Jan. 13th, 2011 10:12 pm
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The apartment office was actually really great about our declining the pest control. They simply took our apartment off the list. Thankfully, I haven't seen any bugs before or since, so it should be a non-issue.

That said... Two - three weeks ago, a girl at Girl Scouts had head lice. We found out later that evening. I informed Tyler's stepmother. I started checking Sasha regularly. I had Elmo check me. He has never had head lice, so I suspect he won't ever get them. I've known a few people (regardless of hair length or thickness) that never got lice. If only we could be so lucky! Tyler fought lice for several years and I'm not sure she was ever completely clear of them during that phase. We had hoped we were done with that now that she is out of elementary.

Anyway, Elmo found no lice on me. I found no lice on Sasha. Joe checked Tyler. Then a week ago, Jenny let me know that Tyler was infested. Fuck. She has very thick hair, so it is very difficult to get completely rid of them. I had a friend at work (that has elementary aged children) check my head. Nothing. I have continued to check Sasha. Sometimes I think she & I have had itchy scalps, but it is hard to know how much of that is paranoia. Over the last couple of days, I've seen specks on her scalp, but NO movement. Tonight while cooking dinner (holding her in the kitchen) I found a single, adult louse on her. Initiate Freak Out. How the FUCK do you treat a ONE YEAR OLD for head lice?! My head immediately began itching like crazy!

An hour later, I suspect that adult louse may have actually fallen off MY head. I only find tiny specks on her. I have only found 1 adult on her head, and it was big enough I FELT it with my finger tips. I wasn't even looking, though she does have tiny "sesame seeds" close to her scalp, too.

I've been researching treatment options and am certain I'm going to have to treat her manually. In the morning I'll go get a metal lice comb, some detangler or conditioner, and perhaps some clips. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do about me, but I think if I confirm I've got them I may call in "sick" with lice tomorrow so I can spend the entire day treating them! I don't want to use pesticides on me, either - especially since I'm still breastfeeding.

I think the best resource I've found tonight is probably The National Pediculosis Association®, Inc. where I learned you should NOT spray for lice!

In hind sight, I've been having little itchy spots on my arms... I think it may be from sleeping with my head on my arms. I don't know. Elmo is asleep so he can't check my head right now. Did I mention the three of us sleep together? Sigh.
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Got up this morning and got ready... We went to breakfast. Then to Target for Portraits! See the new icon? I'll post pics soon. Then to Southern Agriculture to talk to the guy that orders the tarantulas and to get crickets. Then to Walmart for groceries. Home for a bit... Out to get Tyler from school. Took Tyler to have her eye exam and pick out new glasses. Came home for a bit. Then took the girls to Tyler's first GS meeting of the year, mostly to discuss what they want to do this year. Troop is smaller this year, though that isn't really a bad thing. Took Tyler home, then came home to tell Elmo goodnight. Sasha waited up to poop, but I think she is working on sleep now.

Doesn't seem that busy now that I type it out, but it sure seemed that way as I was living it!

I'll have to tell you about the Elmo toy when I post the pics!

Camp Kids

Jun. 19th, 2010 11:09 am
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Sasha on our drop cloth by the lake at Eagle Valley Girl Scout Day Camp, June 2010

She had a lot of fun at camp and was adored by everyone! I'm sure we'll attend again next year, though she'll possibly be harder to corral.

Tyler at camp, holding a corn snake
The snake was brought by Snake Handler Terry Childs - his daughters were volunteers at our camp, too.
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Monday we attended camp at the alternate location due to the weather. So we had 40-50 kids in a small church space. Sasha handled it well, considering she got no real freedom to move all day. Sasha had 1 nap in my lap and another on my back.

Tuesday we got to attend camp on site next to the lake! It was great. My arms got a little burn. I showed off my tarantulas (and tarantula knowledge) to all 4 units. Sasha got to have a little down time on a drop cloth and even napped on it.

