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I am suckin' on this challenge, sorry Byn! I even have a sticky note on my computer. Some days I don't think I've done it, but get on and I already did. Then other days I don't even think of it.

I like my response to health issues with Sasha. I worry, yes. I freak out a little sometimes, yes. But I also research and find someone with some answers if I don't have them. BTW, Sasha seems to be suffering from Roseola right now, but she is past the "suffering" part and is just covered with a rash.

  1. I am thankful that Sasha just seems to have Roseola and nothing more serious.

  2. I am thankful for our new ginormous television my brother passed along to us.

  3. I am thankful for the free spider babies we got a while back. They are fun to watch, feed, etc.
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Today was finally the day for the Oklahoma Reptile Expo! Elmo and I both had trouble sleeping last night due to excitement! We got up too early this morning and eventually gathered up the girls to go to breakfast. Then it was a stop by Target before we headed to the hotel hosting the expo. We went in the front door... won't do that again! We were sent upstairs and then "just keep going" down a hall. We walked with a bunch of Asian people toward a room with very loud music. An Asian woman was in the hall, shaking hands with everyone that walked by... except us. It was apparently chuch... and not for Anglo folk. We even walked through a part of the hallway with NO lights! Eventually we discovered that there was, indeed, a back door close to the expo itself. We chose that for our exit later.

I had been concerned that the Reptile expo might not offer any spiders. I emailed the guy that puts on the event, but never heard back from him. When I talked with him today, he felt certain he had replied. I check my spam folder, but I'll check again.

We walked into the expo and immediately spotted 3 tarantulas. I was SO excited already! We walked around the outer circle, then the inner circle. I found someone selling log hides and asked her about mold on them. I was appreciative of her expertise and advise. There were only 2 vendors with tarantulas, but the other one had a lot to choose from. Both vendors offered good deals.

Sasha got restless, so we all went into the hallway for a break. Sasha had a little milk and then ran around free for a bit with Tyler. It was a nice open space. Meanwhile, Elmo & I discussed what we wanted to actually purchase and how much we would have to spend to get habitats all set for them. We had some stuff at home, but not everything we needed.

Elmo got 1 Theraphosa blondi (Goliath Birdeater) and 1 Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest Scorpion). The Goliath is a juvenile, so we do not know the sex. It is maybe 2-3 inches now, but will eventually get to 12-15 inches! We didn't think to ask the sex of the scorpion, but we're pretty sure it is full grown. It looked so much bigger when we got it out of the little deli cup! I got 1 juvenile Avicularia versicolor (Antilles Pinktoe) which is the first really exotic (read: colorful) species with which I fell in love. I also got 1 juvenile Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly Hair) which intrigued me, especially when the vendor said that they are the most docile and friendly tarantulas he's ever seen. They will crawl right out onto your hand!

For those trying to keep count, you can see our collection listed at [ profile] mallorysmithi (profile page), which is dedicated to my very first tarantula. I will mention, though, that this Curly Hair is the 2nd Brachypelma species I've got now.

The vendor had some other species that we had wanted to find, but they sold yesterday. :-( We'd still like to attend the KC Reptile Show sometime, which is ONLY on Sundays so we should have better luck. The vendor that had so much for us today is from there, so he would have much more to offer at that show... or we could just go to his store!
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Looking for something creepy crawly to do this weekend? Well the Oklahoma Reptile Expo is happening! You can find out more at It's only $5 for adults and $3 for kids aged 6-12. That is cheaper than the zoo!

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Sasha has just started walking backwards!

My employer has changed insurance companies, as of January 1. We are really hoping our doctor takes whatever this new company is!

Tyler had an F in a class, but was able to turn in a lost / found assignment and now has an A again.

There was something else about Sasha, but I forget.

A plan is in place for me to quit my 2nd job by the end of November. I plan to put November's extra income into savings and then I'll have it for Giftmas or whatever, but mostly to show myself that I can survive November without it.

I sometimes sit Sasha on the big toilet front-ways lately. She does just fine. I just place her depending on her whim. If she won't sit backward, I try frontward. She only likes to pee in her BBLP if Daddy is peeing in the big toilet at the same time.

