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The other night in the bath, Sasha started signing something. It took me a few tries to figure it out... she was signing TRAIN where I referred to the DRAIN. So now I've learned the sign for drain, but we haven't had an occasion to teach it to her yet.

She also tried raisins again and can now manage to chew them. So I researched and taught her the sign for RAISIN.
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I'm not sure I like how I put that one together. So, here I will list the words, as they come to mind. This should be a more indicative list of the words Sasha likes to use and uses often, for fun or for desires.

There is some behavior stuff in here, too. Don't feel like you have to read this, this is mostly for me.

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Sasha loves Elmo's World more than anything else I let her watch. She also enjoys Signing Time. She likes Blue's Clues, which we sometimes watch together late at night. She likes Little Shop of Horrors and our latest discovery together is The Labyrinth. She needs Mommy close-by for this one, though. She likes to snuggle during parts of it. We watch it together sometimes. She likes Fraggle Rock, but not so much that she has a way to request it.

I'm sure I'm leaving signs and words out, but that is enough for now! Those are the ones that came to mind.
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Tyler's new thing is to quiz Sasha on signs. I figure it is kind of like using flash cards except she just asks Sasha if she can say a word, then Sasha signs it. (Scroll down for spoken words!) Here are the signs I know she knows:

From the 1st Signing Time DVD, My First Signs:
Eat/Food - Milk - Water - Ball - More - Bird - Cat - Dog - Fish - Car - Airplane - Want - Shoes - Flower - Mom - Dad - Baby - Sleep

extras from that DVD:
Signing - Time - Think (though she knows this one from Blue's Clues, we watch together sometimes late at night)

From the 2nd Signing Time DVD, Playtime Signs:
Friend - Play - Train - Doll - Bike - Bear - Your Turn - My Turn - Please - Share - Thank You - Book - Read - Socks - Yes - No - Thirsty - Drink - Dirty - Clean - Potty - Wash Hands - Bath - Hurt - Sorry - Stop - Go - Wait - Grandpa - Grandma

(I'm not sure if she knows all of them, so I marked some out.)

From the 3rd DVD, Everyday Signs:
Hungry - Apple - Cookie - Cereal - Banana - Bread - Cheese - Cracker - Ice Cream - Candy - Help - Full - Hot - Cold - Dry - Wet - Like - Don't Like - Day - Sun - Night - Moon - Stars - Happy - Laugh - Sad - Cry - Boy - Girl

This DVD has The Silly Pizza Song, which Sasha LOVES! Tyler & I enjoy it, too, so we all sing it together. It is hilarious. You can find it on YouTube, if you're interested.

From the 4th DVD, Family, Feelings & Fun:
Home - Family - Brother - Sister - Son - Daughter - Uncle - Aunt - Cousin - Tree - Wind - Leaf - Grass - Cloud - Rain - Snow - Coat - Boots - Gloves - Hat - Feelings - Grumpy - Surprise - Silly - Scared - Excited - Sick - Love

From the 5th DVD, ABC Signs:
I'm not sure which letters she knows. She doesn't know her alphabet yet, so we're just getting started on this one.

From the 6th DVD, My Favorite Things:
We're just starting on this one, too. She knows how to say Colors. I'm not sure about the rest.
Here is what is included: Colors - Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Purple - Rainbow - Fruit - Strawberry - Pear - Peach - Grapes - Watermelon - Vegetables - Corn - Lettuce - Beans (little/big) - Potato - Walk - Run - Sit - Swing - Dance - Sing - Jump - Swim - Soup - Noodles - Tomato - White - Black - Brown - Pink - Work - Practice

From the 7th DVD, Leah's Farm:
We just got this one, too. I know she can say Chicken, turtle, rabbit, frog, horse... I'm not sure about the others. We've been working on Duck, too.
Farm - Chicken - Horse - Goat - Mouse - Rooster - Sheep - Cow - Donkey - Pig - Turkey - Duck - Rabbit - Snail - Frog - Snake - Lizard - Turtle - Barn - Rock

Now for SPOKEN words! Sasha signs and says Daddy. She mostly signs Mommy, but will kind of say it. Her "More" is getting more clear. She clearly says "Mo" (No). She is trying to say Up. Today she clearly, out of the blue, copied "Pretty"! Elmo and I were shocked.

