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You know, my birthday is a week away and I have not updated my list?? Elmo had been bugging me to do it and I'd been thinking on it, but then he up and ordered my presents so it didn't seem so urgent and I forgot about it. Then my mom mentioned it to me today... oh! Yeah, it definitely needs updating! But that was about a toddler bed and I can't find that on a recent list. Anyway... here is an updated version of my wish list:

In my efforts to be more minimalish (a recently discovered / coined term), I would love consumable gifts. These are most ecological anyway, as I am also trying to be greener.

Note, my favorite wish list items are in bold.

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vampire knight, vol. 1 season 1

* girl season one

manga for dummies

manga mania magical girls and friends

loopz game

paper jamz guitar

monster high doll

ds/ dsi/ dsi XL

MP3 or ipod

stationary equipment (pens, pencils, paper, envelopes)

tokio hotel CD

the sims (2 or 3)

portable CD player

walkie talkies

spy gear (any)

taylor swift CD

eclipse CD soundtrack

twilight soundtrack CD

New moon soundtrack CD

Anne Rice books

Clothes (preferabley goth)

Sailor Moon season 1 (or any others)

manga books

Demi Lovato CD

Jordan Sparks CD

keith urban CD

rascal flatts CD

cow girl boots

cow girl hat


flammel shirts

combat boots

black boots

nightmare before christmas soundtrack

sweeney todd soundtrack

cry baby (DVD)

Naked brothers band (CD)

the beatles poster

Black veil brides CD ( :D )

David Bowie action figure

scary stories

goth stuff

vampire stuff

rennasance stuff
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This will be Sasha's second Giftmas, but this year she'll be so much more involved and interested! I can't think of anything she really needs. She has plenty of toys and loves to play with non-toy items, too. We got her a coat for this winter today. So... lets see...

  • We've been wanting to find a chair for her. A toddler recliner would be cool, but the little fold-out couches are cute, too (though I don't care for all the characters on them - except maybe Sesame Street) or even a bean bag chair!
  • She loves Elmo stuff and would probably like just about anything made for her age range.
  • She likes books with holes in them or with buttons that make noise, but she isn't ready for paper books. If they're not board books she can only look at / play with them with close supervision.
  • DVDs
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Elmo's favorite gift would probably be gift cards for movies. Aside from that, he keeps a list of movies he wants. He has let me peek at it to put some of them on this list. I dragged a few other ideas out of him, but generally he wants lots and lots of movies!

Good places to get movie gift cards are Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

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The biggest ticket item that I wish for the most...

Benny the Brave Benny the Brave

Benny has a complete & installed veg conversion.
Benny runs on both diesel and straight veggie oil.
Benny has completely remodeled interior.
Benny is being sold by a woman (and her family) that inspires me.

<Sigh> $8,000 is a great deal!

Wish List

Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:30 am
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It is getting to be that time of year. My husband has actually been nagging me to get my Wish List in order and get it posted. I will post one for him, Sasha, and Tyler, too, as usual.

  • 11 x 14 frames for my photography, 6+ frames
  • tattoo gift card - even though I got a tattoo since I last posted this.
  • Thermals are always a good idea! I really could use another set or two - large
  • Handheld GPS Unit for Geocache
  • cool zip-up hoodies (not solids)
  • classic high top chucks - black or something funky
  • a CD book for music, one of the bigger ones
  • Rack-O (game)
  • CDs:
  • DVDs:
  • Books:
  • Bento Stuff! I'm obsessed with Bento right now!
    • silicone baking cups - they don't need to be Wilton, I read they have 'em for $5 @ Target - they also don't need to be any special shapes, though fun shapes would be cool, too. Also, I don't want a full pan / tray, just individual cups
    • fondant cutters - the garden set is very cute, but the letters would also be really good to have for my Bento Lunches!
    • Shaped Vegetable Cutters
    • Bento Egg Molds - these are SOOOO cool! I must have some!
    • Bento baran (dividers) - I like the plain grass ones, but some of the others are cute, too. The fake lettuce is pretty cool.
    • Bento Food Picks would be fun to add
    • Bento Lunch Box - I can and am making do with regular plastic ware, but I would really love to have a more... Japanese version. The Hello Kitty ones are so cool, but I like the more sophisticated ones, too. Something stackable is very cool, but the ones with dividers are too. I just love them all so far! Eventually I'd like to start making little bento lunches for Sasha, too. So mini bento boxes are also under consideration.
    • bamboo mat for rolling sushi
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Once Sasha got up this morning, she got to help Mommy a little in the kitchen. I made French Toast and Scrambled Eggs. Daddy made Sausage. Sasha started with an appetizer of cantaloupe, which she also rubbed on her toes! lol She actually got a glass plate for her own breakfast! She did pretty well with the plate until she was done eating. Daddy gave Sasha her Elmo toy gift from him. She liked it very much and carried it around for a while and several times later in the day as well.