The guest toilet in my new apartment backs up just about every time its used! We now own FOUR plungers! I've had maintenance out to unclog (plunge or snake) it numerous times. I've literally forgotten how many! So... they've ordered a replacement toilet for us! One arrived, but it was broken during shipping.

Speaking of the apartment, I hate my dishwasher! It is ancient! It doesn't do a great job, so I wind up washing everything before I wash it! Also, all the tines are bent and many are missing the rubber layer over them (already ruined a pan in there). Some tines are missing altogether! It recently started leaking! So... maintenance is getting us a new dishwasher because this one has rusted out in the bottom. Yay!

Just as I wondered what could be wrong with my oven (so I can get it replaced, too)... It is as old as the dishwasher, for starters. However, it bakes just fine, if a little fast. The burners are a little crooked, but the larger front burner is really crooked. It also disconnects on its own. So when you turn it on you have to bump it back into place to connect. When Elmo did that, though, it shocked him! So... perhaps a new oven soon, too. Wonder how much my rent will go up when our lease ends!

Sasha's new game tonight is for me to balance stuff on her head! Oh! And the other Sasha thing was that she has learned the push-Mommy-over game (thanks to Mommy) and loves it. This started out after diaper changes, I'd pull her up to a seated position and fall back myself. Now she'll actually push me.

We are really looking forward to the Oklahoma Reptile Show this weekend! We're hoping to find some new tarantulas. Plus we have Tyler this weekend, so she gets to go with us!
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• I want to make a post about the trends of my period of late, but I haven't had time yet.

• I... already lost track of what all I was going to say here because I have too much going on right now.

• I have baby fever, but don't have another pregnancy in the works / plans just yet.

• I'm spending some time quite worried about finances right now while still recovering from utilities at the old place and dealing with hospital costs from my surgery. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems like it get further and further away.

• Keeps (off / on) wanting to make more time for socializing, but hasn't yet.

• Misses some things from pre-baby times, but am really happy with parenthood with my husband.

• Would really like to travel to Florida and maybe Denver, but find that we're too "instant gratification" to save up for such things.

• Got Tyler in for her Eye Exam and I feel accomplished for finally getting that done. I still need to get her back in to see a Dentist and get Sasha in for her first Dental visit, too.

• I keep wanting to get back to healthy eating habits, but don't feel like I'm succeeding. That is making it difficult to keep Sasha on healthy foods, too. I do have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house as well as organic snacks for her. I just had Ensure for dinner. Its a little easier to eat healthy when I'm sharing a meal with Sasha.

• I'm trying to stay under the radar at work. So far, so good.

• I haven't spoken to my mother lately and that is bugging me, but I can't seem to find a convenient time to chat on the phone these days.

• I feel like my mother and I are closest when I'm pregnant. I wonder if that is playing into my Baby Fever. I think it has a bit to do with my being an Attention Whore. Being pregnant puts a lot of focus on me so that is one reason I like being pregnant. I do like myself pregnant, though, I appreciate the way it makes healthier choices not even an option but a must. I also want another baby with my husband, in case you were worried that it is all about the pregnancy and none about the end "product."

• I have some concerns about Tyler, but really appreciate the open line of communication Jenny and I are sharing about Tyler right now. I told Jenny years ago that if anything happened to me, she was my choice for a "replacement." Little did we know...

• Still really want to get my photography going again and to have my old camera cleaned. I never did get it done. At least I got a battery charger for it, though!

• I still want to get a decent GPS unit and take up geocache... in my spare time!

• I'm excited that Elmo has taken an interest in tarantulas and we're looking forward to attending The Oklahoma Reptile Expo!

• Sasha is asleep, so I think I'll go drag her to bed while I have the chance!
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Got up this morning and got ready... We went to breakfast. Then to Target for Portraits! See the new icon? I'll post pics soon. Then to Southern Agriculture to talk to the guy that orders the tarantulas and to get crickets. Then to Walmart for groceries. Home for a bit... Out to get Tyler from school. Took Tyler to have her eye exam and pick out new glasses. Came home for a bit. Then took the girls to Tyler's first GS meeting of the year, mostly to discuss what they want to do this year. Troop is smaller this year, though that isn't really a bad thing. Took Tyler home, then came home to tell Elmo goodnight. Sasha waited up to poop, but I think she is working on sleep now.

