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Whoever said "Don't cry over spilled milk" didn't produce it themselves. I had gotten one bottle ahead, but one bottle got dropped tonight. So now I'm back to pumping exactly what we need pretty close to when she needs it. Sigh.

I forgot to bring milk home on my lunch break, too. So I had to come back with it later. It sucked to come home for 2 seconds!

I had a consultation appointment with an OB/Gyn today regarding Essure (Hystroscopic Sterilization - a form of permanent birth control). The appointment was easy and now I make the appointment for the procedure. They do it right in the office. My insurance insists they offer me anesthesia, but it isn't necessary. If I did have it, I would only be asleep for 5 minutes. Seems ridiculous. They also have to prepare the uterus sometimes. The doctor thinks mine is probably fine, since I haven't had a period in so long (December 2008) and am breastfeeding. He often gives women a Depo-Provera shot (3 month hormonal birth control). I got the shot once before and believe it is the reason I went for 7 years without achieving orgasm. Needless to say, I do not want to get that shot! Ironically, Viagra fixed that problem and both products are made by Pfizer.

Work tonight was crazy. I was just all over the building all night long. My feet hurt. I also had a headache off and on today. It was exacerbated and possibly even caused by looking down at Sasha. That isn't cool.

I was all chatty when I got home, so I told Sasha and Elmo some bits from my day, but then Elmo headed up to bed. He had a migraine today. I wish I could have stayed home with Sasha so he didn't have to take care of her with a migraine.

Oh, and I've been meaning to call Veronica. Her dad took her to feed the homeless with the rest of her GS troop on Friday night. I wanted to hear how it went. I called her this evening and she said it was fun. All the Junior GS got to get the drinks ready and take the food out to the people. I also let her know that Grandpa is going to come get her for a cookout on Sunday. Now that I don't get to see her as often, I want to call her just to talk. And I want her to realize she can call me just to talk, too! I kept telling her that when I first moved out, but she doesn't call. I was only calling to discuss schedules, but it was cool to talk to her this evening. I miss her. I am enjoying my new schedule, except for how much it jacks up my visitation.
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Sasha had her 2 week checkup today. Sasha weight 8 lbs, 3 oz, so she is growing well! She is also... 21 inches, I think. On my list of questions was thrush, but I figured I might just be paranoid. Veronica had thrush. Sasha's tongue is white, but she hasn't really had any other matching symptoms. Our doctor took one look in her mouth and immediately said Thrush. I guess we caught it pretty early and this might explain why she has had some trouble getting so sleep sometimes lately. He usually treats thrush with Nystatin. Veronica was treated with Nystatin, but about 10-15 minutes after treatment, she would cry inconsolably for half an hour! So I was told to nurse her (to rinse her mouth) after 10 minutes. Only problem was, the medicine couldn't fix the problem because it wasn't sitting long enough. Next we tried Gentian Violet which STAINS. It worked great! So, our doctor was supportive of our choice to treat Sasha with GV as well.

I believe I also have a yeast infection (thrush is yeast in the mouth), so our doctor gave me a scrip for it. I've filled the scrip, but the papers say it is excreted in breastmilk, so I have a call in to the doctor to ask... WTF?

The doctor was not concerned about Sasha's umbilical cord, which has still not detached. It has started to bleed occasionally. He just wants us to continue treating with alcohol and bring Sasha back for a 1 month check up in a couple of weeks. I am to apply slight traction in the opposite direction as needed to reach all of the cord with the alcohol. I've not had any trouble getting to all of it, though. He said she looks great, her color is great (no more slight jaundice at all). I found out what they do with the blood they did sample from the umbilical cord (after it stopped pulsing and was detached). They check blood type and for any problems it had with regards to my own blood. He also has blood gas levels checked. He says it is a more clear picture of health then APGAR which is subjective. Her levels were great!

He finally seemed concerned about my sciatica(?). I didn't use that term when I mentioned it, though. He agrees that it may just need some time for my body to readjust and that it may have gotten damaged during delivery (and pregnancy). He doesn't want to over-treat, though. So for now he suggested Motrin, as I saw fit - since he knows I don't like to take anything. He said I could continue to treat with ice as well as heat. If this doesn't help, he may refer me for physical therapy and/or chiropractic. If I'm still having this problem when I take Sasha back, I'll ask for a referral. I really don't want to be laid up like this when I return to work! Though if I have medical reason, my Short Term Disability pay can be extended. There is just no way I can spend 8 hours mostly on my feet while I have this pain.

TMI regarding Pelvic Rest )
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I didn't want to get up this morning. Not really. I didn't hate the idea, I just wanted to put it off. Mom texted me early, but she had forgotten that I go in later on Mondays. Then she got worried when I didn't respond.

Anyway, it was a mostly average Monday at work. Plenty to do, but low stress. My dad showed up to pick up some scrap metal. I am such a dork. I was thrilled to have him come see my workplace. I have my own personal "muscle" on Mondays since there aren't as many people around to flag down to move heavy stuff. I loaned my muscle (Travis) to Dad to load the scrap metal.

I called Lourdes and explained my question and why it was so pressing. I ran to pick up lunch and took an interesting pic of a full size van converted into a trailer. The front axle had been removed and replaced with a tow hitch. I'll post pics later, though.

I got caught up on my friends page. By the time I left work I was really tired. I hadn't heard back from Lourdes, though, so I headed to the doc's office. I got there before she was back from lunch. I got there at nearly 1:30. Then there was the wait for the doctor to return from his rounds at the hospital (which is thankfully on the premises). While waiting, I read my Basic Manual for my camera and took a couple of shots. I also dozed off a few times.

I didn't get my answer until about 2:30. It was good news, though! Lourdes said I safe. She laughed and said to be careful (I had explained that it has been since early February). I could not get out of there fast enough! I raced home and had a quick shower. And... feel MUCH better now!! I got a little teary eyed afterward. It was such a release. It was so wonderful to reconnect physically. We have cuddled plenty, but there is no real replacement for sex. Sigh.

I can't tell you how glad I am to have my genitals back in my life! lol
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Today I am thankful for my Mini Wanachi! (Link is not work safe.) 'Nuff said.


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