UTI Update

Jan. 21st, 2010 09:45 pm
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My urine culture came back - clean. Yay! NOW I'm glad I only took half the dosage on my scrip. I would not be so glad if I had to take it again. I also don't think that I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics. I usually just take the yeast treatment automatically after antibiotics, but I've been fine. Yay!
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We left the house at 930 for a 1000 appointment. I hoped that by arriving early, we'd get in and out a little early. The waiting room filled up with new babies, most very new. Then everyone was called back but us. Sigh.

I wondered if the delay had to do with my own urine test, a follow up for my recent UTI.

The waiting room filled up again and a couple of people were called back. Sasha was a little fussy and I was walking her back and forth. Some nice old woman talked to her and she was fascinated. The woman felt bad because she didn't have anything in her purse to give Sasha. It was so sweet.

We went back and got vitals checked. Sasha is 25½ inches tall. That puts her in the 90th percentile for height. (She is taller than 90% of other babies her age.) Her head circumference (which I haven't actually been following) is 16 3/4 inches, which also puts her in the 90th percentile. I weighed Sasha there recently, but in all her clothes. A nurse said that her clothes would weigh about a pound. She weight almost 20 pounds, so I figured almost 19 pounds. The nurse was wrong. She weighs 16 pounds 13.5 ounces. This puts her in the 97th percentile. She is one well-fed baby.

Then, we waited. And waited. Finally a PA came in and said our doctor had been called away to labor & delivery. Ah! She asked if his nurse had let us know. Nope. Oops. Ugh. Now mind you, we love our doctor. I have seen his PA once and hated her! That was early in the pregnancy. This was not the same PA. She offered to see us herself or we could wait for our doctor. As much as I love our doctor... I was already late for work from the wait. So I figured we'd give her a chance. She was alright. She was prepared to answer my usual list of questions...

Doc had agreed with what I'd read - don't give babies water. It is dangerous. I thought it sounded crazy, but it is true. So then I wondered, when can we give her water? Turns out, not until at least 6 months. Basically, I need to wait until she has started eating and her system develops a little better. Everything she drinks needs to have nutritional value (namely, breast milk).

I discussed Sasha's right eye. It had a rash around it for a month after our last visit. It came and went sometimes by the hour. It looked like little reddish pimples. Her eye was irritated, but never had any green gunk, even when it was gunky. Even now, sometimes it waters more then the left. I forgot to tell her about the grayish spot in it recently. She said to just watch it. It is too late to massage her tear ducts if that is the problem - that has to be done within the first couple of months. It could be allergies, it could have been irritated from her rubbing it. It is just too hard to tell at this point.

And finally, she is clear of thrush. She said she didn't see any in her mouth at all. YAY!

As for my UTI - there was a hint of bacteria, but they aren't sure if it was IN my urine (could have been on my skin). I confessed to only having taken half my dosage for a week, and why. She decided to send my sample for a culture (which is what the urologist had suggested over a year ago, if I got any more UTIs). In the meantime, I'm to take my Vitamin C and Cranberry pills just in case.

UTI Update

Jan. 15th, 2010 07:01 pm
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On December 29th, I posted that I had another UTI and that I was trying a new (to me) drug. I only took 2 per day instead of 4. Two days after I completed the run (7 days), I went in for urinalysis. That was while I was on that heavy period. So the nurse calls me and asks, hesitantly, if I am menstruating. Ha! Yes! Well, that won't do. There was blood and that can cause a false negative. Well, I'm just thankful for the negative at this point. She wanted me to go in a day or two after my period.

Fast forward about a week, I go in again. I didn't get a call from the nurse until the next day. She asked if I had any UTI symptoms. That is not a good question to hear. Well, apparently there is something in my urine, but they're not sure it is bacteria or something. So, since I'll be in with Sasha on Monday for her 4 month checkup anyway, they want me to pee in a cup for them again then. Sigh. Alright. And I may have to confess my self-medicating - or rather, self less-medicating. We shall see. I hope the UTI is just gone, but I guess I'll have to take more drugs if it isn't. Ugh.
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Wednesday night, I was noticing that I felt like I needed to pee more often than usual. And I wasn't peeing that much. Seemed like early signs of a UTI. The last several I had, turned into passing blood by morning. Ick! So I started drinking extra water and taking cranberry pills. By morning everything seemed normal, but it has come and gone since then. I finally called my doctor yesterday and requested they call in a scrip for me, keeping my drug allergies in mind as well as my nursing child.

