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Sasha had her first dentist appointment on Monday. She did well. She doesn't have any cavities! Considering we were sucking at dental hygiene there for a while and considering Elmo & I have poor dental health... it was a miracle. Back in 6 months.

Meanwhile, Spencer has started teething already. I didn't expect it so soon. I've asked around and I can expect a LONG wait for his teeth to actually cut through (due to the DS). Most moms said 1st cut tooth cut around 1 year. One mom said 18 months. Another mom said her kid's first tooth didn't cut until they were beyond the 2nd birthday!!

He bites down on my nipple and more recently he hasn't wanted to stay on the breast. He will chew HARD on our fingers, too. I'm going to get teethers into the fridge as soon as I dig them out from storage.

Tyler also had a dentist appointment recently. She has gotten to a point where she has a lot of anxiety and refuses to open her mouth. We'll be going back soon and they will drug her to help complete her cleaning and examination.

Hidey Boo!

Oct. 18th, 2011 09:44 pm
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My mom played this... more British(?) version of Peek-a-boo with her grand-babies. She played "Hidey Boo!" Sasha has been playing the game a lot lately. Just sitting with her in the bathroom and she was playing this... I very, very nearly cried. It is so sweet and I'm sorry my mother missed it.
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  • grocery shopping with my husband.
  • picking up one more binder for Tyler, in her favorite color.
  • fake crab dipped in garlic butter. (aka: fulfilling a craving)
  • getting my binder and dividers for Spencer.
  • starting organizing Spencer's medical binder.
  • Sasha going 24+ hours with no diaper (or undies or anything).
  • an amazing online support network.
  • a doula with whom I feel I can connect. already.
  • my husband's sense of humor.
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History: I started EC'ing my LO when she was 2mo. I started over a hospital basin on the kitchen counter and sometimes just the sink. I got a BBLP and even sometimes took her to the big potty eventually. Shortly after her 1st birthday, though, I had knee surgery and our EC practices just went right out the window.

She is now nearing her 2nd birthday and I'm trying to get back on track. I'm pregnant and lazy, though. This weekend I've felt more motivated in general and today we had FOUR catches! I've been successfully catching the first pee of the day these past few days, but today I have a funny story to share...

I decided I wanted a fresh pair of jammie pants (about all I wear when home) so I stripped off the pair I was wearing, throwing my arms in the air, and touting "naked!" My daughter pointed at her diaper and (apparently) requested to also be naked. I removed her diaper and noticed it was nearly (if not completely) dry. So I invited her to go potty with me. We both went!

Being pregnant has it's benefits. I can pretty much pee on command at any time. It is so cute, though, because she tries to imitate me giving her cue, so we whisper "pst pst pst, pee pee pee." She seems pretty fascinated by the toilet paper right now and got up for me to wipe her today. Then she sat down and peed. lol
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Been awhile, hasn't it? Well she is still here, developing! She now says "No, mine!" and simply "mine, mine, mine." She also says "Ready, Steady, Go!" I'm not sure where she got that one but she really prefers for someone else to say it and then she runs somewhere and back.

She will pat and kiss my baby belly, but I don't think she really understands there is a baby in there. She loves to look at the pics of mommies and babies in my books, though. We identify the Mommies, Babies, and Daddies in the books.

She isn't losing her signing. She likes to kiss booboos, but at least isn't causing them on purpose now. I can finally manage to get her hair up into a pony, out of her face. She is doing great at counting to 10! And is now interested in colors and shapes.


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