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Click on the images if you'd like more info about each bento.

Bento #2 - Tuesday:

Bento #3 - Wednesday:

Bento #4 - Thursday:

Bento #5 - Friday:

I had planned to make Bento #6 on Saturday morning, even though I work an earlier shift. However, after my poor sickly baby kept me up most of the night and was needy in the morning, bento fell on my list of priorities. I wound up asking Elmo to make PB&J for me for lunch.

I did enjoy sharing each of these bento lunches with Sasha, though! No more skull onigiri for a while, though they were fun.


Sep. 21st, 2010 09:19 pm
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For all of Sasha's life, I've wondered what (if anything) would become her special item. You know, that thing that she has to have with her everywhere she goes or has to have to sleep or whatever. For Tyler, she slept with her special blanket and her baby doll that I bought for her for her first birthday. For a bit we thought it might be her Taggies Bear from my mom. Then it seemed she might have chosen her Classic Pooh from my brother. She has had both since before she was born! Still, nothing seemed to stick.

Then yesterday we took Sasha to have her portraits taken. The photographer brought out this Furry Fun Chatter Elmo that when you shake it his mouth opens and he giggles or talks. Sasha LOVED it! Daddy had wanted to get her one, but they are for 18+ months, so hadn't yet. She was not giving this sucker up! In fact, Daddy went out into the store to get her one while Sasha and I were still with the photographer. Sasha & Elmo have been practically inseparable ever since. It is a pain when trying to buckle her. It was a little helpful at the doctor, though. More on that later...

So... we may have a winner. It is certainly her favorite toy right now! Daddy tried turning it off today, but Sasha got very upset and was shaking all (4) of her Elmo toys. She was probably confused.

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorites from the portrait sitting:

I so love this one! It is my new phone wallpaper and really... can you believe that smile?! What a happy, happy baby! Only... she isn't a BABY anymore! Sigh.
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I am tickled that she likes to carry her diapers to the trash can. She hands them to me and then when I throw them away we clap.

While I was doing the dishes tonight, Sasha got into the cabinet for a plastic bowl and tried to put it into the dishwasher. I guess her dishes need washed, too. :-)

Sasha has the most beautiful voice.

Here she is, in her toy basket.

I think it is cute how she will put my hand on her or away from her depending on what she wants. "Hold my tummy Mommy." "Get your hand off my Mommy, I have exploring to do."

New Ink!

Apr. 18th, 2010 04:46 pm
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I managed to keep my appointment for new ink yesterday. Veronica and Sasha went with me. Cat helped keep an eye on Sasha, too. Meanwhile, Eric got my design fine tuned and minimized to fit on my little hand. Then we worked out the tail design. Anyway, two hours of needle work later...

This is a crappy photo cuz I took it with my phone. It as taken right after Eric cleaned up the tattoo. I highly recommend Electric Eye Tattoo Mysterium, even though Eric isn't taking any new clients for a while. He is booked up into July!

My hand is still quite swollen. I should probably ice it again. My dad noticed it right away, of course (the swelling, too). He didn't give me too much flack about it. Turns out, there is a tattoo that he wanted to get, but he said his wife would castrate him. Now I'm kind of disappointed that he hasn't done it. You only live once! At least in your current body. :-P

Looks like we'll definitely be seeing a doctor tomorrow for Elmo's back. Spine seems fine, but one area is still hurting really bad. I hope we can get him the help he needs.
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Today was Sasha's half-birthday. We took her across town to have her portraits taken. Even when we were narrowing the not-so-great shots, it was so hard because she is so darned adorable!! Like the new Sasha icon?

I fought with my LJ Scrapbook a bit before giving up entirely. I uploaded a few shots to my and Elmo's FB profiles. You can see my entire Sasha photo album (17 photos - 4 from today) on FB here. You don't have to have a FB account to view them.

Here is a bonus pic:
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That's right, boys and girls, Sasha Bella has arrived! I tried to update via mobile, but it wouldn't work. Sasha and I are home now, though. So... this is the short / pic update version. I'm sure I'll post my entire birth story, but for now - the bit for which I know everyone is really waiting!

Show me the baby! )

We are really happy to be healthy enough to be home already. We are thrilled to be out of that hospital! It was impossible to rest! I have never been disturbed SO much at a hospital (even with my other births).
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Here is the new pic of our lil bundle, looking quite angelic and peaceful. I used it to make my latest icon...

Everything looks good. Doc says we may have to induce to avoid an overly large baby, but he is still willing to try natural methods first... and all that is still weeks away.

Doc was happy with my blood sugar levels. Thanks to my new diet focusing on protein and less carbs, I lost a couple of pounds in the last month instead of gaining a pound a week (which is average for this stage)!
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Much-awaited U/S pics ahead. I got an U/S at my doc appt last Thursday, but we were in the middle of moving. He got a new machine, too... though it lists some other doc's name on it. heh

And then yesterday I went to see a High Risk specialist for a special U/S. Based on just my age, the risk of my baby having Down Syndrome is 1 in 185. Those are really pretty good odds. The doctor compared it to going to the casino, dropping a coin in a machine, and winning 184 out of 185 times. Yeah, I'd gamble on that! Then after my exam and taking measurements of the baby, the risk dropped to 1 in 1000. You KNOW you'd go to the casino if you won 999 out of 1000 times! I was relieved by the results. I hadn't been nervous until the doctor walked into the room.

lots of U/S pics behind the cut )

Both U/S appointments re-confirmed that she is a girl. Oh! And last Thursday, my doctor's estimate was that Sasha was 3 lbs, __ oz. Yesterday the doctor estimated (and probably more exactly) that she is now 4 lbs, even! She is slightly above the 50th percentile, but we already knew that I make big babies. The staff was not alarmed by her size at all. They also said that based on all the information they gathered, I am about 5 days further along than previously estimated. My Sept 25th due date is based solely on my last menstrual period. That is certainly not an exact way to determine due date. So now my due date is more like Sept 20th. Cool... I think, maybe. I don't want to birth TOO close to Veronica's birthday... which is on the 14th.
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Cross-posted to [ profile] tulsatime

We have to move soon and just can not take this cat with us. She is an orange Persian. She is shy at first, but once she warms up is a loving companion. She isn't needy, though. She can be a little skiddish. She has all of her claws, but doesn't claw the furniture. She has only been kept as an indoor cat and she is not current on rabies shots. She has no health problems.