Oh, she also says an M sound when she signs milk (either cow milk or momma milk). She actually says the starting sound to a lot of words.
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I like that I am diligent. Our current lice battles are the prime example and inspiration for today's "like." I'm documenting the battle and ALL the info I've learned over on my parenting blog.

  1. I am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer on the Natural Parents Network. I help them with their Wordless Wednesday networking. I enjoy the actual work (it is something I was mostly doing anyway, now it is just done with more purpose) and I had been really searching for a way I could help with that network.

  2. I am thankful for Signing Time. Sasha has been dragging Daddy to watch it with her lately and he is learning, too! She has recently had a spurt of desire to communicate. We are impressed by her efforts. :-)

  3. I am thankful for Nutella. I blame my brother for introducing me to this addiction. heh
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Sasha is suddenly pointing. I'm not sure when that started. She is also shrugging, but I'm not sure what she means by it yet. I've taught her the sign for spider. I use it to tickle her, but we also have pet spiders. And now tonight she has started cramming things into small spaces. Earlier I was sitting on the edge of the couch and she was passing DVD cases between my legs and then picking them up off the floor to do it again. She did that on the couch with her ballet slipper socks, too. She has been trying to cram those behind the couch. Thankfully, she hasn't succeeded there. I showed her she could cram them into the back couch cushions (which don't come off, so there isn't really space to lose anything).
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I was really excited about picking up Baby Signing Time Volume 1 and Baby Signing Time Volume 2 on DVD from the library today. I must say, though, I think I like the regular Signing Time better. Still, we watched Volume 1 tonight and here are the ASL signs taught in this DVD:
Eat - Drink - Cracker - Water - Cereal - Milk - Banana - Juice - Finished - Mom - Grandma - Dad - Grandpa - Diaper - Potty - More - Bird - Fish - Cat - Dog - Horse - Frog - Hurt - Where.

And if you pay close attention, you’ll also see and learn these additional signs:
Baby - Signing - Time - Many - Love - New - Sweet - Spirit - Talent - Dreams - I Love You (ily) - Now - Special - Car. I caught most of these myself, but missed spirit, talent, dreams, and now. They show car, but don't say the word at the same time. It is just footage of a parent and child signing together.

These DVDs are very bright, colorful and musical, so Sasha enjoys watching them with me. I appreciated that this one included drink, not just milk and water. I also got one of the CDs at the library today. We'll listen to that soon, too. We'll probably watch Volume 2 first, though. We had Volume 1 on in the background for 2-3 or three runs this evening.
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I've been meaning to post this, but when I have been at the computer I've been too tired to think on this one. Sasha has been signing so much! So I'm going to try to remember what all she can sign...

  • eat - we say bite, so she makes a B sound when she signs it
  • water - her hand is flat to her mouth instead of a W
  • help - it took me a couple of times to figure this one out, she holds her hands together and waves them up and down in front of her, rather than the "proper" way to sign it
  • apple - she has been signing this one, so I had to offer her some apples! :-)
  • potty (toilet) - she has this one down pat and almost perfectly correct. Her hand faces in instead of out, but she also makes a P sound with it.
  • cookie
  • cracker

Those are the main ones that come to mind. I know there are more and I've mentioned some of these before, but some of these are new - especially HELP. I am SO pleased she is using that one now! Oh, and the big news recently was that Sasha (at 15 months old) signed a 2-word sentence! "more eat!" I excitedly obliged! I was sharing a baked potato with her.

She also mimics what we say in sign. If either one of us says "help," she signs Help (same for any other word we say if she knows the sign for it). It is cute. Also, since taking off with her signing, she has finally started saying Mama and Daddy with regularity! She hasn't started using the signs for those two words yet, though.
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I've been watching Signing Time, Volumes 1 & 3 with Sasha a lot lately. A LOT. We've watched it 2-4 times per day on some days and we've had the DVDs from the library for probably 2 weeks. Volume 2 is on hold and how that I've found them, I've requested Baby Signing Time Volumes 1 & 2.