I thought Sasha was ready for a nap after that, but she didn't take her "morning nap" until 1 o'clock. I was making her cupcakes when she went down. I also gave her the Baby Doll gift from me. We wound up with 30 cupcakes! I iced most of them while she was sleeping, but left a couple plain. I also got a shower while she slept. Then she woke up and I took her in for a shower. We had fun playing with the water. Then I let her eat part of a plain cupcake in my lap before getting ready to leave.

Trimmed to an LJ Cut for length, you know how I ramble! )

Overall, a good low-key birthday.
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Sasha turns one tomorrow. At this time exactly 1 year ago, I was timing contractions, trying to decide if I was really, really in labor.

Anyway, tomorrow my father will give Sasha chocolate for the first time. I'm hoping it isn't a fight. He gave my other girls regular sized Hershey bars and they turned a bit green. I've bought mini candy bars, but he was saying the other night that he got one of those monster size ones. Forget it! I know I already went off on this tangent, though...

Sasha likes to drink what we're drinking. She doesn't share Daddy's Koolaid because it's sugar water. She shares Mommy's water. Tonight she has been very interested in my glass of milk (from a cow). I know the reason we wait until 1 year for chocolate is so that baby's digestive system can develop enough to handle the proteins in dairy products. She has had the tiniest amounts of cheese cooked into some things, but not much at all. I had researched even that. Suffice to say, I let her try my cow milk tonight. She took several sips and I suspect she would have had more but I finished it so I wouldn't have to fight with her about it. She recently tried goat's milk but didn't seem to like it. I should have tried it in a glass. I think she liked the cow milk. I'm sure she'll like chocolate. I just hope the milk I gave her goes through her well.

I have a loose plan for tomorrow and, most importantly, took the day off. I want to focus on her through most of the day. I need to bake her cupcakes, so that will actually be time away from her. I have to keep her out of the kitchen because the oven door gets too hot. She'll get to have a cupcake! In the afternoon, I'll take her to see Gran, Serena, and Keith. Then a little later we'll go see Grandpa and Grandma. Next weekend we'll have Tyler here and go see Aunt Tricia and her girls.

It has been strange to plan a low-key birthday after the huge ta-doo that was Tyler's first birthday. However, it makes sense because her family is much smaller than Tyler's family. I plan to bake, shower or bathe with her (she loves the water), play lots!... maybe take a walk. She loves to go outside. We'll probably watch Little Shop of Horrors because it is her favorite! Next week we'll get one-year portraits and have her one-year well-baby visit. I think I may have mentioned all that already, though. :-P

I keep thinking of more things I want Sasha to have, but then we do live in a small space. She loves to sit on our Boppy Cushion, but I'd like her to have a little cushy chair of her own. I've been looking at bean bag chairs as an inexpensive option. I hope the *entire* day is low key and stress-free. For all of us!
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I would love a copy of Spiders and their Kin. I also want a handheld GPS unit so bad! I tried to go find a Geocache today with my TeleNav program on my phone... it didn't work. The damn thing will show me the spot on a map and it will locate ME on a map - it just won't do both at the same time.

It would also be cool to have a copy of Come and Knock on Our Door because it was written by a classmate of mine from high school. He is quite witty!
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I've decided I want Sasha (and us) to have a wagon. I think it would be great to have for zoo trips as well as walking to the laundromat! I had no idea they came with seat-belts these days! Here are the ones I have picked out that I like so far:

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon or Step2 Wagon for Two Plus - There are some fancier Radio Flyer ones with canopies and stuff, but either of these more basic ones would be great! They also make ones with less features, but these two are awesome.

This is kind of a continuation on this post.
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Tyler and Sasha will both have birthdays next month! So... for reference, here are some of the things that interest them (read: gift ideas)

Tyler is turning 12 and is now very interested in vampire books (including Twilight stuff). She likes goth fashion, though she is not at all dark (emotionally speaking). So black / goth clothing / accessories are a great idea. Vampire books and/or books where the heroine is a young girl are also a big hit. She likes dark books and dark movies. She is always thrilled with gift cards to book stores, though clothing stores would also rock. She also loves Repo! The Genetic Opera right now. She has a twin bed plus trundle at my place and would probably like some updated (age-wise) bedding since her Spongebob set. I think she pretty much loves everything with a preteen target audience.

