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As of tonight, Spencer has started to initiate play! He has brought me a toy to wind, run around a corner and back to peek-a-boo, asked me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and even gotten between me and the dryer and passed items out to me!

He loves for us to play with him, he loves for Sasha to chase him and he'll chase her back, but... he is initiating this play with me tonight! I am beaming! This is a huge first for him.
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Nancy came back today. She did an evaluation. Normally they have to do this for the child to qualify. Spencer qualifies for services automatically because he has Down syndrome, but they still have to do the evaluation.

It was weird to deal with questions that cover babies from 0-11 months and not feel like Spencer is falling short... but yeah, he's not putting his hands in the air to ask to be picked up yet. He's only 1 month old! Then he'd have to "fail" 3 things to qualify. The wording just made me feel weird about it. It was kind of just a formality, but also good to see where he is on things. Nancy and I talked about some realistic expectations and how to help Spencer do some things, like make eye contact with me (which I'd love for him to do!).
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Spencer's Sooner Start Resource Coordinator (Roy) brought a Child Development Specialist (Nancy) to our house today. We discussed how the service works and goals for Spencer's first 6 months. Nancy gave me a couple of activities I can start doing with Spencer NOW to help him toward our goals. Then I signed a bunch of papers. Nancy will come back twice per month for 45 minutes at a time.

Cool thing is, if I decide I want more / less visits or more / less time, it is up to me! She will also bring in Speech / Physical / Occupational Therapists as we need them.


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