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Spencer's echo-cardiogram looked good. No problems found!
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History: I started EC'ing my LO when she was 2mo. I started over a hospital basin on the kitchen counter and sometimes just the sink. I got a BBLP and even sometimes took her to the big potty eventually. Shortly after her 1st birthday, though, I had knee surgery and our EC practices just went right out the window.

She is now nearing her 2nd birthday and I'm trying to get back on track. I'm pregnant and lazy, though. This weekend I've felt more motivated in general and today we had FOUR catches! I've been successfully catching the first pee of the day these past few days, but today I have a funny story to share...

I decided I wanted a fresh pair of jammie pants (about all I wear when home) so I stripped off the pair I was wearing, throwing my arms in the air, and touting "naked!" My daughter pointed at her diaper and (apparently) requested to also be naked. I removed her diaper and noticed it was nearly (if not completely) dry. So I invited her to go potty with me. We both went!

Being pregnant has it's benefits. I can pretty much pee on command at any time. It is so cute, though, because she tries to imitate me giving her cue, so we whisper "pst pst pst, pee pee pee." She seems pretty fascinated by the toilet paper right now and got up for me to wipe her today. Then she sat down and peed. lol


May. 8th, 2011 03:53 pm
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When I was 5 weeks pregnant with Sasha, I got a stomach bug and wound up in the ER getting fluids. I was dehydrated.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant again and woke up with a stomach bug. Thankfully, no vomiting this time. I think I'm past the worst of it.

Still, it increases my concerns of a repeated threatened abortion (miscarriage).
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I haven't had too much nausea just yet. I haven't had much heart burn. I did over eat one night and really regretted that, for HOURS! I am definitely more tired! That helps me to remember to take my vitamins! I need all the help I can get.

I think I'm doing well increasing my water intake. I've gotten my Mom's old water bottle to carry with me at all times. I do believe I'm getting hungry more often and weak with that, too. So I've started carrying a baggie of almond slivers... but they're not my favorite. I need to find another good protein-rich snack to carry. I have pecans, too... I prefer those fresh out of the freezer, though. Cashews would be nice... I'm planning to look at granola bars when I shop this weekend.

I'm trying to adjust back to making my calories count, just eating good things with less empty calories. It is a big adjustment, but I can see my efforts. I plan to buy more fresh food this weekend, too. I need to have good snacks ready to eat. Junk food is too convenient, you have to make good food easy.

Oh, and I'm looking into different ways to keep oatmeal in my daily diet to help with milk supply. I'm hoping to avoid losing my milk during my pregnancy. I've heard that if you will, you will, and there is nothing you can do about it... but I can't NOT do something to try!

Check out Major Milk Makin' Lactation Cookies
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• I want to make a post about the trends of my period of late, but I haven't had time yet.

• I... already lost track of what all I was going to say here because I have too much going on right now.

• I have baby fever, but don't have another pregnancy in the works / plans just yet.

• I'm spending some time quite worried about finances right now while still recovering from utilities at the old place and dealing with hospital costs from my surgery. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems like it get further and further away.

• Keeps (off / on) wanting to make more time for socializing, but hasn't yet.

• Misses some things from pre-baby times, but am really happy with parenthood with my husband.

• Would really like to travel to Florida and maybe Denver, but find that we're too "instant gratification" to save up for such things.

• Got Tyler in for her Eye Exam and I feel accomplished for finally getting that done. I still need to get her back in to see a Dentist and get Sasha in for her first Dental visit, too.

• I keep wanting to get back to healthy eating habits, but don't feel like I'm succeeding. That is making it difficult to keep Sasha on healthy foods, too. I do have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house as well as organic snacks for her. I just had Ensure for dinner. Its a little easier to eat healthy when I'm sharing a meal with Sasha.

• I'm trying to stay under the radar at work. So far, so good.

• I haven't spoken to my mother lately and that is bugging me, but I can't seem to find a convenient time to chat on the phone these days.