The pharmacist was great! He called me to check Sasha's age/size and double checked for any better drug for me. He couldn't find anything that would be better, but this one is excreted in breast milk.

Sasha still seems to have some lingering thrush as it is. And I always get yeast myself when I have to take antibiotics. Now I just automatically take the yeast med after a round of antibiotics.

Anyway, so I'm on Cephalexin. The pharmacist recommended I only take it twice per day (one indication for the drug) rather than four, as instructed by the PA. I meant to call to okay that with her or my doc today, but forgot. For now, I'm only taking it once every twelve hours. They want me to come in and do a urinalysis a day or two after the antibiotics, too.
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Tuesday afternoon my gut was really bothering me, so I took some Mylanta before heading out. Tuesday evening, my palms were itching pretty bad. I'm thinking "cool! someone is going to give me money!" Wednesday morning, I took my Macrodantin (nitrofurantoin macrocrystal, actually) as usual. I'd be finished with my dosage on Saturday. All day Wednesday my hands and feet itched pretty bad. I used lotion quite a bit through the day. By Wednesday evening, my hands and feet were driving me nuts! I could not scratch them enough. I decided I'd call my pharmacy in the morning. I also took Mylanta again, for more bad gut junk.

So this morning I called, got the voice mail and decided against leaving a message. I got out my info sheet from them and found, under the Side Effects section:

In the unlikely event you have an allergic reaction to this drug, seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include: rash, itching, swelling, fever, trouble breathing.

I decided I'd go by the clinic after work and talk to the pharmacist directly and maybe to Dr. Claude. Then I noticed under the Drug Interaction section:

Inform your doctor about all the medications you use (both prescription and nonprescription) especially of: probenecid, sulfinpyrazone, quinolone antibiotics (e.g., ciprofloxacin), magnesium trisilicate-containing antacids.

Mylanta doesn't actually have magnesium trisilicate, but it does have magnesium hydroxide. This just cemented my decision to go over to the clinic. I took my scrip bottle, note from the pharmacy, and the Mylanta bottle with me. I got to sit down with the pharmacist with no wait at all. She took my note and pill bottle to try to catch Claude between patients, but he didn't come out. He really does cover things thoroughly, so it was no surprise. She went ahead and decided for herself that I could stop taking the scrip. I've already tested clear for the UTI bacteria and I only had 3 days left on a very long run, including today's dose which I never took. I was so glad. I just don't know what I would have done if I had to go on being this itchy. I did finally take a Bendryl for it around 5:30. It seems to have helped quite a bit. I still get some itching, but not nearly so constant as it was earlier. I was worried it would make me too drowsy, but I've been fine. I may have to try a whole other drug with my next UTI. Which kinda sucks because...

Although Claude didn't give me an open scrip like I wanted, he said that for 1 refill... The next time I get a UTI I could call and he'd arrange a scrip for me. Now I wonder if he'll still do that since I might need a different drug. He did say that if I had another after that, I'd have to come in. They just want to make sure there's not some icky cause for the UTIs. I think I'll just be prone to them. There are worse fates.

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Today I went back for my follow-up with Dr. Claude Denize. My diabetes test came back fine, I'm not diabetic. However, my LDL cholesterol is just a little bit high. It isn't high enough to cause any alarm, but he wants me to come back in three months and check it again. The normal range is 0-99 and mine is 119. Not so bad. I can start watching my cholesterol intake or at least exercise right after eating stuff with LDL cholesterol. He even talked about the Atkins Diet while we were talking about foods that are ok, including ones that have gotten a bad rap.

