Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:46 am
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3 people have already contacted me about my bike.

I am not likely to get any test results until Tuesday.

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Unfortunately, and for several reasons, I must sell my motorcycle. I am a little saddened, but my life has changed a lot, as have my priorities (and health). I'm hoping I can sell it by the end of the month.

So, if you're interested, here is my CraigsList listing.

Learning to ride and riding this bike was one of the most empowering things I have ever done!
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Sasha had her 2 week checkup today. Sasha weight 8 lbs, 3 oz, so she is growing well! She is also... 21 inches, I think. On my list of questions was thrush, but I figured I might just be paranoid. Veronica had thrush. Sasha's tongue is white, but she hasn't really had any other matching symptoms. Our doctor took one look in her mouth and immediately said Thrush. I guess we caught it pretty early and this might explain why she has had some trouble getting so sleep sometimes lately. He usually treats thrush with Nystatin. Veronica was treated with Nystatin, but about 10-15 minutes after treatment, she would cry inconsolably for half an hour! So I was told to nurse her (to rinse her mouth) after 10 minutes. Only problem was, the medicine couldn't fix the problem because it wasn't sitting long enough. Next we tried Gentian Violet which STAINS. It worked great! So, our doctor was supportive of our choice to treat Sasha with GV as well.

I believe I also have a yeast infection (thrush is yeast in the mouth), so our doctor gave me a scrip for it. I've filled the scrip, but the papers say it is excreted in breastmilk, so I have a call in to the doctor to ask... WTF?

The doctor was not concerned about Sasha's umbilical cord, which has still not detached. It has started to bleed occasionally. He just wants us to continue treating with alcohol and bring Sasha back for a 1 month check up in a couple of weeks. I am to apply slight traction in the opposite direction as needed to reach all of the cord with the alcohol. I've not had any trouble getting to all of it, though. He said she looks great, her color is great (no more slight jaundice at all). I found out what they do with the blood they did sample from the umbilical cord (after it stopped pulsing and was detached). They check blood type and for any problems it had with regards to my own blood. He also has blood gas levels checked. He says it is a more clear picture of health then APGAR which is subjective. Her levels were great!

He finally seemed concerned about my sciatica(?). I didn't use that term when I mentioned it, though. He agrees that it may just need some time for my body to readjust and that it may have gotten damaged during delivery (and pregnancy). He doesn't want to over-treat, though. So for now he suggested Motrin, as I saw fit - since he knows I don't like to take anything. He said I could continue to treat with ice as well as heat. If this doesn't help, he may refer me for physical therapy and/or chiropractic. If I'm still having this problem when I take Sasha back, I'll ask for a referral. I really don't want to be laid up like this when I return to work! Though if I have medical reason, my Short Term Disability pay can be extended. There is just no way I can spend 8 hours mostly on my feet while I have this pain.

TMI regarding Pelvic Rest )


Jul. 22nd, 2009 07:16 pm
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Got up at 3:00 (as opposed to 2:45 like I've been trying to do). I did the blood sugar thing, ate breakfast, and got ready for work. Worked 4-9:30 and came home for lunch. Did the blood sugar thing and ate. Got chicken out to thaw. Went back to work until 1:00. Came home, walked the 1-2 blocks to my motorcycle to drive it home and park it in my garage, now that I have one! The bike wouldn't start. Fuck. Cut fat off the chicken and marinade it.

Walk home, brush off the bike thing - don't let it upset me. I hang clothes that have been sitting in the laundry bag for a couple of days. Put several boxes into the closet that only need to be stored (photos, stationery, and my shoe shine kit). My mom shows up, so I put my clothes on and head to the Goodwill with her to look for maternity clothes. I tried on a TON of things. Left with 1 pair of maternity shorts, 1 dress, and 2 pairs of jammie pants. I do love jammie pants!

Came home, sorted dirty laundry and drove to Mom's to start a load of laundry and have a smoothie. Visited with Mom & Serena while Serena made smoothies (strawberries, bananas, and spinach with agave and OJ?) and while we drank them. They were the best batch yet! SOOO yummy!

Drove home and sat for close to an hour (did a little birth class homework with Elmo) before starting on dinner. I nearly fell asleep a few times. I also did some pelvic rocks (one of my Bradley Birth exercises) before getting up. Cooked butter & herb chicken and steamed corn for dinner. It was all delish! Sat for a little bit after dinner before I finally dragged myself off the floor to do the dishes (after emptying the dishwasher). Dishwasher is now loaded and the stove top is clean again. I'm already considering tomorrow's dinner dish. I may make BBQ chicken, we shall see.

All that... and 7 months pregnant. I am so fucking tired. Ugh. I still need to fetch my laundry before I go to bed. Sigh.

Tomorrow we see Dr. Fumia for the 4D U/S. I hope he sends pics home!
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This morning I got to pick up Serena for camp! She had my tie dye and it all looked just as gorgeous out of the dryer. So awesome! We headed off to camp. I got to introduce her to 1 or 2 people before we drove to the bottom of the hill. This was to be just the second trip I had made up the hill since (and including) Saturday. We settled into HQ just fine and she was helpful to have around. It was also great to get to show her off to my Day Camp Friends. No one doubted for a second that she was mine! We got to chow down on some "Puppy Chow" that was quite delish!