Today we went to camp on site again. I took unit pictures. Sasha got some down time and a nap on the drop cloth again. An hour before camp was over, we had to evacuate quickly to our alternate site. A storm was rolling in. Our Camp Director did great getting everyone evacuated! We didn't have a bus, so we just lined up all the Leaders and she loaded kids in where they would fit. We just did songs and counted children at the church, then sent everyone home.

During our lunch today, she tried to dip her cucumber in my ranch dip! lol

Tyler had another breakdown during kayaking, but otherwise she has had good days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This evening, I finally gave Sasha a fruit leather. That is like a fruit roll-up, but with nothing but fruit in it. This one was made by Stretch Island. She had the Harvest Grape which has apple puree concentrate, grape puree concentrate, and pear puree concentrate. I think she liked it, since she kept sticking it in her mouth, but she did eventually throw it into the floor. I held her in my lap while I tried to finish my pizza. More and more, she wants whatever food the people around her are eating. We finally let her chew on some pizza crust. She was VERY happy with one in each hand! Then she held both in one hand while she drank my water. One fell and she was giving lots of back wash, but she drank almost all of the water herself anyway. I had to keep her from dipping the crust into my water.

So... we gave her a few new things tonight (grape, pear, and pizza crust).
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I took the girls to the alternate site for Eagle Valley Day Camp today (the weather was not suitable for on-site camp). Tyler sometimes had issues with the other girls in her unit. Sasha loved camp! She liked the attention she got from the women and she had a blast eating lunch on the floor with the other little ones. We hung out with the combo pre-k and pre-school unit. They were just merged for the day or for the alternate site. She did take a couple of naps, but got worn out enough that she went down for the night by 7 o'clock. That is a full 3-4 hours before her normal bed time! I am dreading morning since I'm not in bed yet.

Also, I gave her a new vegetable tonight. We had Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers: Basil Vegetable Medley. She has had carrots and cauliflower before, so the new flavor was green beans. She did fine with the medley, but I think she liked the garlic she tried before better. I thought the Basil was rather bland.

Tomorrow I'll be presenting my pet tarantulas to the girls at camp... 40+ girls, though they will be separated into smaller groups. Here's hoping I don't have a nervous breakdown trying to protect my babies!


Apr. 26th, 2010 07:51 am
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I wait all year for the Swannie Soiree (just called Soiree this year). It is basically Girl Scout camp, but with no children. They offer canoeing, fishing, rock wall, zip line, GeoCache, tie dye, horseback riding as well as several other activities. Last year, Elmo went with me and I was pregnant. I had gotten special permission to take Sasha with us this year, since she is young enough that she shouldn't cramp anyone's style.

Two weeks before Soiree, they were short on registrations. They were going to need at least 15 more people in order to pull off the event. They didn't get them, so the event canceled. I would have been sorely disappointed, but the event organizer offered that we could still go up to the site and camp since the space had all been reserved already.

I requested that we still get to GeoCache since it didn't require anyone to run it, just a GPS unit. I also spoke with the Tie Dye lady and she said she'd come up and tie dye, too. She had already planned to come fish with her husband on site.

After some issues with the construction downtown, we still managed to arrive at camp right on time! (We didn't stop for dinner.) We arrived, unloaded, then hiked to the other camp (Tallchief) to see the organizer (Pam). We visited, got our GPS unit, and then headed back to our camp. It is over a half mile distance, we'd guess. I moved some better mattresses from another site and set up our bed on the balcony of the tree house. We love to sleep outside! Sasha finally got some crawling time after riding in the backpack so much.