Doesn't seem that busy now that I type it out, but it sure seemed that way as I was living it!

I'll have to tell you about the Elmo toy when I post the pics!
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Once Sasha got up this morning, she got to help Mommy a little in the kitchen. I made French Toast and Scrambled Eggs. Daddy made Sausage. Sasha started with an appetizer of cantaloupe, which she also rubbed on her toes! lol She actually got a glass plate for her own breakfast! She did pretty well with the plate until she was done eating. Daddy gave Sasha her Elmo toy gift from him. She liked it very much and carried it around for a while and several times later in the day as well.

I thought Sasha was ready for a nap after that, but she didn't take her "morning nap" until 1 o'clock. I was making her cupcakes when she went down. I also gave her the Baby Doll gift from me. We wound up with 30 cupcakes! I iced most of them while she was sleeping, but left a couple plain. I also got a shower while she slept. Then she woke up and I took her in for a shower. We had fun playing with the water. Then I let her eat part of a plain cupcake in my lap before getting ready to leave.

Trimmed to an LJ Cut for length, you know how I ramble! )

Overall, a good low-key birthday.
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So last night the temperature got down pretty low (compared to recently). So this morning, the guys at work found a huge Oklahoma Brown Tarantula on the wall in the warehouse! Knowing I'm such a spider (esp. tarantula) freak, I couple of people sent me pictures of it. Someone was even trying to catch it for me!

I got my largest cage out of the closet, rinsed it, and put some fresh substrate in it. On my way to work it occurred to me that I probably should have taken something to catch the spider since I didn't know if they'd caught it or not. I got to work and Lia immediately took me out to the dock to find it with me. This is funny because she has arachnophobia. On our way out, we saw the cleaning guy and he asked if we were looking for it (I was, after all, carrying a cage). He pointed across the building to an Exit sign. The black spot on the top right corner? That is the spider! Holy cow, we could see it from across the warehouse! "Huge!" I thought. We got over to it and I backed a tugger up to the wall so I could stand on it. I put the cage up against the side of the Exit sign and slid the spider into it using the lid. I had caught it in about 2 seconds! No problem! And, it was NOT that big! Turned out to be an adult male, so he is small.

Courtney said Kelsey was the one who claimed it was as large as his fist (and he is not a small guy). When he got back from lunch and looked at my new pet, he said it wasn't the same one! He said this one is half the size! We referred back to pictures and sure enough... the one Kelsey had seen was a larger one, most likely a female! Lia and I (and then some other folks) went back out to hunt, but she was gone. I need to take all my gear to work, though. As fall blows into town, we'll likely see more of them!

I was SO giddy! And lots of people had questions about spiders and tarantulas. I love to talk about them! So it made for a great day!

I've had an Oklahoma Brown before and am keeping this little guy in the same cage. [ profile] lisamoe let her sons catch "Special K" for me. I haven't named this new one yet... and I'm open to suggestions!
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I took the girls to the alternate site for Eagle Valley Day Camp today (the weather was not suitable for on-site camp). Tyler sometimes had issues with the other girls in her unit. Sasha loved camp! She liked the attention she got from the women and she had a blast eating lunch on the floor with the other little ones. We hung out with the combo pre-k and pre-school unit. They were just merged for the day or for the alternate site. She did take a couple of naps, but got worn out enough that she went down for the night by 7 o'clock. That is a full 3-4 hours before her normal bed time! I am dreading morning since I'm not in bed yet.

Also, I gave her a new vegetable tonight. We had Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers: Basil Vegetable Medley. She has had carrots and cauliflower before, so the new flavor was green beans. She did fine with the medley, but I think she liked the garlic she tried before better. I thought the Basil was rather bland.