We headed down the hill and left camp early so we could head to my doctor appointment. Elmo hasn't been feeling well today, so he missed it. While sitting in the waiting room, Serena finally felt the baby move!! A lot!! In fact, as soon as she removed her hand from my belly, the baby stopped moving. lol I have a funny story about finding out the gender, but I'm not quite ready to post the results here yet... I want to tell some of you in person or at least by phone before I announce it via internet... so you have to wait.

We went by the apartment so I could change into motorcycle-friendly clothing & shoes. Then we went to Mom & Serena's (stopping to run a couple of short errands on the way) where she scanned my new U/S pics (I'll have them soon and likely update my pregnancy icon) and moved the motorcycle. The fence around her patio is soon to be repaired and (spray) painted. So... bike must be out of the over-spray zone!

We got those things done, said hello to Mom & Keith and headed back out again. After another stop at the apartment, where Serena finally got to see my pregnancy scrapbook, the two of us headed to Sam's. There we picked up a scrip for Elmo and a few other things we each needed. I even bought fake crab to split with / surprise Mom. It was, indeed, a surprise! :-D

Finally home to Elmo... who was already dozing on the couch and soon thereafter turned in for the night. I feel terrible that I only saw him in passing today (especially since he wasn't feeling well). I missed him.
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Oh. Mah. Gawd. So yesterday I got to see the baby via ultrasound again. The doc tried to determine the sex, but the baby was uncooperative. On the way home (after a couple of other stops), I was commenting on how many bikes were out. It truly was a gorgeous day. I've been meaning to move my bike to a different location for safer parking. Elmo suggested it was a good day for it. I couldn't agree more!

And so... let's see, I got placed on pelvic rest in early February. It was still wintery so I hadn't ridden much yet this year. It had been THAT long since I had ridden. Oh jeez, I could NOT stop grinning. I was about to explode by the time I reached my destination! I was SOOO excited to have ridden. I was worried I'd be rusty, but it all came back to me. No problem.

The doc admits that he is simply conservative when it comes to rock wall climbing and riding a motorcycle. So... that leaves it to Elmo and I. We're going camping this weekend and I know I'll really miss climbing... though I get out of breath SO easily on my own now... so we'll see. I think I'll sign my release form just in case and we'll see what we decide when it is time.

Oh, and as for wind in my hair... I actually wore my helmet. No wind in my hair. Fabulous none the less!!
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When I leave work and the sun is out and the weather feels gorgeous, it just puts me in a good mood. I want to feel the wind in my hair. It makes me smile. So I get in my lil manual transmission car, roll my window down, and crank up the radio. It is fun to drive and I show up at home (or wherever) just shining happy!

But then after more time on the road I see more and more and more motorcycles and it breaks my heart a little. I was still in a good mood, but I sure miss riding. Just over 1 more week before my next appointment. Hopefully the doc will release me from pelvic rest, including the bike! I know he wants a Harley, so one part of me hopes that will help sway him, but I know that really it comes down to the safety of the baby and I trust that the doc won't compromise that for a joy ride.

Also, I saw geese flying in the other day. Spring is nearly here!
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I am NOT thankful for the mother fucking asshat that hit my fucking bike! Someone hit my bike (as in Harley Davidson Dyna Superglide) and knocked it over. I could understand if the parking lot was icy, but it wasn't! At all! WTF?!

We got it stood back up just fine and the primary isn't leaking. My custom pipes and handle are scuffed pretty bad. The right pegs were both forced up and I can't seem to get the front one back down, so I can't move (or drive) the bike. Argh! I was just thinking of riding it to work tomorrow when I remembered that.

See, I am thankful for my new chaps. While at my dad's place for Giftmas, my BIL asked if I was still riding my scooter. I answered that I lost my chaps in the divorce (Jenny was just letting me use them). My step mother gave me her high-dollar, very nice, Harley Davidson chaps! They don't fit me as tight as Jenny's did, but then I don't need them for a fashion show, I want them for keeping me warm! They are great!

But I have to muscle that friggin' peg back down before I can go ride. Sigh.
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You know those motivational posters they put up at work places and crap? Well Despair.com has some really awesome anti-motivational posters. Now they have a section where you can upload your OWN photo and make your own (Anti)Motivational Poster. My Motorcycle Safety Course instructor made or found a bunch of them. They are awesome!

So here's the first couple... )

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One of my instructors from the Motorcycle Safety Course found me on MySpace and contacted me. That was cool. I plan to ride out to the course sometime and say hello.

Yesterday I finally made the Haskell route. I picked up Hwy 51 at county line and took it out to Hwy 72 South to Haskell. From there, I took Hwy 64 through Leonard and Bixby to Riverside Drive. I zig-zagged through downtown and took 244 to 169 back home. The route took longer than I thought it would, but it was so wonderful! As I pulled into the parking lot at home, my odometer rolled over 1000 since I started keeping track of my personal miles. I did ride some miles before those that were practice, but officially 1000 miles now. I was so excited to see it and surprised to cut it so close as I got home. I'm looking forward to Million Mile Monday!

I think I only rode about 80 or so miles yesterday. It was a perfect day for it. I had a farmer's tan from a previous day of riding, so I slapped some sunblock on just the tanned part and went. I don't guess I realized how long I'd be out, because now I have reverse farmer's burn! Sheesh. I'll just have to go whole-hog on the sun block the rest of the summer I guess... and hope my lines even out.


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