• I feel like my mother and I are closest when I'm pregnant. I wonder if that is playing into my Baby Fever. I think it has a bit to do with my being an Attention Whore. Being pregnant puts a lot of focus on me so that is one reason I like being pregnant. I do like myself pregnant, though, I appreciate the way it makes healthier choices not even an option but a must. I also want another baby with my husband, in case you were worried that it is all about the pregnancy and none about the end "product."

• I have some concerns about Tyler, but really appreciate the open line of communication Jenny and I are sharing about Tyler right now. I told Jenny years ago that if anything happened to me, she was my choice for a "replacement." Little did we know...

• Still really want to get my photography going again and to have my old camera cleaned. I never did get it done. At least I got a battery charger for it, though!

• I still want to get a decent GPS unit and take up geocache... in my spare time!

• I'm excited that Elmo has taken an interest in tarantulas and we're looking forward to attending The Oklahoma Reptile Expo!

• Sasha is asleep, so I think I'll go drag her to bed while I have the chance!
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The more I think about trying for another child (trying for a boy), the more I itch to be pregnant again. It is a little too soon yet, but it has been on my mind a lot lately. So... I've dug out my old chart files and requested the Natural Family Planning book as well as the Choose the Sex book from the library. So, I'll begin the research again so I'll be ready when we're really ready. I've always thought it would be novel to get pregnant on purpose. heh

I've also been thinking about gardening. Once we get moved to our new place next month, I'd like to set up some planters (lined milk crates) and try my hand at a couple of vegetables. I have several gardening books requested from the library, especially on the topics of container gardening and square foot gardening.
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We also asked our doctor if we should not consider having another child. Elmo said "we want one more." We've actually been toying with the idea for a while and I told Elmo he had until I turn 39 to decide. I don't want to be having a baby after I'm 40. Doc said "who wouldn't?" (He has several children of his own.) He asked why we wouldn't. I pointed out my age. He said that while risk factors increase with age, I am healthy and take good care of myself. So, if we want another, we shouldn't let our fear (even of down syndrome) stop us. Go for it! So... that is settled. I didn't want for us to decide to have another, ask the doc, and then have hopes crushed. I wanted the doc's opinion early-on.
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My colostrum came in before Sasha was born, so she got that. It helped her meconium start passing right away. My breastmilk came in within 48 hours. Textbooks say it can take about 4 days. Within 24 hours or so of that, I was engorged and swearing that I had enough milk to feed a third world country. I still get engorged, but it has calmed down a bit. I swear my breasts had tripled in size, overnight! Sasha is a real pro at breastfeeding and is having plenty of wet and dirty diapers so we know she is getting what she needs.

When I left the hospital, I got my discharge instructions (and Sasha's). They gave me 2 prescriptions. One for 800 mg Ibuprofen and the other for Percoset. I remember wondering why I would need percoset. Besides, you all know my stance on drugs. I made it through my pregnancy and birth without drugs, why would I start taking them now... while I'm breastfeeding?

As for the why, though... Well, it has almost stopped now, but I get cramps all through my abdomen and back when I nurse. It is my body working its way back into place. It really hurts! In the hospital, I had them bringing me warm blankets for my back and belly while I nursed. I never even unfolded them. Once I was done nursing and they weren't warm - I didn't need them anymore.

I was just dealing for a while at home, but I finally had Elmo get my corn bag. He heated it and put it on my back for me. That helped. The cramps are pretty mild now, so I've been doing fine with them.

Then there is my hip / top of my right leg. This is the reason I was unable to sleep in bed for the last month or two of my pregnancy. When we set a date to induce labor, I was excited that I only had one night left sleeping downstairs. Then I didn't even sleep, I went into labor.

Now I've come home and I still can't sleep in bed. I can manage it for an hour or two, but I can hardly get out of bed on my own when I do. My hip hurts SO much to move! I slept in bed for an hour or two in the night and when I woke, I had to push myself out of bed with my hands, I couldn't pick myself up at the hips. As if that wasn't bad enough, I decided to nap on my side today. I had to get Elmo to help me up when I woke. I was in tears. It hurts and it is frustrating. It hadn't even occurred to me that it might not go away after birth. I think the nap may have jacked me up for the day. I'm extra stiff and having a hard time getting up and down. I usually change diapers in the floor, so that sucks!

