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• I want to make a post about the trends of my period of late, but I haven't had time yet.

• I... already lost track of what all I was going to say here because I have too much going on right now.

• I have baby fever, but don't have another pregnancy in the works / plans just yet.

• I'm spending some time quite worried about finances right now while still recovering from utilities at the old place and dealing with hospital costs from my surgery. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems like it get further and further away.

• Keeps (off / on) wanting to make more time for socializing, but hasn't yet.

• Misses some things from pre-baby times, but am really happy with parenthood with my husband.

• Would really like to travel to Florida and maybe Denver, but find that we're too "instant gratification" to save up for such things.

• Got Tyler in for her Eye Exam and I feel accomplished for finally getting that done. I still need to get her back in to see a Dentist and get Sasha in for her first Dental visit, too.

• I keep wanting to get back to healthy eating habits, but don't feel like I'm succeeding. That is making it difficult to keep Sasha on healthy foods, too. I do have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house as well as organic snacks for her. I just had Ensure for dinner. Its a little easier to eat healthy when I'm sharing a meal with Sasha.

• I'm trying to stay under the radar at work. So far, so good.

• I haven't spoken to my mother lately and that is bugging me, but I can't seem to find a convenient time to chat on the phone these days.

• I feel like my mother and I are closest when I'm pregnant. I wonder if that is playing into my Baby Fever. I think it has a bit to do with my being an Attention Whore. Being pregnant puts a lot of focus on me so that is one reason I like being pregnant. I do like myself pregnant, though, I appreciate the way it makes healthier choices not even an option but a must. I also want another baby with my husband, in case you were worried that it is all about the pregnancy and none about the end "product."

• I have some concerns about Tyler, but really appreciate the open line of communication Jenny and I are sharing about Tyler right now. I told Jenny years ago that if anything happened to me, she was my choice for a "replacement." Little did we know...

• Still really want to get my photography going again and to have my old camera cleaned. I never did get it done. At least I got a battery charger for it, though!

• I still want to get a decent GPS unit and take up geocache... in my spare time!

• I'm excited that Elmo has taken an interest in tarantulas and we're looking forward to attending The Oklahoma Reptile Expo!

• Sasha is asleep, so I think I'll go drag her to bed while I have the chance!
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Cross-posted from [ profile] pointandshoot

Green Chucks

I'm sorry the photo is larger than the rules specify. I can put it behind a cut if preferred. I edited it 3½ years ago. I've always loved this photo, though I couldn't put my finger on why. I love green, I love chucks, and I love random photos... so I guess that fits AND explains why!

Thanks for starting this cool new community!
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The cat woke me up at the bedroom door at 3:37 this morning. My alarm went off at 4:00. As per my usual plan, I hit snooze until 4:15. I got up, got dressed, and started the van to warm up at 4:30. I checked my usual sites (LJ, MySpace, and FaceBook) and checked AccuWeather for the temperature. I didn't leave for work until 4:50 (a few minutes late), but still arrived right on time.

Work was same-old, same-old. We had a holiday code, so less stress than average day. Mondays are usually pretty easy going anyway, except I had three full carts to work when I got there. I actually found myself having to rush a bit. I ate snacks from the vending machine and even ate some Confetti Ritz sandwiches that Courtney bought and didn't like.

I left work half an hour early, after staying half an hour late last week. I was going to stop on the way home for groceries, but I really like using my recycled bags, so I came by the apartment first. I snuggled with Elmo for a bit, but forced myself out of the place to fetch groceries. The people in the store at 2:00 are SO much nicer than the people shopping after school and especially after work. Some woman actually greeted me "Hola." I was pleasantly surprised. I found myself smiling a big sincere smile to everyone with whom I made eye contact. I got several meals figured out for the week. I probably bought a little extra, but that should make next week's shopping trip a little easier.

Elmo was asleep when I got home, so I carried all the groceries up myself. I got everything put away, started meatballs in the slow cooker and gathered laundry. It was a light week laundry-wise, so I took it all down myself and managed to get it all into just two loads. I got my license plate changed. I had a snack (leftover spicy chicken and ranch dip) and then went back to transfer laundry into the dryers. We sat and watched some episodes of The Boondocks, though we've seen all the ones we've borrowed now. I was dozing off, then we snuggled before I had to go get the laundry. I brought it home, we put it away, and I started water for angel hair pasta.

Elmo and I have ruffled each other's feathers once or twice this afternoon. He has company now and I'm just tired, icky, and slightly irritable. Hopefully that means I'll start in the morning. Sheesh. I would really like to get my tubes tied, but not until Elmo is in agreement for a while. It is not a decision to take lightly or make quickly.

I checked on my usual sites, posted a bulletin on MySpace about an outing this weekend. I dug through photography communities looking for ones that seem to fit for me. I joined one or two. I looked through my photography and longed to take more photos... but with a camera that doesn't fuck with me. I played solitaire and now I'm typing my day... seems like I haven't done this lately. I've turned the Crock Pot off so I can refrigerate the leftovers soon. Elmo wasn't hungry, but says we can have it leftover tomorrow. I ate some earlier, even though I wasn't hungry.

That's about it. I might make a diary entry from 1989, but I have no other big plans for the night. It will be bedtime soon enough.

I've been feeling a little frustrated, bloated, generally icky, and slightly worried.

My meatballs are better than the frozen ones I bought today, but they are a lot of work in comparison.
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Alright, alright. I've gotten a decent shot of her posing next to a quarter (as opposed to a dime).

cut for the arachnophobic )

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Not even quite a month and I've managed to kill my favorite spider (and the one I didn't just catch around the house). Mallory died. If you want to know more, you can go read that journal. [ profile] mallorysmithi

I had recently replaced Mallory's dirty dime with a shiny new one. Here she is, posing on it for me. This last photo shoot is from February 12th...

