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Sasha has just started walking backwards!

My employer has changed insurance companies, as of January 1. We are really hoping our doctor takes whatever this new company is!

Tyler had an F in a class, but was able to turn in a lost / found assignment and now has an A again.

There was something else about Sasha, but I forget.

A plan is in place for me to quit my 2nd job by the end of November. I plan to put November's extra income into savings and then I'll have it for Giftmas or whatever, but mostly to show myself that I can survive November without it.

I sometimes sit Sasha on the big toilet front-ways lately. She does just fine. I just place her depending on her whim. If she won't sit backward, I try frontward. She only likes to pee in her BBLP if Daddy is peeing in the big toilet at the same time.

The guest toilet in my new apartment backs up just about every time its used! We now own FOUR plungers! I've had maintenance out to unclog (plunge or snake) it numerous times. I've literally forgotten how many! So... they've ordered a replacement toilet for us! One arrived, but it was broken during shipping.

Speaking of the apartment, I hate my dishwasher! It is ancient! It doesn't do a great job, so I wind up washing everything before I wash it! Also, all the tines are bent and many are missing the rubber layer over them (already ruined a pan in there). Some tines are missing altogether! It recently started leaking! So... maintenance is getting us a new dishwasher because this one has rusted out in the bottom. Yay!

Just as I wondered what could be wrong with my oven (so I can get it replaced, too)... It is as old as the dishwasher, for starters. However, it bakes just fine, if a little fast. The burners are a little crooked, but the larger front burner is really crooked. It also disconnects on its own. So when you turn it on you have to bump it back into place to connect. When Elmo did that, though, it shocked him! So... perhaps a new oven soon, too. Wonder how much my rent will go up when our lease ends!

Sasha's new game tonight is for me to balance stuff on her head! Oh! And the other Sasha thing was that she has learned the push-Mommy-over game (thanks to Mommy) and loves it. This started out after diaper changes, I'd pull her up to a seated position and fall back myself. Now she'll actually push me.

We are really looking forward to the Oklahoma Reptile Show this weekend! We're hoping to find some new tarantulas. Plus we have Tyler this weekend, so she gets to go with us!
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Got up this morning and got ready... We went to breakfast. Then to Target for Portraits! See the new icon? I'll post pics soon. Then to Southern Agriculture to talk to the guy that orders the tarantulas and to get crickets. Then to Walmart for groceries. Home for a bit... Out to get Tyler from school. Took Tyler to have her eye exam and pick out new glasses. Came home for a bit. Then took the girls to Tyler's first GS meeting of the year, mostly to discuss what they want to do this year. Troop is smaller this year, though that isn't really a bad thing. Took Tyler home, then came home to tell Elmo goodnight. Sasha waited up to poop, but I think she is working on sleep now.

Doesn't seem that busy now that I type it out, but it sure seemed that way as I was living it!

I'll have to tell you about the Elmo toy when I post the pics!
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My phone rang at 10:32 this morning. It was Veronica's school. So I answered (of course). It was Veronica, calling to let me know that the 5th Grade Awards Assembly was... about to start. What?! I felt in my throat that I was getting upset. I held on to my sanity while I told her that if I'd known, I could probably have attended, but just couldn't now. I apologized and she said it was okay. She then updated me on some research she did for scouts and then needed to let me go because another child was waiting to call their parent.

I hung up the phone and promptly fell apart. I set my phone down, set my glasses down, covered my face and pretty much bawled. My parents couldn't make it to my school events when I was a kid. I've made a point of being active in Veronica's curricular career. I was a homeroom mom her first year of school (3rd grade) and helped with parties.

When I moved out, I was quite concerned that I get all the same updates about school events. I was only picking her up from school two days a week. Her teacher (last year) was great about sending extra copies home or even emailing me. I have gone out of my way and even occasionally had to take time off from work to attend events. It is important to me to support her there. Actually, it seems as though it is more important to me than it is to her.

When I picked her up for scouts I asked her when she found out about the assembly. She said today. Really?? I find that hard to believe. Were there other parents there? Yes. Oh, there was that paper she got from the teacher about a month ago that she lost. That one might have mentioned the assembly. Sigh.

I don't know if I'm hormonal or if my reaction was perfectly... normal? for me. I was really upset about it at the time. I guess so long as Veronica feels like I support her, that is all that really matters.


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