Tomorrow I'll be presenting my pet tarantulas to the girls at camp... 40+ girls, though they will be separated into smaller groups. Here's hoping I don't have a nervous breakdown trying to protect my babies!
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Sasha peed in Gran's potty last week. Tonight I took her to potty. The first time, nothing (just like last week). After a minute, she seemed kind of upset, even starting to cry. I took her again later and she cried before I even got her to the potty. I think there was something in the bathroom upsetting her, but I don't know what. Mind you, she was much more aware of everything tonight. She was looking all around, taking everything in. She even noticed the cat and dog tonight! She was merely interested (not really excited), though the cat did upset her when she stared her down. heh
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I'm tired. I am not sure if I'm legitimately not getting enough rest or if it is 3rd trimester fatigue or even Gestational Diabetes. Mom (& Serena, I hope) are taking me on Monday for my 3-hour Glucose Test. I've been advised that I may NOT leave the building and that, in fact, I will not be allowed out of sight of the lab techs. Wow! Do you think they have much problem with pregnant women cheating their GD tests? I mean, it is in the baby's best interest to know if you have it and take appropriate measures to reduce the chances of side effects.

I am so proud of Elmo. He came to work Tues - Thur. It nearly killed him to do it each day. Today is Friday and he just couldn't do it again. He comes to work and is hurting so bad by the time the sort is over. So he has been working short days on some days. Then he goes home and takes something for the pain and is knocked out. Then he can't sleep at night, so he is overly tired when it is time to go to work. I feel for him. But he has been back all week and his previous absence is "excused" I guess, so they are considering this his first of three allowed unexcused absences. Still... I worry about him. Ten more days and he will have been trying to pass this stone for two months. Mom gave me a suggestion of where else (medical) to take him that wouldn't charge. I've been so busy with move stuff, though... I haven't tried to get him an appointment. I am sure a part of me just hopes he'll pass it anyway and that will be the end of it. If not sooner, I'll be making arrangements after we get moved... though I know we'll then be busy unpacking. We don't have a lot of stuff, so we should do pretty well.

My brother is also going to be moving closer to my mom. I'm looking forward to having us all so close together AND I'll be closer to Veronica, which was also part of the point. I'll be in a better neighborhood, too, so I just feel like she'll be safer when she is with me.

We're moving in 5 days. Yow!

My mother needs a better phone. Anyone have an old phone they don't use anymore? I'm positive that any old phone any one of my friends has lieing around would be better than the hunk of junk phone my mother is using. It needs to be compatible with T-Mobile, but I can check on that myself.

Today we're taking both of Elmo's cats to an in-home pet rescue sort of place. This girl offered to take them for us. Our new lease doesn't even allow for a pet deposit. They do NOT allow pets. We didn't know this until we went to sign the lease. I have been worried that Elmo would regret getting rid of Sam, but he really gave it a lot of thought. He worries a lot about the cats tripping me and later tripping our toddler. Sam really has been running over to get in front of me when I come out of our room, so it is a valid concern.

We watched Knowing last night. We liked it. spoiler warning )

In totally other news, the last few times I've seen Joe he has seemed... off. Like something is weighing on him or he could simply be avoiding eye contact. I'm a little worried about him, but totally understand that it is none of my business. I texted him a Happy Birthday note on his birthday, but never heard anything back. Meanwhile, Britt is actually speaking to me (pleasantly, even!) lately. That has been a pleasant change.

I think that just about covers it. No wonder I felt the need to purge all that... there was plenty to say!
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Cross-posted to [ profile] tulsatime

We have to move soon and just can not take this cat with us. She is an orange Persian. She is shy at first, but once she warms up is a loving companion. She isn't needy, though. She can be a little skiddish. She has all of her claws, but doesn't claw the furniture. She has only been kept as an indoor cat and she is not current on rabies shots. She has no health problems.

Anyone looking for or have room for a loving little princess? Please comment or contact me on LJ.

See her behind the cut )
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I didn't sleep very well (again) last night. I'm sure the pregnancy can be blamed, but still... I thought I'd get my strange dream(s) posted...

I woke up several times and so waking became part of the dream, too...

