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I last posted last Wednesday. Thursday or Friday morning, my computer wouldn't power up. It is still dead. The problem is either the motherboard or the internal power supply. Greaaaat. I have a place to call to price it, but I don't know when I'll be able to fix it. And I've been waiting for months and months for Children's Week on WoW - it is this week. Go figure.

We survived the week with diapers and food. I cooked some of the older stuff from the freezer this weekend. I also managed to do grocery shopping for $20+ less than usual. I did have to go to another store for diapers, too, though.

I was being so stressed that Elmo decided to clean pretty much the entire downstairs on Saturday while I was gone for a couple of hours to a family birthday party. He totally overdid it and had to ice his back afterward.

Speaking of which, I didn't find out about the party until the week had already begun so not only was I worried about being able to afford a gift, I was also worried about having time to get one. Well, Veronica reminded me that JoLynn loves Elvis. My aunt had given my mom an Elvis blanket. She passed it along to me. I washed it and hung it to dry, rolled it up with the blank side out and put it into a gift bag. It was the FAVORITE gift at the party!! I was so thrilled with this regifting!! This blanket finally found it's perfect home. JoLynn is likely to hang it on her wall. Yay!

Sasha tried steamed broccoli last Thursday. That seemed to go well. I've cut up some avacado to try next. I also bought an apple. I read that she can have dairy products in cooking and that eggs are fine so long as they're fully cooked. So we have lots of stuff to try! She and Veronica finished off our Honey Dew melon and I bought another cantaloupe.

Took Elmo for his first real (not just exam) physical therapy today. The guy kicked his ass! The awesome news, they went ahead and gave him the eStim (and heat), but aren't charging us for it since we're currently listed under our insurance (who don't cover it). If we get switched to Workers' Comp, they'll probably pay for that treatment.


Apr. 26th, 2010 10:59 pm
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I finally made it to Level 80 on WoW!
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Blizzard already replaced Elmo's stuff! He got hacked about 48 hours ago, reported it about 24 hours ago, and he already got everything back. He may be missing a few items, but he doesn't remember what they were and is just SO thankful for how much he DID get back!

Now... if we can just remain un-hacked until our authenticators get here. Wouldn't it be messed up if Blizzard was hacking people to get them to buy those? But they're only $6.50 each, the income surely wouldn't justify the effort. :-P


Mar. 9th, 2010 11:32 pm
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This morning was rough.

Elmo mentioned recently that someone was trying to hack his WoW account. He was seeing signs of it so he changed his password. I think that was precisely what they wanted. When he logged on before work this morning, he found his account had been hacked. He texted me, but I slept through it. About 20 minutes later, he came upstairs and told me. I offered condolences and he went back downstairs. I knew it must be really tearing him up, though. As soon as I could get Sasha off the breast, I went down to be with him. He has been playing this game for several years, so he worked up to a lot of the stuff he had in-game. Between gear, materials, and actual gold, he had about 40k worth. Gone. Overnight. Not to mention the feelings of being invaded!

However, it seems Blizzard is investigating and he should soon have most of his stuff back. You can't go back and un-hack, so the feeling remains. Now I'm nervous about my own account and I don't even have much. The hacker even pulled the max that they could from one of his guilds. Thankfully, it wasn't much. I went ahead and ordered the authenticators that offer extra security. They were really cheap, I'm only sorry we didn't order them sooner.

I am just so, so sorry that this happened to him. I wish I could undo it for him. He apologized for waking me to tell me about it, but it was obvious he needed to tell... someone. And I'm his someone! I was glad to be here for him. Goodness knows he listens to enough of my crap!
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So I stayed up til about 4 this morning before I finally went back to bed. Then Elmo getting up at 5 had me awake again. And so my day began. I've been on LJ and FB plenty. I've played some WoW. I've surfed the September 2009 board on my pregnancy site a few times. I've gotten some more reading done in my What to Expect book. And I've spent most of the day bored. I have felt like I've just been waiting until the next time I can eat. It hasn't been out of hunger... just boredom. I've been bored, but haven't wanted to DO anything. I should SO have used this day to unpack, clean, scrapbook, take photos, go for a walk, swim, something! But I haven't wanted to do anything at all. It has not made for a pleasant day.

My stomach was bothering me for a short time today, but not long. So some strong BH contractions and several bouts of timing them for nothing. That really makes for disappointment. I tried to nap, but only slept for a very short time.

So I've just been kind of bummed all day long. It sucks. And I still have all day Monday and most of Tuesday to get through before we go see the doctor... sigh. Oh, and I found the bills that had me worried... now I'm worried about paying them. Ugh.
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It was a good thing I felt productive about the first bit of my day. The rest of the day was "wasted" on resting. I pretty much spent the rest of the day in front of my computer. My BH contractions were *really* strong all afternoon and I was even timing them for a while to see if it might be actual labor.

I did get some WoW time. I cooked dinner. I was in bed by 8:30. Then I got up at 12:30... so now I'm up... maybe some more WoW...

Two more days til my doctor appointment... waiting... waiting...

WoW Update

Nov. 19th, 2008 02:52 pm
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So the WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, came out last week. I can hardly believe it was only a week ago, but I've done a lot of other stuff since then. However, I have managed to find a little time to play. Elmo helped me power-level my mage, Jamathrine to 55 so I could start a Death Knight.

So I got to start my new Troll Death Knight, Braidz, Friday night. She is now level 58. I had been considering starting another Alt or two, too. So I did put them together Friday night, too:

Verthandi (a Draenei Paladin) is now a level 10. Verdandy (a Night Elf Rogue), is now level 8. I'm having fun starting new characters, when I find a few minutes to play.

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The new expansion for WoW comes out in a couple more days. They're updating stuff on the servers now, but that's jacking stuff up. The servers have all been down today. They were supposed to be up by 1 o'clock (our time), but they're not yet. Now they're saying they'll have an update on the system by 4:20 6:20.

I'm looking forward to the expansion (new exciting toys), but I should really have a level 70 character in time for the release... and that is just not going to happen. My highest character is level 53. There is no way we can make up the 17 levels so fast. Elmo has some level 70s already.

NaBloPoMo - so far, so good. I couldn't thing of another topic to post in an open post right now. So this is what ya get. lol

[ profile] deathjest, have you signed back up yet? It says you have, but it said that before and then it went back to pending... so I'm just wondering, seeing as how the release is in TWO days! Wow! (heh, she said WOW)


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