I thought the mattresses were very comfortable, but it was WAY TOO COLD to be sleeping outside Friday night! (Can anyone tell me the temperature in Skiatook overnight on 4/23?) We were on top of 2 sleeping bags, but only under one comforter and we were freezing! I stayed awake most of the night just trying to make sure Sasha stayed covered and warm. The mattresses weren't enough to make up for Elmo's bad back. And we were afraid to sleep outside again Saturday night! We roamed around a lot on Saturday and also rested in the lodge on our site. Then we moved camp there. Elmo could sleep on a couch and there was a rug on the floor for Sasha to play. We had a kitchen handy and bathroom indoors as well. We tried to do our GeoCaching, but the GPS unit wouldn't cooperate. Pam couldn't make it work right, either, and it was her personal unit. It kept saying the cache was over 8 miles away... which was not possible. The tie dye lady never showed, though her husband did come up and fish for a short while. Elmo and I played Uno for a while. It was nice to hang out with no television or computers. We did have a radio stuck on a crappy station for some background noise.

I slept much better on a recliner with Sasha on my lap that night. In the morning, we packed up camp and were home by 10am. We napped a couple of times Sunday after the busy weekend we had! Next year, I'll be drumming up attention for this event in advance! Hopefully next year we'll be able to do more of the events! With more people and no child (or pregnancy), we'll have no restrictions.

I wouldn't have chosen to stay home, but it was not as cool as having other people there. We had the entire Swannie site to ourselves all weekend.
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I got up and went to work for 4 hours on Saturday morning. Then I came home to feed the baby, myself, and Veronica. Once that was done, we headed out SOUTH (nearly to Bixby) for our Cookie Booth. We sat outside Walmart for 3 hours and sold about 100 boxes of cookies. When the cookie booth was over, we went into the store to get groceries. I decided on steamed carrots as Sasha's first food.

From the store in Bixby, we went to see my tattoo guy. (That's right, I consider him to be my own personal tattoo guy. It is because he is the only one that has ever "inked" me. And he is a friend.) I put some more money down on my tattoo and got to see my artwork. It looks good! I never doubted Eric for a minute! We heard that Cat had hoped to see us, so I figured we might go back when they expected her.

We came home for a "break" long enough to feed and change Sasha. We said goodnight to Daddy, too. Oh, and to put away groceries! Then we headed right back out. We visited with Cat and Roz. We decided to go to dinner together, to Bali Fusion. It was really nice, especially for having to go to that part of town. It wasn't crowded at all and the food was great! Eric and Cat were glad to add a new restaurant to their list.

We headed home, but then I decided to squeeze in one more stop. We headed to Grandma & Grandpa's place. Veronica fell asleep before we got there. We had a nice little visit and I made my car payment. We didn't get home until 11! Sasha was a wonderful baby through all the stuff we did! We were just on the go all day long! We sure missed Daddy, though!
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So when Veronica was in 1st grade, she joined Girl Scouts. When a Cookie Manager was needed, I stepped up to the plate and also became Assistant Leader. I later found out you get jipped on recognition, so after that year I registered as Co-Leader.

I helped the Cookie Supervisor that year (she handled the Service Unit - about a dozen troops). Then I was asked to BE Cookie Supervisor. I went for it. It was a LOT of work. I did that for a couple of years. Then I offered to only help someone else do that job, not have it myself. Each of those years I still managed cookies for our own troop.

This year, with a new baby, I declined cookie duties altogether. Wow. I can hardly believe it myself. And honestly, I'm guilt-ridden about it. Cookies are simply my department. It is even difficult to let go. I have my own traditions with cookie training for our troop, but I'm just helping this time around. So, I just gave the girls their "cookie catchers" to take home and make. They love them!

Now, to make matters worse... Every year, since year one, I have taken Veronica on the first day of sales to a particular customer. He has ordered 10+ cases per year. This year... I have to work. This customer orders from 4 girl scouts per year. And I can't take her first thing in the morning tomorrow because I have to work. Crap. I'll just have to try to take her after work and hope for the best. I'm not even sure if he is available at that time of day. She set her goal high this year (2000). I don't want any part of delivering 2000 boxes of cookies. But camp prices went up, too. Cookie Credit helps her pay to go to camp.

