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We tried to watch Due Date last night. Yes, I said tried. No, the baby wasn't too much distraction. The movie simply sucked. We watched for probably 20 minutes and aside from the entire theme being done to death already, the movie was just not. that. funny. We couldn't get through it. We finally gave up and watched Scrubs instead.
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I watched Paranormal Activity yesterday. It wasn't nearly as scary as they made it out to be! And if they really wanted it to look like a documentary film, they shouldn't have included an "alternate ending." The movie kept my interest and I was able to just let go of realism and go with the movie for a while. It was fun and it held my attention, but it wasn't a movie I felt I'll want to watch twice. We're already sending it back to NetFlix.
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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard was a hilarious movie. We both really enjoyed it. Very cute. And we're fans of Jeremy Piven.

The Proposal was very cute. I'm fond of both the leading actors and the movie was a cute little romantic comedy. It was pretty much what you'd expect, I think.

2012 was better than I expected it to be. I'm a fan of John Cusack and it was interesting to see an aging Amanda Peet, too. (So she's only a year older than me - I saw her in lots of "younger" movies.) I appreciated the... statement on humanity. Oh, and we love Woody Harrelson!
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Zombieland - a new household favorite. I can not tell you how many times we have watched this movie and it just has not gotten old! We each have favorite scenes that we specifically like to catch (pull the trigger or hitch a ride?), but the entire movie is really cute. This is a must-own movies and we can't wait to get it on DVD (without Dutch subtitles).

The Haunting in Connecticut - was pretty good. It was a little predictable, but most movies seem to be these days. I thought the ending was predictably American, but then it is based on a true story (so who can you blame?).

I Love You, Man - we loved this movie! It was terribly amusing and there is something endearing about seeing someone else trying too hard... obviously. Come on, you know you've been there.


Oct. 11th, 2009 07:26 am
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Some friends came over last night. They hadn't seen them in SOO long! They brought a movie... and Yoohoos! So once we'd all had dinner and Veronica went back upstairs to play video games, we settled in to watch Deadgirl. This was a movie on our list of movies to see. We were so excited to see that they brought it! Elmo ditched his raid online as soon as he saw it. lol

Anyway, the movie was pretty darned good and now we have it in our collection. Yay! It wasn't nearly as disturbing as I thought it might be... but still good! :-)


Sep. 11th, 2009 04:26 am
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We went to see 9 at Starworld 20 yesterday. I haven't been out to that theater in a few years. It has gone down hill a bit! Anyway, the movie was good... but not great. It wasn't quite the epic film I think we were expecting it to be after watching the previews. It was cute yet I can see why some people in the parental advisory comments said it might be a bit harsh at times.

It did make for a great distraction from the start of my day.

District 9

Aug. 23rd, 2009 04:04 am
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We went to see District 9 yesterday. I was short on sleep, but I don't think I've ever fallen asleep in a theater. The movie was slow getting started, I was getting worried... nearly fell asleep a few times, but then it finally managed to grab my attention. Once it had me, it didn't let go. That movie will keep your attention and is a little bit of an emotional roller coast, too. We enjoyed it and now we want to know if there will be a sequel.

Yes, there was some possibly non-logical science in there. There were plenty of questions left unanswered. But mostly, we want to see what happens next!
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We had a low-key celebration of togetherness for our first Valentine's Day together. We agreed not to purchase gifts as we've had some unexpected expenses lately that also resulted in lost work time (namely: my hospital visits). However, we came up with a plan, too!

Veronica went to my mom's for a visit. I pre-purchased tickets for an early showing of Friday the 13th. I planned the timing as such that we would be ready for lunch after the lunch rush. The original plan was to use our Hideaway gift card for Giftmas, but Elmo suggested we try Dave & Busters. The movie was good. D&B's parking lot was packed and there were plenty of people waiting for tables, but we went right to the bar and got seats. I had heard that the service left something to be desired, but with 5 bartenders, we were all set! We both had fried shrimp and seasoned fries. The food was good. We went with a deal that included $10 game cards. We wandered around the arcade, stopping to play a couple of games. Then we settled on Super Trivia. It was fun. The game has 5 seats in front of it!

We won lots of tickets, so we went shopping in the little prize store. I got a Share Bear, which seemed very fitting for Valentine's Day. Elmo got a mini bat... we like it. <grin> And we picked up Chinese Fingercuffs in purple for Veronica. It was kind of lame, but at least she got something.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to fall asleep. I finally drifted off somewhere around 5:00 or 5:30. I got up at 7:00(ish) to figure out dinner. Veronica and I went shopping together and sat down to a quiet dinner together at the table. Then I realized it was 10:30!! So after a little time to let our tummies settle and some cookies, we headed to bed.
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In honor of yesterday, my wish was more time in a day. We're heading into cookie season and while I have drastically reduced my responsibilities, I will still be pretty busy. Add that I need to pick up a tire from my dad. I had Veronica for a visit yesterday. We went to PetCo and set up a field trip for our troop. We went and looked around Party America, but they haven't put the stuff out that I want yet.

I did manage to set aside time to watch a movie that is due back today. We sat down (as opposed to staying at the computers) and watched The Notebook. Elmo warned / advised me that I might cry at the end. I don't feel awkward doing this in front of him (yay) and he understands that I occasionally just need a good cry. Movies are a great way to cry without any personal emotional investment. I wasn't particularly feeling a need to cry, but I have been wanting to see this movie... and it is due back today.

So... yes, I cried. And then I bawled. And then I cried a little more. Good movie. 'Nuff said.