Anyway, there are plenty of signs that I do around Sasha. And I remember reading that I might not have done a sign for months and she could pop up with it. Well all this attention to signing started paying off today! Let's see... she started signing for COOKIE. Thankfully, I have these little organic vanilla cookies I had been saving for her. The timing was perfect. She has been signing for cat a bit. She already signs cracker... Dang it, I know there were more, but now I can't think of them. I haven't had enough sleep.

Sasha has been naked for maybe 15 minutes after I took her wet diaper off. When she was ready to get out of my lap, I asked her if she'd like to go potty. She signed for potty! In fact, I think maybe she has done it before and I just didn't recognize it. I took her and she peed.

We played in the mirror a bit after and Sasha is signing eat (I think) and pretending to chew food. I've been terribly impressed with her imaginative play lately.

Meanwhile, Tyler and I are having a blast with the Silly Pizza Song from Signing Time! I think we like it more than Sasha does!
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We believe Sasha's first word is hi. Honestly, it is probably the word we say to her the most. She says it clear as day and at appropriate times.

The other night she started signing where! I had shown her how, but we hadn't really worked on it and she didn't seem interested. She was hiding something in the cabinet. She'd sign it, then open the cabinet. Close it, then sign again.

Sasha warmed up to family members much quicker than usual at our Thanksgiving gathering.

She can almost climb into my rocking chair on her own. She climbs on the couch all the time and tries to get stuff from the end table. She is getting into EVERYthing these days!

Little ChefOur Little Chef
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Elimination Communication
I still feel that our break for my knee pain / surgery had an ill effect on our EC relationship. Still, I've been putting forth more effort. Plus Sasha is starting to climb out of bed on her own in the morning. The other day she sat up, gave me a kiss, then headed out of bed. I, of course, followed her, but not before she wandered down the hall to see Daddy.

I've got the timing down pretty well now, how long to wait from when she wakes up until I take her to the toilet. Then, on a good day, I've also got the timing to her 2nd toilet trip. She goes about 5-10 minutes after waking, then again about 20 minutes later. Then she can go for a couple of hours, especially if we go out. Those first two are easy to catch, though, as are the ones after naps since they work pretty much the same.

Sasha consistently signs for milk and occasionally for cracker. She still uses the sign more but it usually means she wants a drink. Unless we're doing something really fun, then she really means do it more! She was recently fascinated by learning the sign for cat and a little less for dog. But then tonight she brought me a book, put it on the floor, and started signing for dog with both hands! It happened to be a cat, but this particular cat... could totally have been a dog. She loves to sign for cat, too!

Elimination Communication and Signing
It occurred to me today that I should work on signing for potty when I take her again. Admittedly, she sometimes has her eyes closed when we head into the bathroom. Perhaps if I could get her signing it, she would start letting me know when she needs to go! I couldn't tell you the last time I caught a poop! I always know when she has started, but it is too late then, basically.

I'd like to use finished more often in relation to the potty, but I hold her over the toilet with both hands, so it just isn't feasible. She still loves to follow Mommy and Daddy into the bathroom.
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As I said last week, I've started signing help when I offer to help Sasha. However, I also happened to start signing for cracker. Well she took off with that one! She signs for cracker and walks to the kitchen. She loves her organic Sesame Street crackers.

Last night at my Dad's, I mentioned her signing. Dad asked if I was trying to raise her to be a mute. Ugh. I said no and left it at that. Not much point in arguing. My mom, on the other hand, was impressed today and even gave us some different kind of crackers that Sasha likes.

Honestly, cracker has been coming up more often than help. I need to work on that. And maybe choose another word to throw into the mix. She is consistently signing for milk when she wants it. Though she rarely signs on her own chest, she signs on mine. I try to give her whatever it is she is requesting with signs to reinforce that I understand her. And I always say the word with the sign.

Oh, I've started signing water more consistently lately, too.

As an aside... Sasha managed her way all the way up the stairs at Dad's place! I just followed closely behind, I didn't help at all! She needed lots of help back down, but she enjoyed going up them. Then we came home and she promptly climbed onto the couch with no pillow for a boost! Greaaat. More baby-proofing to do.