I have kicked the UTI. It's gone. I have 5 more days of drugs to take and I'm actually going to take them. I'm a good girl this time. And the next time I have one, I can just call him or his assistant and ask for a Macrodantin refill. They'll pull my chart and he'll let me have 1 scrip. If I have another after that, he'll want to see me. I can live with that. I'm pretty happy with him and how he's approaching all of this.

Oh! Something else of note... Following the nurse down the hall to my exam room I noticed a doctor at a desk in his office (it turned out to actually be Dr. Lawson's office). I went back and did a double take. Then I asked the nurse his name. It was Dr. Scott! (Yes, I know, from RHPS - he's never seen it.) He was my doctor throughout my pregnancy with Tyler. He was also her doctor for a while after that (and mine, too). I loved him as a doctor! He's very xian, but didn't let that cloud his medical judgement in any way. I went to make an appointment with him one day and found he'd packed up his wife and 3-4 kids (including a very young baby) and taken them to Africa to do missionary & medical volunteer work! Egads! I was heartbroken that he was gone. Claude's nurse says he has been back for a few months now, but that he will be leaving again soon. Bummer. I'm pretty happy with Claude, at least, so I'm set. Still, I wanted to stop and say hello on the way out, but he was no longer at the desk. I thought it would be cool to introduce Tyler to him (again). Oh well.

Interesting afternoon. I had to wait 45 minutes (after arriving 15 minutes early) for the room, then wait quite a bit longer for Claude. Then he had to go chase down all of my lab results. He was, again, very sweet with Tyler. He gave her a toy and a candy cane. Yay.

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I realized Sunday evening that I was coming down with a UTI. Once I got home, I took CranActin. Monday morning I took CranActin and Acidophilus. I drank plenty of water. I felt a lot better and figured I was kicking this thing without the use of prescription drugs. UTI TMI )

So... I'm going to have to go to the clinic today... yay. Joy of joys. I guess I should be thankful it's not Wednesday, so I don't have Family Night™ to prepare for.

For my own future reference:
7:15am - phenazopyridine
7:40am - CranActin
8:00am - Acidophilus +FOS

Hopefully starting on the Acidophilus before getting started on any antibiotics will help avoid any yeast infections.

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Got three loads of dishes done today and three loads of laundry still finishing up. I also managed to squeeze in a nap, or something resembling one. Joe was already napping on the couch and Tyler was watching a TV Movie. Joe came to wake me and wound up joining me for a little more snoozing. It's always nice to nap together! We were a little concerned with not being able to get tired tonight. We headed out for dinner and birthday party for Joe's now 17yo cousin. Tyler is nuts about his 11yo brother. He's a very sweet kid. It was nice to see the family. While there, though, I began to suspect that I'm coming down with another UTI. I've actually been surprised that I hadn't had another one before now.

From there, we headed out for our Sunday Night Grocery run, trying to make it shorter than usual, due to my discomfort. Now that I'm home and have taken some CranActin, I'm starting to feel better already. I think I may be fighting it off pretty well so far. We'll see how I feel in the morning. I believe I have some Macrodantin left over from April. I also kept some Phenazopyridine for pain. Now that I look at the dates, I realize... it looks like one UTI every six months. Could be worse.

So now, having had a nap today, I'm sitting here at the computer, trying to read my friends page while I do my nails. I got a wild hair (and a broken nail) that made me decide I just had to give myself a manicure tonight. I think I'd like to have a professional manicure sometime... I have these little ridges in my nails and I'm not sure if I have the knowledge or especially the patience to get them out. Joe gave me this recent obsession with buffing my nails, so I want rid of these damned ridges. And Becca... she had stopped looking at my nails altogether. It made her sick that I had such great nails and never took any care of them at all.

Anyway, it was a decent day, other than the UTI. Let's see if I can kick it's ass without having to go into real meds...

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I awaken at 5:00 am today, with a greater-than-usual urgency to relieve myself. Soonafter, I realize I have another UTI. This makes #3. The first, I managed to kick with nothing more than CranActin cranberry supplements and lots of water & cranberry juice. The second, required a late night run to the emergency clinic, it was that bad! That was in October. I'm putting all this in here partially to vent about my day and partially for future reference. My October entry came in very handy when I needed to know which meds I wanted the doctor to NOT give me.