I remember selling cookies and almonds to go to GS and YMCA camps when I was a kid. In some ways I remember it fondly and I loved going to camp! In other ways, I remember and want to grumble. Good thing I can talk to anyone, eh?! It isn't so much the selling I mind these days, it is then reconnecting with people - in person - for delivery. It is easy to get an order over the phone or email or even in person, but then reconnecting with product in hand... can be a pain.

Sigh - sorry to be so grumbly. Maybe it is PMS. Just to let you know, though, Cookie Sales in this area start TOMORROW! If you see any girls selling cookies sooner, for shame!
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I've been wanting to try Nutella, but was hesitant to purchase a tub of it for myself in case I didn't like it. Well last weekend Serena & I had lunch with my brother, Keith. He served Nutella with these very light Italian cookies for dessert. It was yummy! So, I bought some Nutella for home and found some cookies that looked like they would go with it.

Also, we're working on a cooking (or non-cooking) badge at Girl Scouts. This week, the girls made a healthy no-cook snack. They mixed equal parts flavored yogurt (strawberry) and light cool whip. Then we put it into mini graham cracker pie crusts and topped it with fresh / packaged strawberries and/or blueberries. I got to bring the leftover blueberries, yogurt mix, and a couple of pie crusts home. I made two pies for Mom & Serena and they enjoyed them. Veronica and I picked up several single serving containers of flavored yogurt and I already have actual whipped cream. I also got pie crusts. I dumped 1 container of blueberry yogurt into a bowl, then used the yogurt cup to measure out an equal amount of whipped cream. Then I added a little extra whipped cream! lol I had to stir it a bit to get it mixed well. That makes 3 mini pies. I topped them all with blueberries and they are chilling now. Veronica and I will likely eat them tomorrow. I think this will be a great snack to keep on hand! I don't much like yogurt, but the whipped cream helps immensely!

Yay for discovering TWO healthy snacks that are easy to throw together and yummy, too!
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Whoever said "Don't cry over spilled milk" didn't produce it themselves. I had gotten one bottle ahead, but one bottle got dropped tonight. So now I'm back to pumping exactly what we need pretty close to when she needs it. Sigh.

I forgot to bring milk home on my lunch break, too. So I had to come back with it later. It sucked to come home for 2 seconds!

I had a consultation appointment with an OB/Gyn today regarding Essure (Hystroscopic Sterilization - a form of permanent birth control). The appointment was easy and now I make the appointment for the procedure. They do it right in the office. My insurance insists they offer me anesthesia, but it isn't necessary. If I did have it, I would only be asleep for 5 minutes. Seems ridiculous. They also have to prepare the uterus sometimes. The doctor thinks mine is probably fine, since I haven't had a period in so long (December 2008) and am breastfeeding. He often gives women a Depo-Provera shot (3 month hormonal birth control). I got the shot once before and believe it is the reason I went for 7 years without achieving orgasm. Needless to say, I do not want to get that shot! Ironically, Viagra fixed that problem and both products are made by Pfizer.

Work tonight was crazy. I was just all over the building all night long. My feet hurt. I also had a headache off and on today. It was exacerbated and possibly even caused by looking down at Sasha. That isn't cool.

I was all chatty when I got home, so I told Sasha and Elmo some bits from my day, but then Elmo headed up to bed. He had a migraine today. I wish I could have stayed home with Sasha so he didn't have to take care of her with a migraine.

Oh, and I've been meaning to call Veronica. Her dad took her to feed the homeless with the rest of her GS troop on Friday night. I wanted to hear how it went. I called her this evening and she said it was fun. All the Junior GS got to get the drinks ready and take the food out to the people. I also let her know that Grandpa is going to come get her for a cookout on Sunday. Now that I don't get to see her as often, I want to call her just to talk. And I want her to realize she can call me just to talk, too! I kept telling her that when I first moved out, but she doesn't call. I was only calling to discuss schedules, but it was cool to talk to her this evening. I miss her. I am enjoying my new schedule, except for how much it jacks up my visitation.
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So we went to see the doc at 3:15 today. First we did the U/S and he confirmed that there is still plenty of amniotic fluid and she is very active (which I'd already told him). I did ask him to double (quadruple) check that she really is a girl after having a bout of paranoia a couple of weeks ago that maybe he was wrong. She is too crowded in there, though. He couldn't get a good angle to show me, but we're still confident.