Anyone looking for or have room for a loving little princess? Please comment or contact me on LJ.

See her behind the cut )
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So we went in for our monthly check up... Finally saw the doc. He jumped right in to the U/S. He tried and tried and tried to see our baby's genitals, but baby was not cooperating. Last month , the baby had his(?) rump in my pelvis, so the doc couldn't see that end at all! Then this month, the baby had his foot totally in the way. The doc is still leaning toward girl, but we're holding out for difinitive proof. We are not giong to run out and buy pink stuff on a "maybe" or even "probably."

In other pregnancy news, I confirmed my common symptoms: back ache, swollen ankles, etc. The one that is killing me now, though, is where my gall bladder was removed. The inner scar tissue HURTS! It started as intermittent, but now it is consistent. The severity changes, but it just doesn't seem to go away at all. Doc offered to prescribe flexerill if I need it, but he agrees drug free is te best way to go.

By bedtime, I was in tears. I thught I slept pretty well, if not for long enough, but now I'm dozing off sitting here at my computer at work. So I should probably get off of here and go do something productive that will get my blood flowing... preferably not to my old GB spot.

Oh! pics! )


Feb. 14th, 2007 03:17 pm
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My baby has changed so much!

Here is Anansi a year ago.

Here is Anansi last night; four molts later.

The coloring in that first photo isn't great, but still - you can see how much she has changed.

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Those of you that have been around this LJ for a while may remember back in April 2004 when I discovered a groundhog (aka woodchuck) hiding under our shed. You can see photos in my entry from then. Well Jenny spotted a groundhog in our backyard a few days ago... two, in fact... smaller than the one we had before. The next day I spotted two larger ones. We seem to have a family of 4 groundhogs living under / behind our shed. Our neighbor lady gave me some leftover rabbit food (from when they had a wild rabbit living in their backyard)... the groundhogs seem to like it. I think they've eaten all that I put out already.

Perhaps the groundhog never went away... or perhaps it found a mate and brought it back here to make a home, I dunno. They're terribly cute, though. I snapped a couple of shots this morning, but they're through the window, so they're not great photos.

See one of the photos behind the cut. )

Hopefully we'll get better photos of them and they'll be good neighbors.

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Alright, alright. I've gotten a decent shot of her posing next to a quarter (as opposed to a dime).

cut for the arachnophobic )

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Not even quite a month and I've managed to kill my favorite spider (and the one I didn't just catch around the house). Mallory died. If you want to know more, you can go read that journal. [ profile] mallorysmithi

I had recently replaced Mallory's dirty dime with a shiny new one. Here she is, posing on it for me. This last photo shoot is from February 12th...

Photos behind cut. )

These are the best three from the shoot... and I only took six! If you would like to see them full size, click away.

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Here is another photo of my new pet (who I've almost named). In this one, we see her next to a dime.

dime - tarantula )

Isn't she just adorable?!

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I believe it was the Friday night before we got Klaus, Joe was looking at an auction site for reptiles, spiders, etc. I thought it looked real cool, so I started looking through it. That lead to more and more sites and I spent about the next 48 hours reading all sorts of websites about tarantulas. One I highly recommend would be Through that site, I decided that if I was to get a tarantula, I'd want a Brachypelma smithi. By Sunday night, I figured that if Joe was in the mood to welcome more pets, I should maybe ask for a tarantula right away! lol

So I did! He said maybe. So I continued to research. I called & drove all over town. I went to Owasso to see a Brachypelma smithi (also known as a Mexican Red Knee). It was larger (and much more expensive) than what I wanted to buy. That was almost three weeks ago. Today Tyler & I went to OKC with lisamoeLisa and her boys (and [ profile] mamaduck) to visit the Oklahoma History Museum. It just so happens that the nearest tarantula breeder I could find is in OKC. Soooo... Lisa (who has a bit of a spider phobia) took us to! I now have, right here on my desk, the tiniest little tarantula you ever did see!

OMG, you must see it!! )

This photo makes it difficult to judge the size of it, doesn't it? Well, I can tell you that spiders are measured from the tip of the front leg to the tip of the hind leg. This baby is about half an inch! He It is TIIINY and so fucking adorable! lol

You can expect to see more photos of both of my spiders, though this tarantula requires much less space right now. I'll likely post more info later, but for now I must go tuck my child into bed. Please comment with any name suggestions you might have. Please keep in mind that I won't know the sex of the spider for a few years and that it is a "Mexican Red Knee". We named Choopy with a Mexican name since he is a Mexican breed. We could go with that, but I also love Bunny's cute little name. I didn't even use it because he jumps! I just liked it.

So, what do you suggest?


Jan. 26th, 2006 09:41 pm
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OK, I am SOOOO behind on posting about this. You know I love to photograph spiders. On October 18, 2005 jaqueline_essBecca was over and on her way out, she noticed a spider on our front porch. Here he is...

Photo behind cut. )

I have since made Bunny my pet. That's right, Bunny. Becca helped me name him. I have plenty more photos of him, but I won't be posting them all tonight.


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