If you'd like to send me more time in a day, you may ship that here.
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So my new friend, [ profile] madbodger, sent me Green Porno in the mail from Virginia after we talked about it online. IMDB says that there were 3 episodes, but I don't think so.

Here is the description someone offered to IMDB:

The birds and the bees - without birds. A compilation of eight short films dramatizing the sex life and mating habits of eight home and garden creatures: bee, fly, mantis, dragonfly, firefly, spider, snail, and worm. In each segment, a costumed actor plays the part of an animal, offering both narration and dramatization of its body, its organs, and their functions in reproduction. Animals mate, some die in the process, and species continue. The script and actions emphasize wit and humor while facts remain straightforward.

The show is really quite odd... in a wonderful, weird way! LOL I am a fan of Isabella Rossellini... and bug porn. So, yeah... loved the shorts!

So after seeing the reference to three episodes, I googled it. I found that the show is available, in its entirety, online!! Check it out on the Sundance Channel site!

Not only that, they offer a QUIZ!

This would be even funnier to you if you were familiar with the mating habits of the Praying Mantis... which you would be if you watch Green Porno!

Thanks again, [ profile] madbodger!!

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Zombie Strippers - awesome zombie movie! The first 10 minutes are kind of lame, but then the movie is great. Yes, you get to see full frontal nudity. Yes, this movie stars Jenna Jameson the porn star. The movie is very funny, though. If you're a zombie movie fan, you gotta see this movie! We just watched it for the second time!

Thanks [ profile] nicfit23!! You are so not getting this CD back! lol


Nov. 4th, 2008 03:55 am
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Yesterday afternoon we watched The Nutty Professor. I had seen this one (or most of it) before. Its an okay movie. It is definitely one of those movies that you can watch while you do something else. You might miss a funny bit, but you won't get lost on the plot. The same goes for Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. We watched most of it in the afternoon (I watched from my computer) and finished it when I got home from my GS Leader meeting. It was just as I expected, another movie that doesn't require your full attention. No worries of losing the plot here.

I hadn't realized Janet Jackson had done any average movie roles like this. I couldn't help but think she must have been dating Eddie Murphy at the time. Speaking of which, I remember when it was so amazing that Eddie Murphy played all the parts in his movies. Now it doesn't seem so impressive. Its old hat. But then this movie wasn't exactly fresh off the presses, either.

NaBloPoMo - so far, so good.


Nov. 2nd, 2008 03:02 pm
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Today (so far), we watched House of the Dead and then House of the Dead 2. They were fairly awful. The first one especially. It was cheesy, though. So if you like cheesy zombie flicks... this might be just the movie for you, too! Elmo has a collection of Zombie movies, they're his favorite. The second movie was not so cheesy... it was a decent zombie flick. It just had a minimal tie-in with the previous movie. Oh! And let's not forget: Sid Haig (I) has a small role in it! So if you're a big fan, that's certainly an attraction. I just get excited when I catch him in another flick.

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We watched Resident Evil - it was good. I was totally ready to pop in the next one. So we immediately watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse. That was the one I had seen before. It was still good. Right after that, we watched Resident Evil: Extinction. I was disappointed that Jill was missing, but otherwise it was good, too. I want to see the fourth one... when are they making that one? The second one came out 2 years after the first. Then the third one was three years after that.

Last night we watched Return to House on Haunted Hill. That was a good flick, too. I liked that it took a different twist on the first movie, it wasn't just people trying to get out.

Now... time for some Warcraft... or maybe some breakfast...


Nov. 1st, 2008 08:19 am
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We recently watched Jeepers Creepers I and 2. I had seen maybe half of Jeepers Creepers. It was pretty good, as scary movies go. There was some very typical theme stuff, like a brother and sister on the road in the middle of nowhere together, but I liked that the bad guy was very different from other movies. He was original. I liked the second one alright, too, but it really bugged me that the bad guy always looked so WET. I don't remember him looking that wet in the first movie (and we had JUST watched it).

Last night we watched House on Haunted Hill. That one was pretty good, too, a fun little horror flick. I certainly want to see Return to House on Haunted Hill.

Some horror flicks I can't watch at night... unless I'm game for some nightmares. I don't really even mind nightmares too much, it's kind of like... an emotional ride. Sometimes it kind of fucks me up for a while after I wake up, though. Elmo figured House on Haunted Hill was not one of those movies that would give me nightmares. He was right. It isn't too much of a psychological thriller and it isn't a feasible plot.

Now we're watching Resident Evil. I think I've seen the third one. The movie is certainly good enough that it keeps distracting me from this entry. I think I'll go sit in the living room and watch it now.


Oct. 14th, 2008 03:46 am
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Yesterday we went to see Quarantine. There was a Motion Sickness warning posted at the box office. Greaaat. I am NOT a big fan of steady-cam. That is the entire reason I never saw Cloverfield. The movie was not bad, though... pretty good actually. So then we rented Cloverfield and watched it at home. Also not a bad movie. I really liked how the recording was recorded over other footage, so it would occasionally cut out to that... and how that reminds you what the hell they're doing in the first place. We also watched Pulse 2... which had very little to do with Pulse, but was still an alright movie. The cinematograghy was really strange, though... like the entire movie was filmed in front of a green screen.

We also rented The Departed, but we haven't watched it yet. I have seen it before and it is a good movie. I remember reading the interview with Jack Nicholson about how very bad his character in this movie is and thinking that I had to see it. This weekend, we must see Max Payne! The previews represent this movie as being VERY pretty! I've been looking forward to the release for weeks.


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