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  • grocery shopping with my husband.
  • picking up one more binder for Tyler, in her favorite color.
  • fake crab dipped in garlic butter. (aka: fulfilling a craving)
  • getting my binder and dividers for Spencer.
  • starting organizing Spencer's medical binder.
  • Sasha going 24+ hours with no diaper (or undies or anything).
  • an amazing online support network.
  • a doula with whom I feel I can connect. already.
  • my husband's sense of humor.
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O.M.G. My husband is SO wonderful! While I was out with Sasha today, taking Serena to visit my mother in the hospital, Elmo earned more brownie points than should fit into one day. He did so many great things that I asked him what he had done wrong, concerned he might be trying to make up for something! I insisted there had better not be another woman! Today he...

  • took out the garbage
  • took out the old microwave
  • cleaned the stove top
  • washed the kitchen floor! (and this one had been buggin' me)
  • vacuumed
  • cleaned the vanity / sink (had also been buggin' me)
  • rearranged the furniture! (I'd been griping about this one)
  • picked up all the toys, even setting them up in cute places around our home
  • cleaned the lid of the trash can (another thing that was buggin' me)
  • made the bed (he always does this when he cleans)

Pretty good, eh? Well he didn't stop there! I've been doing most of the care-taking of our spiders lately, but today he...

  • gave all the kids water
  • got the moldy bolus (cricket remnants) out of the bottom of Punjab's cage... that one is venomous! and fast!
  • even took photos of King for me!

Hell, yesterday before Mom's stroke, he came outside and took pics and video of Sasha and I playing with bubbles. I can't tell you how much that means to me!

I have SUCH a wonderful man and I hope I never lead him to feel unappreciated or taken for granted!


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