  • I did laundry.
  • I hung blankets over the sliding door.
  • I took down the Giftmas tree.
  • I cooked a quick easy dinner for the girls and I.
  • I played Monopoly Revolution with Tyler and Elmo.
  • I carved an apple with Tyler - Japanese style.
  • I cut up veggies in preparation of my bento lunches this week.
  • I boiled a few eggs and molded 2, Tyler made the other into a chick (also Japanese style).
  • I unpacked a box. It was in the back on the bottom, so I had to rearrange everything, too.
  • I put Sasha's toys away, but I do that every night before I go to bed.
  • I put together my Sunday Surf post for my blog... a little bit late.
  • I posted these goofy details on my LiveJournal.

I am really friggin' tired. I think I'll go crawl into bed now... G'nite!
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The 6th grade did this production at Tyler's school tonight. She had a fun part and she did really well with it! She had 3 bits on stage, but I only got to see 1 of them. They made a point of asking us to take noisy children out into the hall. Sasha started fussing for milk. Once I got her into the hallway, she was more interested in her surroundings. When we went back in to the show, she wanted milk again. We left shorty before the show ended. I was so exhausted and have been fighting a headache all day. The school was SO not prepared for the turn out for this show, either! The place was PACKED.
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Sasha had her check-up today. Unfortunately, she has gained a dislike for the process since sometime before her 1 year check-up. It has not improved in the last three months.

She is, however, healthy. Of course! Her head is 18 and 7/8ths. She is 2'7" tall. And she weighs 23 pounds, 12.5 ounces. Doc says she is good on the growth chart. He gave her the general once over and looked in her ears, etc. I asked about her toes. It took almost 3 full months of putting lotion on her feet 2-3 times per day and keeping socks over them before they showed any improvement. Doc said to keep at it, especially in these dryer months.

He said to come back in 3 months. However, we don't really feel it is necessary. I know people that never take their kids to the doctor. I realize he watches for problems, but... I'm an alert parent. And I just think we test too much. Obviously going isn't really going to make her feel more comfortable with doctors anyway.

So long story short (I did leave some out), we're not going back for 18 month. We might go for 2 year and of course if we have any concerns between now and then.

I also expressed some concern about a potential miscarriage. I had a threatened miscarriage with Sasha and they put me on progesterone suppositories until the end of the first trimester. So, he said to call as soon as I am pregnant and he'll call in a scrip for me. That was reassuring. He said it wouldn't hurt anything and could actually help.

I also had a couple of questions about vasectomy. Elmo had forgotten about them. I think we were both happy with the answers.
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I live a pretty public life. I'm not famous or anything, but I am an open book. I will answer just about any question, no matter how private. I post things about my private life online without fear, mostly. If it is something I'm not ready for the entire world (or particular people) to know yet, I filter it to friends only. Makes sense, right? Well....

I've been trying to get up the nerve to talk to my dad about our vehicular needs. I had originally told him we wanted to trade the truck for an automatic car that would hold all four of us (Elmo, myself, Tyler and Sasha). However, with our dreams of travel, we really need a 5th wheel truck that will still hold all four of us. Five, really, since we'd like to have another child.

After wimping out and procrastinating once or maybe twice, I was planning on calling my dad today about meeting for lunch. I wanted to get him one-on-one to discuss it. Then he called me. He was in the neighborhood and coming by to see me, but wanted to make sure I was home. That is how he works quite often. Last time he called me from my parking lot. Great! I was glad to see him.

He mentioned our upcoming move before I did. He said he'd heard it from Jenny. I wasn't as nervous about bringing that up, but then... I didn't have to. Then he tells me he'd already heard of my plans to "travel the world." Really? Tyler went home last night knowing that we're moving soon. I have been talking to her a little about traveling. So my first thought was that she talked a lot about it when she got back home last night, but she wouldn't have said "travel the world." My dad does tend to exaggerate, though. He tells me Jenny got it from my blog.


My first thought? Alright, that is what I get for posting publicly. I was surprised to hear that she was reading my journal since she <understandably> unfriended me a few years ago (right after the split). It made for an easy conversation with Dad so... no harm, no foul, right? But then I vacillated through the day between thinking it made things easier and being kind of ticked about it. It was not her place to tell him anything about my life. They are friends and I understand that. Sometimes I'm hesitant to tell my own dad stuff that isn't any of her or Joe's business because I'm afraid he'll tell them.

So I've been stewing on this journal entry all afternoon around my other tasks of the day. I finally sat down at the computer and noticed something... all of the entries about travel (except about wishing for Benny) are filtered. That means she can't access them. So, even worse than the idea of her reading my journal (which wouldn't actually bother me)... someone I trust is talking about what is in my journal to people that are NOT.