I was unable to go back to sleep. Tyler woke up in plenty of time for us to get ourselves together, her to have a banana, and to get to the Indian Health Care Resource Center clinic before they opened... along with about a dozen other people. We got there by 8:00. At 8:35, they told me I was getting a "Fast Track Appointment" which means they give me a set time and I only get 5 minutes with the doctor for only ONE problem. I get 9:15... I'm to check in at reception AGAIN at 9:15. No problem... I tell Tyler that if she can keep being so good, we'll go for donuts when we leave. She's thrilled. We worked on how to tell time and just did basic killing time playing around... I checked in at 9:14 for my "Fast Track Appointment." At 9:40, they finally call me in... get my urine for the test... (ever had to piss in a cup in front of a 4-year-old?). Then we're put into an exam room... The doctor comes in around... 10:30. I had him for more than five minutes.

My tests all came back negative. The only thing they see in my urine is blood (I knew this). However, they only test for this one thing that not all bacteria put off. So, he's treating me for the symptoms, had no problem giving me something different than last time, since it was awful... and sending my urine out for a culture to see if I have a different bacteria. By the time he gets the results back, I will have completed my treatment! Now back to the waiting room to wait for my drugs...

By this time, I've already warned Tyler that the donut shop may be closed and that if so, we'll get something else good. The pharmacy doesn't call me until about 11:40. Finally out of there... only FOUR hours with the FOUR year old in tow. The poor girl did so well, though. First had to stop off another clinic (Planned Parenthood) so I can sign a request for my annual test results to be sent to Faye, the woman running that study I'm going to do. THAN to the donut shop... oh wait, I don't have any cash, we have to unload AGAIN first, to get money. I have no idea where there's a drive thru in this part of town. So, get cash, NOW to the donut shop. Though the sign said they close at 11, they were still open. Get donuts... try to go home...

I, being a dope, miss the onramp for 244 off of Lewis, because it is SO fucking stupid the way they have that area set up. I figure I'll just take Pine, no problem... PROBLEM. Lewis, at Pine, says "no left turn, no right turn" - wtf? So I turn into the Pawn Shop, thinking I'll be clever, but nooooo. They have all the driveways blocked off except the one I just came in through. Mom calls, I bite her head off and explain my day. I'm not sure I even remember why she called. I finally find my way back to the highway and get home, get the dog out for awhile (three times!). Now we can have donuts. You know what getting donuts at noon means? Not only is this before lunch, but that also means that they're STALE. Ugh. I ate the damned thing anyway. By now, I was gonna have a fucking donut if it killed me. :P

Call Faye to clear my meds with her before I actually start taking them. She says they're fine AND that I got accepted for the study. Yay! They all talked about the whole BDSM thing (she had missed that part of my last appointment). I get to go in Monday for a physical and a sexual history interview with her. That ought to be an absolute hoot! Faye is a riot.

One of my orders of checks arrived, Yay! However, I apparently gave them the wrong license expiration date. That sucks. Just seems to be at every turn right now. Bleh. [livejournal.com profile] dragontamerbrat coming by to pick up my Pampered Chef orders, and I'm still 3 short... waiting for 3 more people to come through. I hope they do. Tyler broke a game, on purpose (or not?), so that she could get a new one. Got into trouble over that, so I was dreading that dT's kids were going to get to visit with her when she's in trouble. Turns out, she fell asleep anyway, and completely missed their visit. If anyone wants any PC stuff, lemme know, I'll be taking orders through tonight. heh

I actually have a little bit of peace now, but need to go out and pay a bill, I think. And so, I should close for now. Hopefully belly dance class tonight will be good and fun and maybe more than 3 people will show up, though it's not looking like it.

Oh! btw, the new drug I'm going to take is...
Macrodantin, which Faye says is the most common, but I thought the other one I had tried was. Anyway, hope I don't get the nasty side effects this time, all the same ones are listed as possible with this one. bleh.


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