Then he brought the nurse in so he could do my internal exam. I was dilated to 1 or 2 cm, so he was able to strip my membranes. I get sore on one side, externally, so the pressure of him reaching my cervix was a bit painful there. He mentioned that he is not real aggressive with stripping the membranes, but that wasn't the worst part of it, the external pressure was. Sasha was certainly reacting to having her head scratched!

Then we did our Non Stress Test. Sasha passed with flying colors, but we knew she would again. She is very active, often on command.

All these tests and stuff had me on my back, though. I took an extra pillow to put under the small of my back, but it didn't help much at all. At one point during the NST I just couldn't take it anymore, Elmo convinced me to let him help me roll a little to one side. It hurt so bad! The change offered a little relief, but it was too late. My eyes were already leaking. Jeez, I hope I don't have back labor! Really, though, I just won't be laboring on my back!

The appointment kind of wore me out and my back was pretty sore by the time we left and for a while after. Braxton Hicks contractions continued.

This evening I attended our first Service Unit Leader Meeting for Girl Scouts of the year. I caught a ride with Ms Jenny (me co-leader) as I didn't think I should drive. It was great to see my GS friends and hang with Ms Jenny for a bit. We've merged with another Service Unit and we were impressed with the SU Manager and how together this unit was. Even with merging our two units, we still make up the smallest Service Unit in the council!

I'm home now and have finally eaten dinner. Now I'm sleepy. I'm sure I'll crash soon. Hopefully I'll wake up in labor. The chick from work went into labor 24 hours after having her membranes stripped. I woke up already in labor with my last two pregnancies. I sometimes wonder how much of my labor I might have slept through.
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I lounged this morning... didn't need to make my lunch because I still had my sandwich I didn't eat yesterday. I didn't really want to get dressed to go. I think it was because Peggy wasn't there. I may decide to work her camp next year, if any. I will, after all, have a baby in tow by then. They don't normally do babies in diapers at day camp, but we had one this year. The Pre-K leader brought her own.

Ms Jan did not, apparently, take too kindly to Serena telling her no when she asked her to do something yesterday. Honestly, I was amused by that. Today I mostly sat, with my feet up. My stomach felt icky for a while. Then I ate some cucumbers and peppers - that helped. It was a fairly uneventful day - for me. It is a big day for campers, though. I didn't want to miss it. I got some flowers (in dirt) as my final thank you.

After camp, I met Ms Jenny (my own co-leader) at Braum's and bought her birthday dessert. It was nice, but I was missing Elmo. I finally made it home and then we went and picked out movies. I let him know I felt like I needed a little cry, so we made sure to get at least one tear jerker movie. The movie store clerks were great suggesting movies for that.

Oh, and I checked the mail... still no camp mail. I am really saddened and disappointed by that.

I'm finally in for the night and showered! I'm tired and sore and glad the week is over, except that I have to be back to work on Monday. Sigh.
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This morning I got to pick up Serena for camp! She had my tie dye and it all looked just as gorgeous out of the dryer. So awesome! We headed off to camp. I got to introduce her to 1 or 2 people before we drove to the bottom of the hill. This was to be just the second trip I had made up the hill since (and including) Saturday. We settled into HQ just fine and she was helpful to have around. It was also great to get to show her off to my Day Camp Friends. No one doubted for a second that she was mine! We got to chow down on some "Puppy Chow" that was quite delish!