Elmo & I were sleeping next to each other (exactly as we actually were), but we were inside a large cave... not sure if we were on our bed or just cave floor. Across the room (past our feet) was the man that played Steven Keaton on Family Ties. He was sleeping, too... just behind some grouping of stalagmites. I woke, sat up slightly, and looked over toward him and saw a large dog run off to my left from there. I worried about his wellbeing as this large dog had just come from where he was sleeping. I was trying to ask if he was alright. The dog(s) came back a few times and I shooed them away with a small rubber flogger (which I bought last Saturday). The dog was approaching me now, but was easily scared off. Suddenly the dog coming to bother me was Choopy (Veronica's dog - it still lives at the house with her). I started shooing him away, but then realized he was simply begging to go outside. I finally got up to take him out, fumbling around about how I should grab clothes or at least a robe. I noticed he was about to just shit the floor, so I rushed him to the front door of the apartment (that's right - no more cave) and let him out. He went right down the stairs to the grass. A bag lady was walking around the corner with a grocery basket of stuff (not groceries). I worried that Choopy might not come back after he crapped, but as soon as he was done I praised him and called to him and he came right back up the stairs.

Elmo & I woke and I told him about part of the dream. He said the actor's name (that played Steven Keaton) was Texas something. sidenote: In my dream he was right, though it was actually Michael Gross. Gross also played in the Tremors series of movies, which we watched together a month or two ago. I said I think Texas died recently. I seemed to recall seeing it posted here or somewhere.

All through the night, as I woke (I think), I had one line of a song running through my head over and over again. It continued until we listened to the radio on the way to work. The song line was "I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you" from the AT&T commercial. It was just the one line, though slight variations (read: wrong versions) of it.

Then Elmo and I actually woke up. I told him about the dream on the way to work. He was surprised at the amount of detail I recalled. I think it helped that I kept actually waking up, and that I was telling the tale so early in the morning.

I always dream strange things. This one was just... somehow extra weird because I dreamt I kept waking and I really kept waking. Bizarre how it all blurred together.
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Nikki (Serena) has 3 cats. That was not the plan. )

My weekend was so stressful that it totally took my mind off my worries about what I will do about living arrangements. I couldn't even maintain excitement over my upcoming doctor appointment for Monday afternoon!
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I changed out the substrate (dirt) for one of my pet tarantulas the other day. I had never held Chaos. She was VERY calm... after she stopped attacking the paintbrush I use to nudge the spiders.

Meanwhile, Anansi has a bald butt. I suspect it was fumes in the linen closet where they were staying or perhaps just because I had the two habitats right next to each other. Either way, I want to give her some time to destress before I mess with her habitat. I even had a scare where I thought she was dead. They aren't going back into the linen closet, just in case. And they aren't being set right next to each other any more, either. They are both eating well, though, so thats a good sign.

Chaos seemed so small once she was in my hand... they're both very big girls, though. I hope Anansi gets back to normal and/or moults soon so I can feel ok holding her again.


Feb. 14th, 2007 03:17 pm
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My baby has changed so much!

Here is Anansi a year ago.

Here is Anansi last night; four molts later.

The coloring in that first photo isn't great, but still - you can see how much she has changed.

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My scheduled Tarantula-hunting sidekick is going to be out of town, so I need a replacement. Any takers? I'll be in my dad's yard... maybe he'll help me. HAHAHA

I'm going Saturday morning.

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Those of you that have been around this LJ for a while may remember back in April 2004 when I discovered a groundhog (aka woodchuck) hiding under our shed. You can see photos in my entry from then. Well Jenny spotted a groundhog in our backyard a few days ago... two, in fact... smaller than the one we had before. The next day I spotted two larger ones. We seem to have a family of 4 groundhogs living under / behind our shed. Our neighbor lady gave me some leftover rabbit food (from when they had a wild rabbit living in their backyard)... the groundhogs seem to like it. I think they've eaten all that I put out already.

Perhaps the groundhog never went away... or perhaps it found a mate and brought it back here to make a home, I dunno. They're terribly cute, though. I snapped a couple of shots this morning, but they're through the window, so they're not great photos.

See one of the photos behind the cut. )

Hopefully we'll get better photos of them and they'll be good neighbors.

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My baby molted today! Finally! She's so big & pretty! Yay!! Must take more pics...

Her Name

Feb. 26th, 2006 09:28 pm
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While I think Tara is a beautiful name... I think I'm going to go with Anansi for this pet. Now watch, by the time I get another pet, I'll want to name it Tara... but I'll do a poll anyway. :-P


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