So, long story short, I'm having a rough day. Sasha is still absolutely beautiful and perfect. I washed her hair again today. She just looked around while I held her like a football over the sink. I swear I could just sit and watch her all day, even while she sleeps. She serves as my reminder that the pain is/was worth it. It will go away and then just her perfect little self will remain. I sure would like to get past this pain, though!

I didn't have any protein with breakfast and I forgot to take my vitamin, so now I've had a protein-rich lunch with my vitamin. I'm hoping this will help my attitude.
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On Tuesday morning, we got up at 3:30 for Elmo's Monday of work. I stayed up, though I usually sleep while he is gone. I took a half hour nap before our doctor appointment at 11:30. Sasha was healthy and the doctor stripped my membranes again. It was obvious none of us really expected it to work this time, since it did nothing the week before. We made an appointment to have my water broken at the hospital at 7pm on Wednesday. We went on about our day. There was no increase in contraction strength, no bloody show, nothing all day.

At 9pm, I sat down to dinner and realized that the contraction I was having felt different than the BH contractions I'd been having for the past couple of months. I mentioned that these could be labor pains and started timing. I was only able to eat a small dinner.

the rest of the LONG story )
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That's right, boys and girls, Sasha Bella has arrived! I tried to update via mobile, but it wouldn't work. Sasha and I are home now, though. So... this is the short / pic update version. I'm sure I'll post my entire birth story, but for now - the bit for which I know everyone is really waiting!

Show me the baby! )

We are really happy to be healthy enough to be home already. We are thrilled to be out of that hospital! It was impossible to rest! I have never been disturbed SO much at a hospital (even with my other births).
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After having my membranes swept last week, I had strong contractions all afternoon before they finally petered out. I didn't have anything noteworthy this afternoon, but tonight (after doing a bit of walking and spending more time on my feet than I normally do these days) they are getting very consistent and pretty strong.

So... I'm timing them and questioning whether this is it. I think it is too soon to say. They have been this far apart for the last hour:


So they keep coming, but there is a little variety. I've tried laying down, walking, drinking, peeing, I was eating when I started timing. I even tried sleeping, but I'd drift off and then the next contraction would wake me.

So... nothing difinitive yet, but maybe tonight.
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I could not have asked for our appointment to go any better! The only drawback was not seeing Sasha on U/S. We did our Non Stress Test first and though Elmo and I were slightly concerned about Sasha being less active than last week, our doctor was happy with the results. She is doing well.

We discussed induction options. He knows we would like to go as natural as possible. The three of us agreed to have my membranes stripped again today (just like I'd hoped) and then I'll go to the hospital tomorrow evening to have my water broken (just as I'd hoped)! This will get Sasha here in plenty of time before Dr Ross leaves town. He will also be commuting, so he'll be around to check on Sasha himself.

I also confirmed that I had been tested (negative) for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, so there really is no real need for Sasha to get the eye ointment. We had already arranged for her to not have that done.

We are stoked! I'm excited that after tonight, we can put away extra bedding and make OUR bed! This will be my last night to sleep in a chair. I definitely plan to nap tomorrow! I need to be well rested for the night. Hopefully Elmo will be able to catch some Zs tomorrow, too.

Wish me luck! Of course it would be even BETTER if I went into labor before then, but I'll settle for then.
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I had been worried about having Sasha arrive while our doctor is in town. I see him today and was hoping he'd set me for induction on... Thursday would be good. He leaves town on Friday, so that should get us in the clear.

Then last night it occurred to me... our doctor is also our pediatrician. So if I have her Thursday, and doc is out of town Friday and Saturday... Ugh! I want him there for me AND for her!