We headed down the hill and left camp early so we could head to my doctor appointment. Elmo hasn't been feeling well today, so he missed it. While sitting in the waiting room, Serena finally felt the baby move!! A lot!! In fact, as soon as she removed her hand from my belly, the baby stopped moving. lol I have a funny story about finding out the gender, but I'm not quite ready to post the results here yet... I want to tell some of you in person or at least by phone before I announce it via internet... so you have to wait.

We went by the apartment so I could change into motorcycle-friendly clothing & shoes. Then we went to Mom & Serena's (stopping to run a couple of short errands on the way) where she scanned my new U/S pics (I'll have them soon and likely update my pregnancy icon) and moved the motorcycle. The fence around her patio is soon to be repaired and (spray) painted. So... bike must be out of the over-spray zone!

We got those things done, said hello to Mom & Keith and headed back out again. After another stop at the apartment, where Serena finally got to see my pregnancy scrapbook, the two of us headed to Sam's. There we picked up a scrip for Elmo and a few other things we each needed. I even bought fake crab to split with / surprise Mom. It was, indeed, a surprise! :-D

Finally home to Elmo... who was already dozing on the couch and soon thereafter turned in for the night. I feel terrible that I only saw him in passing today (especially since he wasn't feeling well). I missed him.
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Today was even less chaotic. I arrived at camp with a few less minutes to spare. Jan showed up soon after and took me to the top of the hill. I set up the table and got chairs out while the PAs (Program Aides - teenagers) unloaded the truck. Then I went back down the hill for any other stuff / people. The buses were still waiting for any more campers. I stopped and picked up a leader at the bottom of the hill (she isn't supposed to climb the stairs). We still managed to beat the girls to camp. Yay! I didn't have to drive around children.

Jan (Camp Director - I'm there to help her) had already done a lot of the prep for the units. She knew where everyone's food for cookouts was, too. So I mostly just sat and got random stuff out of the craft tent today. She had things very much under control. I held the baby boy from the PreK unit some today and didn't seem to mind it as much this time. The boys didn't irritate me quite as much, either. Though kids walking through the tie dye shirts was driving me nuts! I finally bagged them all up to go home! It was surprising how clueless leaders were as to which groups of shirts belonged to their unit. Ugh.

I ate two pizza rolls from the boy's unit. They are flour tortillas with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni rolled up inside. Then they put them in foil to heat them up in the fire. They weren't bad... which is amazing considering they were probably made by dirty little boy hands. Ick. I didn't have too much trouble blocking that out, though.

I stayed on top of the hill until the last trip today and we still made it out before four o'clock. There was a little cattiness on site today, but no one seemed to be ticked at me and everyone liked venting to me, so it was all good. I love getting to hang with Peggy.

I took my tie dye over to my mom's to rinse out and wash. I can NOT believe how vivid my colors came out this time! I used cotton, like I was supposed to do. I also pre-washed like I was supposed to do. And perhaps the colors were mixed pretty strong, but the stuff came out gorgeous! I get to wear my shirt tomorrow and I'm going to loan a shirt to Serena - she is certain she'll be with me tomorrow. I'll have to get pics of my items and show them off here... SO awesome!! Mom & Serena want me to do some tie dye for them, too! I can probably arrange that with Peggy... or buy the stuff if we can't schedule it. We shall see...
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Less chaotic! I got to the bus location. Jan soon followed and I rode up the hill with her. I came back down for 1 person and some stuff, then made it back up the hill before the girls made it up from the buses (which means I don't have to dodge children in a Dodge Ram!).

I was a little more organized getting things together for leaders, so things were just much less chaotic. I eventually got my tie dye done. I dripped dye on my toe through my shoe. Oops. I dyed 3 baby shirts, 1 t-shirt for me, plus 2 pairs of bandanas. I'll be rinsing them this afternoon and can hardly wait to see how they look! I'll also need to iron on the camp label for the shirt.