Oct. 18th, 2010 11:30 pm
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Sasha signs "more" when she wants a drink of water because I've often asked her if she wants "more" water. I also ask her if she wants "more" playing when I'm tossing her around on the couch.

She signs with my hands when she wants milk (tapping my hand to my chest). She also taps my chest or uses my hand to do it when she is having milk.

She kind of signs finished when asked if she is finished (with signing). This is one sign Daddy is good about using with her.

I've chosen my next sign I want to use for her: Help.
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Sasha has recently picked up the sign for <breast>milk. She also handed me the Boppy cushion the other day when she wanted to nurse!

I have wanted Sasha to learn to blow since we got into swim lessons last Spring. Daddy & I have worked with her on it from time to time with no success. She was puffing today so Daddy worked with her on it and even got her to do it on command when I got home from work! I am so thrilled! I'm ready to get her back into a pool to try out blowing bubbles in the water now! I also want to get my bubble stuff out and see if I can get her to blow that kind of bubbles!

She does this cute little stomping / walking in place thing these days. It looks like a little dance, so Daddy moves his arms like he is dancing. So today she added that to her routine! It is (of course) SO adorable!
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We put Sasha's shoes that my brother bought for her on her one day to walk to the laundromat here in our apartment complex. They fit perfectly and are made for learning to walk. I'm a big proponent of barefootin' as much as possible. She walked ALL the way to the laundromat, except on the grass where she has to be carried or she'll sit down and eat the grass instead. She loved the shoes! We got home and took her shoes off. She soon wanted them back! I put them back on and then she wanted them off again. They are kind of hard to put on, though.

She liked them so much that we found some new shoes for her today. They are a bit easier to put on and SO cute! They are pink and black OP Skate Shoes with Velcro closures. They have a clear window under the toes... which makes it so you can see if they fit or not! How cool is that?! I suck at checking shoes so I like that feature!

She loved having them on in the store. Then a while after we came home she was dragging me to the front door, so I put her shoes on and took her outside to walk around in the sunshine for a few minutes. I'd really like her to get a little time outside every day.

Sasha raises her hands when she wants up (of course). Sometimes she even grunts. The trouble is, hands up and grunting is now her way to say she wants __________. There is often no telling what __________ may be. She does sign "finished" but it is kind of flailing rather than controlled movement. She has signed more a few times. And she occasionally signs for milk on my chest. I chose the sign for breastfeed which is to tap your chest above the breast.

As we near the one-year mark, she is trying more foods. We went out to breakfast this morning. I ordered the usual sliced bananas so that she would have something to eat. Then our food came and I realized that I can stop special ordering for her now. She ate some banana slices, some of my eggs (I picked around the cheese for the most part), sausage, and a little bit of hash browns. She loves to eat what we eat so it is very convenient to feed her from our plates. The trick is to offer healthy choices... so we need to be eating healthy stuff, too!

Mind you, some stuff she sucks on and then drops. Some things she lets sit in her mouth and then spits it out or pulls it out or just lets it fall out of her mouth. Chicken is a perfect example. We had fish for dinner last night and she'll usually get it down, but last night she was spitting it out.

I'm planning for her first cake. I chose classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I picked up a muffin pan today and party themed liners. I think a cupcake is a much more appropriate size than the small cakes you get at the store. She will also be trying chocolate for the first time soon. The tradition is for Grandpa to give it, but I've already purchased some mini candy bars. I don't want her to have a full size Hershey's. The older girls looked ill by the time they finished them! They literally looked green. I think Dad may argue against me, but why would you want your child to feel sick? I realize they didn't EAT the entire thing, but they still turned green. Forget it.

So... does chocolate frosting count as chocolate? Because I'm planning out her birthday and if she eats chocolate frosting before she eats chocolate, I won't tell Dad. But then Elmo was surprised I was even going to give her frosting. I could give her a plain cupcake. I'm sure she'd still love it! I gave her a nibble of a couple of chocolate chip cookies today, but without the chips. She enjoyed that, too.

Sasha has an appointment for 1 year portraits and then her 1 year well baby visit with the doctor. Both are about a week away.
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Sasha loves Sugar Snap Peas. She also does well with roasted red pepper. She got all the meat off of a piece tonight and then spit out the skin. I was impressed.