Photos behind cut. )

These are the best three from the shoot... and I only took six! If you would like to see them full size, click away.

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Back on October 13th I was having a really bad day. I was having depression issues. I'll leave it at that. I really wanted to go to the Tulsa Rose Garden and photograph the flowers since bigbill01Bill had mentioned that they were beautiful. The last time I had been there they looked burnt.

It was a beautiful day. Tyler was very well-behaved. Here are the flower photographs I got...

Photo thumbnails behind the cut. )

I think the bug one looks like it is sitting on linens. I usually just choose a few images that I really like to post from shoots, but there were just a LOT of them from that day. I've been trying to catch up on editing pics (for posting) and seeing the photos that eljoeboJ & sassymellowgirlJ took on Sunday helped inspire me to get off my ass.

I took more photos after this, but this is the selection from the Tulsa Rose Garden. You can click on any of the images to see the larger version. Thanks for looking.


Jan. 26th, 2006 09:41 pm
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OK, I am SOOOO behind on posting about this. You know I love to photograph spiders. On October 18, 2005 jaqueline_essBecca was over and on her way out, she noticed a spider on our front porch. Here he is...

Photo behind cut. )

I have since made Bunny my pet. That's right, Bunny. Becca helped me name him. I have plenty more photos of him, but I won't be posting them all tonight.

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Freaking out from all those spiders? Well here is a non-spider photo from October 13th. I'll surely edit & post more from this day the next time I work on photos, but I thought some of you might like to see something other than spiders here.

Photo behind cut so I don't fuck up your friends page. )

Now if LJ Pics would stop fucking with me, I'd be less stressed. I've uploaded this image several times. I can even get to it, though it was tricky. It does not, however, show up in the gallery into which I placed it. WTF? Is 161 the limit of files for a gallery? Is there a MB limit to each gallery? I haven't reached my storage limit by a long shot. GRRR

I hope you like the photo.

Ah, I had to create a new gallery and then with Joe's help make it visible and move this image into it. NOW I can access the fucker. Argh. Thank you Joe!

One More

Dec. 14th, 2005 12:42 am
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X-posted to [ profile] arachnerds:

Here is a photo of a spider I found just outside my front door. I think it was dead.

Photo behind cut. )


Dec. 14th, 2005 12:31 am
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X-posted to [ profile] spiderphotos:

This jumper was about to jump on my camera. She jumped onto it twice.

Not my best spider photo, by any means. )

This photo is one I already posted to [ profile] arachnerds and here.

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X-posted to [ profile] arachnerds:

While I was out on the porch taking photos of the jumper in the rhododendron, I figured I might as well photograph this other little spider. Now this thing is TINY! It is so small that my camera would NOT focus on it without some macro lenses on it. I don't know what it is, I haven't really tried to find it.

See it behind cut. )

It had been living in the aloe vera for some time.


Nov. 10th, 2005 10:53 am
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The photo I posted the other day...

It was a slice of bread.

Thanks for playing.

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There are a couple of photos under the cut that I took specifically for certain people. If you think you might be one of those people... you should definitely look behind the cut...

Photos behind cut so I don't fuck up your friends page. )

And now... I think I will fall asleep shortly. I'll be posting spider pics soon, though!

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Nothing too fancy, just taking photos around the house...
There's a guess-the-macro included... take a peek...

Photos behind cut so I don't fuck up your friends page. )

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After coming home from a photography date, I still felt like taking more pictures. In fact, some ribbons from Tyler's birthday were calling out to me...

large purple ribbon - macro

+2 )

It feels good to be posting photos again!

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Joe & I went out on a "photography date" that night. The following are the photos I took on our date...

I've seen this building a few times and it has just been begging me to photograph it. We finally stopped and I took pics. I don't know why I was drawn to this one section of this building. Maybe it just has character.

+7 )

Indeed, lots of catching up to do. I'll try not to post a ton of photo posts all at once. This is all for tonight. I hope to post more photos tomorrow.

EDIT: Some of these look much darker online than they did on my own system.

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I'm not sure why, exactly, but I really liked the way this photo turned out...

Thank you, alyxaviaSunshine.

Yes, I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I've been trying to finish up a series of photos for someone and they are finally done.

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I was thrilled with Tyler's First Place Ribbon, but I also have a bit of bragging to do on myself. I entered six photographs in the State Fair Fine Arts Contest.

Here are my entries. )


Oct. 1st, 2005 10:36 am
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Yes, I posted to [ profile] arachnerds again. Yes, I'm gonna share them. Beware, though, there are a couple of larger-than-usual shots behind the cut, but at least the spider in those is dead.

Dare to peek? )

Last Monday when the team was here replacing the power pole and were about to shut off our electricity, I used the wall phone (instead of the cordless, since the power was due to go out very soon). Something tickled my cheek and I didn't think much of it, other than to scratch. Then a jumping spider fell out of the phone (or from between my face and the phone) and barely grazed my arm before making it to the floor and scampering away. lol There was a time when I might have been really freaked out, but not so anymore.

Then I look at the phone and there is a wrapped spider corpse. I had been meaning to take photos of it and finally did for the post at [ profile] arachnerds.

See the wrapped spider corpse behind the cut. )

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As cross-posted to [ profile] arachnerds...

These are certainly not my best shots, but I thought y'all might appreciate them anyway. I usually only crop stuff, but I did mess with the brightness and contrast on all but the last one of these... because they were just so darned dark. Anyway...

On with the spiders! )

Thanks for looking!


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