I left much earlier today, getting out of there shortly after three o'clock. I got home, showered, and napped!
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I was one of the first few people to arrive at the parent drop-off lot for camp. One of the leaders was there with four Daisies (K / 1st Grade). She told the girls that I had a baby in my belly. I told them some development news about the baby - how the baby's eyes are opening this week and that if they were really loud the baby could hear them, so they all shouted hello at my belly. It was SO cute!

The first day of Day Camp is always chaotic. There are two buses, one of them had a new bus driver. She got lost. I was surprised to see her bus only carried a handful of girls anyway. We had a couple of girls that were really late, too - they were able to take that bus up to camp. (The last stop is at the parent drop-off, a couple of miles from camp.)

Anyway, this made for a late start at camp. HQ was... sort of put together. I spent some time organizing the 10+ totes of stuff in the craft tent. Once I got everything in order, I sat down to cool off and drink some water. It had rained a tiny bit first thing, so it was pretty muggy. The weather cleared, though, and it was just plain hot.

I think I stayed just busy enough all day. I got to hang with Peggy (the First Aider / our Tie Dye lady) and all the leaders that wandered through HQ for supplies and info. I didn't spend much time with Jan because she was pretty much constantly on the go. The Pre-K unit is right next to HQ and I got a little irritated at times about how the leader there would just wander off or not pay attention to her little ones. She didn't keep her gate up, so they would wander off, too. Ugh.

Peggy was in the middle of doing tie dye with a unit when a First Aid situation arrived, so I was asked to be Peggy for a bit. That was... kind of cool, kind of rough (squatting about ten times), and kind of a compliment. Peggy trusted me to cover for her, but I've tie dyed with her numerous times. I never did get my own tie dye done. I've got baby t-shirts and some other stuff.

I stayed at HQ with Jan when all the campers headed down to the buses at the end of the day. One of the parents was very late picking up his daughter, so that made the rest of us leave late. I didn't get home until nearly five o'clock!

I ordered pizza, showered, and vegged out for the evening. We watched The Rocker. It was alright. I think Jack Black would have been a better choice for the part. We crashed by nine... though we both had trouble getting to sleep.

Tuesday: Day Camp and Birthing Class! Serena didn't make it to camp on Monday, but she may come up around noon on Tuesday.


May. 28th, 2009 07:31 pm
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I'm tired. It has been a crazy busy week. Elmo is still struggling with the stone and drug side effects. We moved Mom home from the hospital yesterday (with some help from 3 guys & an ambulance). She and Serena are learning how to do her IV antibiotics. She has to have them every 12 hours. She is also breaking out in a rash ON her infection! So... there is worry there. I can hear the stress in my Mom's voice when she talks about it. She doesn't like her treatment options (there are options?), but her doctor is supposed to be a leading doc in the world of infectious diseases. All I can do is be supportive and I totally understand. You have to listen to the medical professionals, but you have to balance it with your own gut and logic from your own body and history.

Today was our last GS event of the year for our troop. We're not even going to try to meet through the summer this year! Ms Jenny & and I are so burned out. And we tried last summer, but didn't make it through. There are too many girls missing too many meetings and none on much of a schedule. There are just so many other things going on for them these days. They're going into fifth grade now! Anyway, we toured one of the two Water Treatment Plants. Some day we'll do a Waste Water Treatment Plant, too. It was a pretty interesting tour. You could tell they don't get many people that are interested, so they were kind of excited to have us!

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday! I'll be taking Serena to fetch some groceries for both of our households. Then I pick up Veronica for my weekend. I got several projects at least started last weekend. I hope to get some more stuff done this weekend, but I think my top priority is just going to be to REST!

The baby is fine, btw. I'm kinda sore today around my gallbladder scar, but otherwise I'm doing very well. I have been really appreciating the lack of pinched nerves in my hip, but my back does get very sore quite quickly.