I didn't want to rush into having her today. Perhaps he'd strip my membranes again and set up the back up plan just in case. This makes me want to maybe wait until next week, but he wanted her a week early, plus if we wait... I'm sure I'll be paranoid all weekend that I'll finally go into labor while my doctor is gone. He has a couple of docs that cover for him while he is out of town and I'm sure they're perfectly capable, but they're not MY doctor! Sigh.

I need to remember to discuss these concerns with him at my appointment today.
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So on Thursday I'll be 39 (out of 40) weeks. Doc had said he wanted her to be a week early. Before the Gestational Diabetes, he was willing to wait until 41 weeks. I have been worried about her getting too big... as that has been the medical concern as well. Though I find myself thinking... she'll come out when she is ready! I think that is just my fear of Pitocin talking. I want to say no - we'll just wait. But if she is too big, we risk having to have a Cesarean. THAT would be worse than induction! At least in my book it would be. I so want to have a natural birth again... Sigh.

I'm feeling blah today. Just blah. I was really stiff earlier and that sucked. My back hurt bad enough that my eyes were watering. But really... I'm just blah.
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no really, this is seriously gross and TMI )

So what does all this mean? Um... that my body is doing gross stuff that inches me closer to labor or at least signals labor... but with no more time line than anything else does. lol So... you read all that gross stuff for nothing. I just wanted reference in my journal. Oh well.

Meanwhile... I don't really want Sasha's birthday to be on 9/11 (too much of a downer date) and we don't want it to be 9/14 (Veronica's birthday). So I'm mostly feeling prepared to wait until next week and see what else the doctor wants to try. I'm scared of pitocin, though, so I don't want to do that! I wonder if he'll break my water or allow me to try any stronger home remedies. I'm not sure I like them, either, though. The home remedies mostly tell you that they won't start labor unless you're really ready anyway.

My mom got me a Pack 'n Play (little playpen) which will be great to use here as well as at her place. It should be delivered today! Elmo can hardly wait to set it up in the baby room. Her room looks rather empty since it just has toys in it. We're also going to hang my Baby Shower balloons in there. One of them is a big Elmo - so cute! They are also bringing some washable nursing pads (I need more of those!) and a booster high chair to use in a regular chair. I know it is early for that, but we needed to round up to get free shipping and it is something I will definitely need. I didn't want a full, regular high chair and these are so portable.

Alright, I guess that is enough rambling for one post. Sheesh! I have stuff I want to do OFF the computer and I need to check in on my "Expecting in September 2009" boards too. So... until the next ramble strikes me...
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I forgot to post about this yesterday... Early Wednesday morning I finally dreamed about Sasha! I've had day dreams of Elmo with Sasha or of holding and nursing Sasha, but I never actually SEE an actual baby. It is more of a feeling than a vision. That is how I tend to dream the most, I think. Well early yesterday morning I DID dream about her! I had a dream of being in L&D and the staff setting her on my upper belly, face down (like they are supposed to). I was rubbing her back to help her stay warm and to rub in any vernix she still had on her. So this was a pretty specific dream. It was good and perhaps set my hopes for the day.

I told Elmo about the dream as soon as I woke up and promptly forgot about it for the rest of the day. It was definitely a good dream and gave me a nice warm feeling.

We took a couple of walks (labor inducer) yesterday and I stood/rocked and walked around the house quite a bit. Mostly I just needed to be off of my butt, but it was a good activity to do. As the sun began to sink in the sky, though, I began to feel a bit down about another day passing without labor. Then Elmo feels helpless to make me feel better. Just being close helps. I really miss being able to cuddle up with him at night. I REALLY REALLY miss it! :'(

Now I've gone and made myself cry. Sigh.
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Date Before Breakfast 2 hrs after Breakfast 2 hrs after Lunch 2 hrs after Dinner Ketones Comments
4-Sep 87     123   90 before lunch
5-Sep     157     had grapes ½ hour before testing
6-Sep     106      
8-Sep   110        

My doctor is mostly happy with my blood sugar. I've only had a couple of higher scores and one of those was understandable (see the grapes comment above).