Sasha will be celebrating her first birthday. With little ones, I stand by my statement that any toy with their age in the age range is great and will be loved. Specifically, though, Sasha loves [board] books with buttons that make noise. I prefer toys with some educational value. I plan to pick out Sasha's first baby doll, probably a truck or other stereotypically boy gift, and probably a change bank of some sort. These are just sort of things that I feel she should have at her first birthday. I felt the same with Tyler and she still loves her first baby doll. Any clothing should definitely be 12 months, at a minimum. She weighs over 22 pounds now. As far as character toys, we prefer Elmo stuff, of course. We prefer nothing terribly large since we just downsized our home, though the Elmo couch and chair are both adorable! A toddler bed would be a great item to have! She doesn't have a bed of her own yet.

Perhaps we'll put together wish lists this weekend...

8/22 EDIT: More here.

Wish List

Feb. 21st, 2010 10:06 pm
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I know I posted an update last month (for Valentines and Birthday), but my family has actually asked me about this (since my birthday is getting close) so I thought I'd fine tune and repost it. It does make it easier to find.

So, in maybe a little bit of a particular order:

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I actually did pretty darned well for the holiday!! (This was mostly thanks to my mom and Serena.) So, with Valentine's Day and my birthday coming up, I'm updating my wish list.

So, in no particular order:

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  • Elmo toddler bed or other plain toddler bed
  • Toddler mattress
  • OR a twin mattress set instead of the bed & mattress above
  • Stacking Cups - but not the stack and roll ones with the head on top - we have those already
  • socks - probably 6-9 months
  • small, brightly colored toys, preferably not ones that require batteries
  • board books, lots of board books!
  • Pat the Bunny book
  • My First Taggies stuff - Gran got her the bear
  • Wipe Warmer - she doesn't complain about cold wipes, but I bet warm wipes would be nice
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Wish List

Nov. 15th, 2009 10:41 am
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Alright, I've been meaning to post this for my mom and for Elmo's reference. Giftmas is right around the corner. So, in no particular order:

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OMG, we saw this commercial the other day for Shake Weight! Have you seen this thing?? You *must* watch the video! This thing is hilarious! It seriously looks like you could get the exact same workout jerking a guy off!

And yet, I kind of want one. lol I never order these junk things off the tele.

Wish List

Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:18 pm
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With Giftmas right around the corner, I've begun thinking about what I'd like Sasha to receive. I know she is too young to "get" getting presents, but I also know my family will all buy her gifts anyway. So... I wanted to rattle some ideas into my journal for future reference...

That is all I have so far. And that Fisher Price site is great for providing game suggestions to play with your baby to help them develop.

Oh, and Elmo themed stuff is always great and can apply to any of the stuff above! Here is a suggested starter library for newborns to 6-month-olds.
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So I'm awake again, after just a few hours of sleep. I've checked my email, LJ, FB, and MySpace. I've checked out Tulsa at my brother's recommendation. Perhaps I'll wind up on WoW again. I just hope I don't have another dragging day like yesterday. I think I'm just going to have to decide to not let it be that day over again. And at least my doctor appointment is getting closer, right?

Also on my mind, my current wishlist includes...
  • washer & dryer
  • glider, preferably with ottoman
  • CPU for Veronica, preferably with keyboard, mouse, and power cable for the flat screen monitor I've already gotten for her
  • new travel system, preferably not in orange
  • new television

I currently take my laundry to Mom's which is nearby, but it would be so much more convenient to have a set here. Then Elmo could help with the laundry, too. He is welcome at my mother's, but he wouldn't be comfortable going over there on his own to do laundry anyway. Plus, she has had to deal with laundry for us (including Sasha) as well as my brother, never mind her and Serena's own stuff! At least my brother has his own now that he has moved into his new place.

Since unpacking almost everything that was still in our room (that is where our boxes were sitting since I saved extra empty space for my brother), I see that we totally have room for a glider up there. Though honestly, once we had it I might decide to put it in the living room. I think it would be nice to have a comfy quiet area for nursing in our bedroom. I've never had a glider, either.

I have really wanted Veronica to have a computer for here for quite a while. I'd need to get her a wireless ethernet card, too. Unless I got her a notebook, but I think a desktop PC would do just fine! Her birthday is coming up in just one week. She would be SO surprised if we got her a computer!

I have had my heart set on the Baby Trend travel system. Serena and I checked out the details on SO many strollers when I was registering (at three different stores!). We loved this one. It has the one handed fold and the handle on the carrier is SO comfortable and convertible! The jogger version would be even cooler, but mostly it is just any Baby Trend Travel System!

Our TV crapped out a few months ago. We've since borrowed an old tele for Veronica and have borrowed hers. Both of these are very small and pretty old. We have a couple of opportunities for possible hand-me-down televisions, but neither has come through yet and I'm not holding my breath for either one.

Well, that was quite the midnight ramble! Now what am I going to do? lol


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