GS Weekend

May. 18th, 2009 07:32 am
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Ms Jenny and I took our 7 girls to a SOAR Challenge this weekend. What does that mean? It was a low level ropes course. So the girls did the trust fall, from fairly high for them. They also did some other trust and working-together exercises. We drove out on Friday afternoon and returned Sunday afternoon. Some noteworthy points...

  • We met a leader that no one could stand, she was a PITA
  • We met a leader (and her enterouge) that we liked from way South Oklahoma.
  • The girls had great fun, but I had too many hopes pinned on this event.
  • I got to nap a lot!
  • I missed Elmo an awful lot.

The weather was mostly beautiful, especially Sunday. The girls got very muddy. Jenny & I just had to manage the girls between sessions and feed everyone breakfast and snacks. The other meals were covered by the other leaders in attendence.
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I have simply got too many irons in the fire right now. I am feeling overwhelmed. I know I can get through this... but I can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

Well, that's not true. GS only goes through the school year, I'm ready for a break. Then we'll get together once per month through the summer. That is one iron less... soonish.

Everything else, though... not seeing the end in the distance at all yet. Sigh.
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Friday afternoon, Elmo & I packed up, hit a store for TONS of snacks, and headed to Swannie Soiree for Girl Scout camp for grown ups. We were the first ones on site, even before sign-in was set up.

We unloaded into our tree house cabin and waited for our friends to arrive. Heather & Tracie got there and we all got our vehicles to the parking lot. We toured the camp and eventually settled in for the evening. We had a lot of fun, hiking in the dark and chatting in their room. We didn't go to sleep until 4 in the morning! Elmo & I had been at work 24 hours before - and hadn't napped at all! We all chose to sleep outside our cabins, but still under the shelter.

I got up at 7am and got ready for the day. I woke everyone else up at 7:15. We headed up the the other camp lodge for activity sign-ups and "breakfast" (which should REALLY include some protein!). Thankfully, I packed for PB&Js. Our friends headed off for horseback riding and we went back to our cabin to lounge away the first session. We met back up with Heather & Tracie at Tie Dye. We did 3 onesies.

Lunch was decent. We had some time to kill before the next session, so we all went canoeing. We got to see a goose family with some goslings. I tired myself out, Elmo really rocked at rowing!!

We still had time to go by the cabin before driving over to SOAR (the ropes course). Heather is afraid of heights, but was still going to give the wall another go. But lunch wasn't agreeing with her, so she just didn't have it in her. The harnesses aren't really safe for pregnant women, so the two of us were pretty much just there to harness up our partners and rally them up the wall and down the zip line.

Elmo was last and he got up that wall in 2 minutes, flat! He was, by far, the most impressive person up that wall! Everyone made it, but he really kicked ass! It was so awesome of him to climb the wall for me. Hopefully next year we can both do it.

We had to head back to camp before the session was over because Tracie had to leave for a wedding. The rest of us then dozed a bit before dinner. We hiked a little. Then Elmo and I locked ourselves into a cabin with full bathroom facilities and showered. It was funny to shower next door to each other.

Heather and I stayed up until midnight. The three of us chose to sleep outside our cabins again, even with the tornado watch in the area. We all snuggled up together so no one would be left cold (since Tracie wasn't there to keep Heather warm).

No alarms this time, we woke at our own pace... mostly. We had a leisurely breakfast and took our time packing and cleaning our site. I can hardly believe I wasn't the last to leave this time, but I had a truck load of people with me (we all had to squeeze into the front seat of the truck).

We got home pretty early on Sunday. I crashed for a hard three hour nap. We had SO much fun and Elmo was absolutely amazing. He did absolutely everything he could to make my vacation all it could be. He fetched my cheese, he climbed the wall, he just did anything and everything I wanted to do. He is always good, but he was downright amazing. He even tried to find a straw for Heather, searching pretty much the entire camp sites for one! Figures that Tracie finally found one in her purse! Sheesh.

I hope Elmo and I are able to go again next year. This was the best vacation ever!


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