Now what? Do I remove all my friends? Do I remove all my friends that know my exes? Do I post everything as private? Will any of you fess up to it? (and possibly apologize?) Hell, I'm not even sure if THIS post should be filtered or not. I mean, what is the point?
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vampire knight, vol. 1 season 1

* girl season one

manga for dummies

manga mania magical girls and friends

loopz game

paper jamz guitar

monster high doll

ds/ dsi/ dsi XL

MP3 or ipod

stationary equipment (pens, pencils, paper, envelopes)

tokio hotel CD

the sims (2 or 3)

portable CD player

walkie talkies

spy gear (any)

taylor swift CD

eclipse CD soundtrack

twilight soundtrack CD

New moon soundtrack CD

Anne Rice books

Clothes (preferabley goth)

Sailor Moon season 1 (or any others)

manga books

Demi Lovato CD

Jordan Sparks CD

keith urban CD

rascal flatts CD

cow girl boots

cow girl hat


flammel shirts

combat boots

black boots

nightmare before christmas soundtrack

sweeney todd soundtrack

cry baby (DVD)

Naked brothers band (CD)

the beatles poster

Black veil brides CD ( :D )

David Bowie action figure

scary stories

goth stuff

vampire stuff

rennasance stuff
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Today was finally the day for the Oklahoma Reptile Expo! Elmo and I both had trouble sleeping last night due to excitement! We got up too early this morning and eventually gathered up the girls to go to breakfast. Then it was a stop by Target before we headed to the hotel hosting the expo. We went in the front door... won't do that again! We were sent upstairs and then "just keep going" down a hall. We walked with a bunch of Asian people toward a room with very loud music. An Asian woman was in the hall, shaking hands with everyone that walked by... except us. It was apparently chuch... and not for Anglo folk. We even walked through a part of the hallway with NO lights! Eventually we discovered that there was, indeed, a back door close to the expo itself. We chose that for our exit later.

I had been concerned that the Reptile expo might not offer any spiders. I emailed the guy that puts on the event, but never heard back from him. When I talked with him today, he felt certain he had replied. I check my spam folder, but I'll check again.

We walked into the expo and immediately spotted 3 tarantulas. I was SO excited already! We walked around the outer circle, then the inner circle. I found someone selling log hides and asked her about mold on them. I was appreciative of her expertise and advise. There were only 2 vendors with tarantulas, but the other one had a lot to choose from. Both vendors offered good deals.

Sasha got restless, so we all went into the hallway for a break. Sasha had a little milk and then ran around free for a bit with Tyler. It was a nice open space. Meanwhile, Elmo & I discussed what we wanted to actually purchase and how much we would have to spend to get habitats all set for them. We had some stuff at home, but not everything we needed.

Elmo got 1 Theraphosa blondi (Goliath Birdeater) and 1 Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest Scorpion). The Goliath is a juvenile, so we do not know the sex. It is maybe 2-3 inches now, but will eventually get to 12-15 inches! We didn't think to ask the sex of the scorpion, but we're pretty sure it is full grown. It looked so much bigger when we got it out of the little deli cup! I got 1 juvenile Avicularia versicolor (Antilles Pinktoe) which is the first really exotic (read: colorful) species with which I fell in love. I also got 1 juvenile Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly Hair) which intrigued me, especially when the vendor said that they are the most docile and friendly tarantulas he's ever seen. They will crawl right out onto your hand!

For those trying to keep count, you can see our collection listed at [ profile] mallorysmithi (profile page), which is dedicated to my very first tarantula. I will mention, though, that this Curly Hair is the 2nd Brachypelma species I've got now.

The vendor had some other species that we had wanted to find, but they sold yesterday. :-( We'd still like to attend the KC Reptile Show sometime, which is ONLY on Sundays so we should have better luck. The vendor that had so much for us today is from there, so he would have much more to offer at that show... or we could just go to his store!
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Sasha has just started walking backwards!

My employer has changed insurance companies, as of January 1. We are really hoping our doctor takes whatever this new company is!

Tyler had an F in a class, but was able to turn in a lost / found assignment and now has an A again.

There was something else about Sasha, but I forget.

A plan is in place for me to quit my 2nd job by the end of November. I plan to put November's extra income into savings and then I'll have it for Giftmas or whatever, but mostly to show myself that I can survive November without it.

I sometimes sit Sasha on the big toilet front-ways lately. She does just fine. I just place her depending on her whim. If she won't sit backward, I try frontward. She only likes to pee in her BBLP if Daddy is peeing in the big toilet at the same time.

The guest toilet in my new apartment backs up just about every time its used! We now own FOUR plungers! I've had maintenance out to unclog (plunge or snake) it numerous times. I've literally forgotten how many! So... they've ordered a replacement toilet for us! One arrived, but it was broken during shipping.

Speaking of the apartment, I hate my dishwasher! It is ancient! It doesn't do a great job, so I wind up washing everything before I wash it! Also, all the tines are bent and many are missing the rubber layer over them (already ruined a pan in there). Some tines are missing altogether! It recently started leaking! So... maintenance is getting us a new dishwasher because this one has rusted out in the bottom. Yay!

Just as I wondered what could be wrong with my oven (so I can get it replaced, too)... It is as old as the dishwasher, for starters. However, it bakes just fine, if a little fast. The burners are a little crooked, but the larger front burner is really crooked. It also disconnects on its own. So when you turn it on you have to bump it back into place to connect. When Elmo did that, though, it shocked him! So... perhaps a new oven soon, too. Wonder how much my rent will go up when our lease ends!

Sasha's new game tonight is for me to balance stuff on her head! Oh! And the other Sasha thing was that she has learned the push-Mommy-over game (thanks to Mommy) and loves it. This started out after diaper changes, I'd pull her up to a seated position and fall back myself. Now she'll actually push me.

We are really looking forward to the Oklahoma Reptile Show this weekend! We're hoping to find some new tarantulas. Plus we have Tyler this weekend, so she gets to go with us!


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