She loves to run back and forth on the couch and rough house with Momma. Here lately, she'll settle down to sleep and I'll take her to bed. About half an hour later, she'll wake up. :-\

Using the potty has been a little bit of an issue since the move. Partially I feel we haven't found our rhythm yet. Also, the rooms are new and exciting, so she doesn't want to stay on the potty. She is starting to stay on the potty in the Master Bath now, but the Guest Bath is still too exciting. Our new toilets aren't elongated bowls, so she can reach the back where the seat connects when I hold her over the seat. I don't like that.

Sasha has recently had her first "play date." Our friend Brandon brought his girls over. I guess they are about 1½ and...3? 2½? I'm not sure, but the younger one is the devil. She has tried to bite Sasha's ear. Elmo keeps an eye on her when she's here, but so far they've only been here 2-3 times.

She still cries when I leave for work. Sometimes are worse than others. Sometimes she just kind of fusses. After lunch today, Daddy was holding her and she had this awful look on her face as she bawled and I went out the door. She calms down quickly, but it breaks my heart to leave! When it is bad, I walk to the car feeling as though I could vomit. That makes me feel like I should be doing something different, but most of the time it isn't that bad.

Sasha gives lots of kisses these days! Once we get her started, she wants to take turns kissing Daddy, then Mommy, over and over again. She kisses Daddy more, but he is the one that got her started on this. She also calls everything "Da-da" or "Da-dee" lately.

This place is better child-proofed than the last place, so I often like to give her free run of the apartment and I just follow her around to keep her out of trouble. Electrical outlet covers are on the shopping list. Otherwise, the table is my main concern. We may have to get plastic bumpers for the edges.

I am still trying to get consistent with some signs. I really want to do it, I'm just not doing very well.


May. 30th, 2010 03:56 pm
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One of the signs that a baby is ready for signing is waving. We've been working on it for a while now and she picked it up last night. She was waving a LOT! She would wave to Tyler and to Daddy, but not to me... not til this morning. So... time to buckle down and be real consistent with a few signs.

Definitely finished, since it fits many situations
Maybe water
Maybe potty
Maybe milk
Other common starters are eat and more

After refreshing myself on the "Getting Started" chapter in my signing book... she does "sign" when she is tired. She rubs her eyes. and pulls her ears. and scratches the back of her neck. And if she is really tired, she pulls her hair on the top of her head.
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Sasha is starting to show signs of understanding signs! Specifically, when she is on the potty and has already gone, I sign finished and ask her if she is finished. She recognized the sign now as meaning it is time to get up off the potty. She gets excited and wiggly and even puts her arms up for me! I'm thrilled! But I need to start using the sign in other settings. We also use the sign for book, but finished is the sign I use most consistently.


Dec. 4th, 2009 11:35 pm
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This is something mentioned to me when Veronica was little. She was already communicating and I didn't think I had the attention span (or excitement) to make use of it anyway. Well this time around, I picked up a book from the library almost as soon as we brought Sasha home! You can read my recent review of Baby Sign Language: For Hearing Babies from Penguin on Hobo Mama. It is a great resource.

Only then I read Hobo Mama's review of Baby Signing Time DVDs. I requested Signing Time, Volume 1 from my library. I watched it with Veronica tonight. I like that it is ASL. I figure I could still take the approach and other things I learned from the book above and apply them to real ASL signs. Perhaps I could teach Sasha ASL as a second language. I don't know if I want to do that or not and the convenience of making up signs on the fly as necessary (suggested in the book above) is certainly appealing. After watching the DVD, I had Veronica pose for pics of the signs we learned. I've requested the Baby Signing Time, Volume 1 DVD from my library, but am disappointed to find they only have the first 2 (of 4) volumes. I really liked the one we watched tonight. It presents like any other show for little kids, but the actual information they're learning is presented so clearly. They show pictures of the thing they're signing and video of several small children signing the word as well as an adult signing it. It was pretty cool. And the closing song was touching. We learned a few extra signs from that.

I don't plan on sitting my infant in front of the tele, I take issue with that idea, but there is certainly worse programming out there!


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