Also, I only gained 1 pound in the last week, even after eating all day Sunday. This is good! And I had NO ketones in my urine! :-)
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I was in bed, falling asleep, by 10 last night. Other than kinda getting up to see Elmo off to work and bathroom breaks, I didn't get out of bed to stay until just a short time ago (after 8am). So I was basically in bed for nearly TEN hours!! I can't believe my butt hasn't just fallen OFF yet! I am sore in entirely new places than usual.

Alright, so I'm quite thoroughly rested... Sasha is welcome to come along anytime now!!
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So we went to see the doc at 3:15 today. First we did the U/S and he confirmed that there is still plenty of amniotic fluid and she is very active (which I'd already told him). I did ask him to double (quadruple) check that she really is a girl after having a bout of paranoia a couple of weeks ago that maybe he was wrong. She is too crowded in there, though. He couldn't get a good angle to show me, but we're still confident.

Then he brought the nurse in so he could do my internal exam. I was dilated to 1 or 2 cm, so he was able to strip my membranes. I get sore on one side, externally, so the pressure of him reaching my cervix was a bit painful there. He mentioned that he is not real aggressive with stripping the membranes, but that wasn't the worst part of it, the external pressure was. Sasha was certainly reacting to having her head scratched!

Then we did our Non Stress Test. Sasha passed with flying colors, but we knew she would again. She is very active, often on command.

All these tests and stuff had me on my back, though. I took an extra pillow to put under the small of my back, but it didn't help much at all. At one point during the NST I just couldn't take it anymore, Elmo convinced me to let him help me roll a little to one side. It hurt so bad! The change offered a little relief, but it was too late. My eyes were already leaking. Jeez, I hope I don't have back labor! Really, though, I just won't be laboring on my back!

The appointment kind of wore me out and my back was pretty sore by the time we left and for a while after. Braxton Hicks contractions continued.

This evening I attended our first Service Unit Leader Meeting for Girl Scouts of the year. I caught a ride with Ms Jenny (me co-leader) as I didn't think I should drive. It was great to see my GS friends and hang with Ms Jenny for a bit. We've merged with another Service Unit and we were impressed with the SU Manager and how together this unit was. Even with merging our two units, we still make up the smallest Service Unit in the council!

I'm home now and have finally eaten dinner. Now I'm sleepy. I'm sure I'll crash soon. Hopefully I'll wake up in labor. The chick from work went into labor 24 hours after having her membranes stripped. I woke up already in labor with my last two pregnancies. I sometimes wonder how much of my labor I might have slept through.
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Slept through the night... Got up this morning, had breakfast (I was starving!) and got to work. I unpacked the last few boxes (alright, I have like 5 items left in 1 small box) and a big bag. The majority of that last stuff was packed when I moved out of the house in May of 2008! So I was glad to get that sorted and tossed. It was apparently nothing I needed very urgently. lol

I dozed just a bit. We did some stuff to try to help bring on labor. We chilled out on the balcony together, discussing our relationships with our siblings and what pets we might ever be willing to have or allow our daughter to have. I got a framed picture hung up in the living room and have a piece of art to hang in the downstairs bathroom. The 9 o'clock guy to fix the hole in the baby room finally showed up (at 10:30!). While he was mending the carpet, we installed the bed rail (we'll be practicing the family bed, it works so great for nursing!).

We cleaned our bedroom and now Elmo is doing some deeper cleaning. I'm not sure what all he has going on up there, but I know he plans to get the house vacuumed and the ceiling fan dusted. He is cleaning the bathroom floor, at least. I cleaned the counter and mirror the other day and I think he is cleaning the toilet, too. He plans to do the dishes, too. Then I want to clean all the kitchen counter tops (unless he beats me to it).

I need to hang that art, take a shower, have lunch with Mom, and get ready for our doctor appointment. Our hospital bag is ready to go and I think Elmo is setting up all the baby stuff in the baby room today, too.

Wow, seems kind of like we're nesting! lol He has the day off (his holiday day since he works Tuesday through Saturday) and WoW is down Tuesday morning for maintenance, so it is a good day to be productive.


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